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The Leading Global Partner in RF Power: Ampleon

thesiliconreview-reinier-beltman-ceo-ampleon-17“We share the passion for RF technology which is what we radiate to our customers, suppliers and partners.”

Created in 2015, Ampleon is shaped by 50 years of RF power leadership and is set to exploit the full potential of data and energy transfer in RF. Ampleon has more than 1,250 employees in 18 sites, worldwide, dedicated to creating optimal value for customers. Its innovative, yet consistent portfolio offers products and solutions for a wide range of applications, such as cellular base stations, radio/TV/broadcasting, radar, air traffic control, cooking, lighting, industrial lasers and medical.

A European Company, Headquarters in Nijmegen/Netherlands, the company has been Industry leader for 35 years, addressing issues like Mobile Broadband, Broadcast, Aerospace & Defense, ISM, and RF Energy.

Products Outlook

Aerospace and Defense: Reap the benefits of the latest avionics, L- and S-band LDMOS power amplifiers. Easily matching the performance of traditional bipolar process technologies, they also deliver better reliability, ruggedness, gain and efficiency. Our aerospace & defense portfolio meets the very high demands of today’s most advanced equipment. We combine high performance GaN and the latest LDMOS technologies with leading-edge packaging solutions, creating transistors and pallets that deliver superior quality, performance, and reliability. Our broad portfolio of products offers you unbiased choice, enabling optimized designs for your application. To help you design-in and integrate our solutions in the shortest time possible, we offer various design and simulation information such as layout files, best-in-class large signal models, loadpull and S-parameters data.

Mobile Broadband: Our LDMOS RF power devices offer you robust solutions covering all cellular standards (GSM/EDGE, CDMA, TD-SCDMA, W-CDMA/UMTS, LTE) and WiMAX bands. Choose from a complete line-up of power transistors operating from 400 MHz right up to 3.8 GHz. By using LDMOS technology, they deliver enhanced RF performance with unparalleled linearity and power gain. LDMOS also offers today’s highest levels of system efficiency, requiring less energy to power the network infrastructure. This enables network operators to deliver next-generation cellular services and connectivity to consumers for less operational expenditure. To help you design-in and integrate our solutions in the shortest time possible, we offer various design and simulation information. It includes layout files, best-in-class large signal models, loadpull and S-parameters data.

Broadcast: Our leading LDMOS technologies, together with advanced package concepts, enable best-in-class power amplifiers. We offer the industry’s highest power and best ruggedness for all broadcast technologies, with transistors for UHF, VHF and HF applications. To support your design-in and help you integrate our solutions in the shortest time possible, we offer various design and simulation information such as layout files, best-in-class large signal models, loadpull and S-parameters data.

Industrial, Scientific and Medical: Our heritage of delivering RF power transistors extends 35 years, with a decade supporting industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications. Our solutions in solid-state RF energy are powering new and exciting applications across a diverse range of markets, making those applications cleaner, more efficient and more effective.

RF Energy: When it comes to powering applications, a radical approach is often needed to break through existing limitations. That’s exactly what Solid State RF energy offers. In fact it is already powering new, exciting and innovative applications across an extremely diverse range of markets. Applications that are now cleaner, more efficient and more effective. One reason for this is that Solid State RF energy replaces large and inflexible power generators with small, controllable and accurate sources. These innovative RF sources are powerful enough to cut through steel, yet adjustable so as not to cause any damage in the most delicate applications. For example, enabling quick and gentle blood thawing for life-saving emergency treatments. We are a seasoned supplier with over 35 years’ experience in RF power transistors as well as nearly 10 years leadership expertise in supporting ISM applications.

Our Values

Focus, Excellence and Velocity are the principles that guide our behavior. These three values are clearly defined and widely accepted within our company as all teams across the globe participated in selecting them.

FOCUS, EXCELLENCE and VELOCITY dominate our daily working life and give us an orientation at all times. These common denominators help us structure our responsibilities, facilitate teamwork and increase employee satisfaction.

Particularly in dynamic environments, clearly defined values are of growing importance and relevance. They act as standards and as guiding principles for the entire Ampleon team and serve as a basis for a sustained performance culture.

Living the Values

Hence, we make sure that these three values are not only buzzwords in our company.

  • Our managers model our values and inspire others to do the same, they communicate them and turn them into daily business.
  • Our values are instrumental, i.e. expected behavior and the “what, how and when” are concretely defined, no matter which role and responsibility you hold.
  • They are embodied in our social behavior and in how we interact with each other.
  • They strongly influence our internal communication.

Meet the Chieftain

Reinier Beltman, CEO: Reinier Beltman is CEO of Ampleon and prior to that was Vice President and General Manager of the Business Line RF Power at NXP. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and started his career as a designer at Philips. Prior to his current assignment he has worked in several R&D and managerial (business) roles in Philips Semiconductors, LSI Logic and NXP in the Netherlands, USA and Taiwan.

"Whether we are initiating, discovering, developing, designing, marketing or supporting, our work is ultimately aimed at delivering our best and achieving outstanding results. While we strive for supremacy throughout the company, we do this in an open and informal, yet result-driven atmosphere."