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The Leading Global Provider of Cloud CTRM & Market Data Solutions: Aspect Enterprise Solutions


‘One Platform for Multi-Commodity Market Data, Analytics, Trade, Risk, Physical & Financial Operations.’

Aspect is the leading global provider of cloud commodity trade, risk management and market data solutions. It offers the only integrated ETRM/CTRM and Market Data enterprise with one-password access for users to perform pre-trade analysis and trade, risk and operations management in one system. The company’s offering, AspectCTRM can be configured for front, middle and back office professionals and integrated with external solutions. Aspect is headquartered at London, with offices in Houston, Singapore, Bangalore, and Moscow.

Aspect was started by former oil traders who became trading executives in 2000. It was founded by two people who are on the Board today, and in the early years were active as CEO and CTO. The idea was a new trade and risk platform created by traders for traders – Aspect understood their issues. The company was launched as fully Web-based from day one, so it was already ahead of the times. It took years to get buy-in for Cloud, as in the early years, security and worry for the data were main concerns.

AspectCTRM – A powerful commodity trading and risk management solution
AspectCTRM easily expands to meet complex demands without the costs and hassles associated with software installations and replacements. A commodity trading, risk and operations management solution, AspectCTRM, is used by small and large trading, supply and end user organizations. It’s the leading Cloud CTRM solution globally, with on-premise deployments also
available. It was the first Web-based solution covering multiple commodities, crude oil, petroleum products, biofuels, coal, metals and steel. AspectCTRM features three editions which grow with the functional and budget needs of its users: AspectCTRM Lite, Standard and Enterprise.

Rapid deployment is provided by Aspect out of the box, with customized configurations depending on the complexity of each company’s requirements. AspectCTRM scales from single users to thousands at multiple locations across global businesses, all backed up with professional support and disaster recovery built into the solution. No longer is a professional solution out of reach for smaller companies. Capital investment is not required, as companies pay a low monthly fee for access to the software online.

The advantages of using AspectCTRM

Real-time profits & losses (P&L) and position tracking: AspectCTRM provides a unique capability to provide a real-time view of company market exposure and P&L in real time, enabling informed management decisions immediately. AspectCTRM empowers users to perform intra-day and real-time analysis. Most vendors perform inter-day risk calculations over many hours. Aspect customers gain enormous confidence in the decision making process.

Fast processing speeds of large amounts of data through In-Memory Database: Clients benefit from AspectCTRM sitting on the same platform as AspectDSC, another Aspect Product – that delivers market data and analytics. As futures and spot prices are released in the market, it can be streamed into AspectCTRM to re-evaluate trades based on changing market prices. No other system does this.

AspectCTRM’s ability to be customized and tailored to different business types: Aspect’s engineers have developed common workflows and processes in the system to address a large percentage of requirements in trading and risk – with add-on components and workflow configurations available for specific company needs. This project is part of its unique
“AESthetics” work that has won awards due to its approach to developing leading edge technology. Through this work, companies are able to configure their own solution or use third party partners, as opposed to paying significant amounts of money in professional services/consultancy fees.

Ability to deliver initial implementation and further changes to client in record time: Based on SaaS delivery in the Cloud, AspectCTRM allows new clients to start working in their account in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months and even years from traditional software vendors. This has proved to be a significant advantage in the market place with recent sales closing in just a few weeks from the point of initial contact with the prospect.

More Secure: Cloud Computing software has higher reliability and security. Since costs are shared by multiple customers, cloud computing vendors can afford to purchase much more powerful and expensive network security systems. This is critical as security of a position keeping system can cost millions.

AspectCTRM customers range from large to mid-size and include:
Trafigura, Mitsubishi, Aegean, Oando, Kazmunaigaz, Hess, Braskem, Chemoil and Unipec. Aspect’s vision is to maintain its number one position as the leading Cloud CTRM solution in the commodity trading and risk management sector and grow this exponentially over the next three years. The company is beginning to grow more quickly, and will be expanding its sales organization to take advantage of increased opportunities.

Meet the Master

Steve Hughes, President and CEO: Steve Hughes has led Aspect from a start-up software specialist in the oil industry to the leader in cloud-delivered solutions for multiple commodities. Steve’s software expertise continues to spearhead Aspect’s continued annual growth as a top technology platform which has helped create a new paradigm for the way commodities trading companies select ETRM/CTRM software.

Aspect’s successful evolution to a leading global solution is fueled by Steve’s business prowess and years of experience in software which includes: CEO of Carnegie Information Systems, a provider of highly customizable CRM software solutions; Vice President of International Operations of Europe for YOUcentric, which was purchased by J D Edwards (since acquired by Peoplesoft, now Oracle). At YOUcentric, along with building the company’s operations from scratch in the UK and Europe, he participated in the company’s IPO, merger and acquisitions activities. He gained significant exposure to the process, and built relationships within both the software and investment community that he has sustained and strengthened since.

“If you can get an Internet connection, you can get Aspect– from real-time market prices to your P&L and inventory reports.”