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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

The leading managed Mobile Services organization: Stratix

With 30 plus years of experience in managing and supporting enterprise mobility, Stratix partners with the largest and most advanced vendors in the mobility space to simplify business transformation with mobile technology. Specializing in the design, delivery and end-to-end support of mobile solutions, the company has become a thought leader in helping organizations execute large-scale mobile strategies. Headquartered in Norcross, GA with over 180 employees nationwide and 30+ years of experience, Stratix works with Global Fortune 1000 companies delivering and supporting consumer, rugged, multi OS devices and a portfolio of MDM solutions.

Mobility has quickly become a top IT priority and key to business agility. Experts estimate enterprises worldwide will spend nearly $170 billion on mobility in 2015. The increased demand for mobile usage coupled with the growth in mobile software and hardware offerings creates many new complexities for organizations revolving around security and IT support. Companies are re-evaluating previous IT practices and realizing they lack the in-house capability and capacity to scale and manage all the nuances mobile introduces into the enterprise. Stratix simplifies these complexities into one cohesive mobile strategy that allows customers to control overall mobile cost and risk, visualize and report on mobile assets, and accelerate the delivery of new technology to users. Stratix managed mobility services include: planning, deployment, support, logistics and analytics for large-scale enterprise mobile initiatives.

Simplifying enterprise mobility
Stratix simplifies enterprise mobility by managing the entire solution, from design to acquisition, provisioning, activating, deploying, managing and tracking an enterprise’s mobile assets. Mobile solutions have become mission critical toward driving results in operational efficiency, accelerated workflow, and customer service. Stratix serves as the single point of contact between their customer and an increasing number of mobile hardware providers, operating systems, wireless carriers, software partners, technical support and depot repair services. Organizations leverage Stratix for its deep domain expertise, partner alliances and proven track record with some of the world’s largest global brands across multiple industry verticals.

Stratix’s long-term relationships with many leading corporations is primarily driven by the Company’s unique ability to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services through a single contact:
• Cross-platform, multi-vendor mobile technology expertise
• Industry and operational specialization to properly design, implement and support a mobile solution for a customer’s unique business process and ROI goals
• Full mobile lifecycle management services for acquisition, support and management handled by Stratix in-house, on-premise mobile technology experts.
• Anytime, anywhere asset visibility and reporting through its itrac360 real-time portal

Enabling business objectives through innovation
The managed mobility services model reduces risk and offers a more reliable and scalable support infrastructure. With MMS, companies can more quickly enable mobile innovation where it’s needed and when it’s needed. Many of the world’s largest organizations have realized by outsourcing enterprise mobility services to Stratix, they can achieve a quicker time to market with increased workforce productivity, gained operational efficiencies and improved the satisfaction of their customers and employees. Stratix approaches mobility not just as a one-off mobile solution, but a tightly knit lifecycle of mobile initiatives working together to meet the business needs of all users – from executives to field workers, both inside and outside the four walls of the organization. One of the most popular MMS models delivered by Stratix enables customers to acquire, deploy and manage the latest technology innovation under a monthly, per-device Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) model.

Stratix’s historic journey to success
Founded in 1983 as Bar Code Systems, the Company’s initial focus was consulting with barcode equipment manufacturers and retailers to use barcode technology for optimizing supply-chain operations. Back then, implementing barcodes was all about gaining visibility into the movement of inventory, and that required the barcode readers to move, too. As Stratix evolved into mobile devices dedicated to data collection, Bar Code Systems also implemented then-proprietary wireless technology that interfaced with backend warehouse and inventory management software.
Over the next decade, the Company’s services in supply chain management technology grew substantially. Driven by customers’ demand for help in selecting new technology, Bar Code Systems consultants became a VAR of mobility solutions and in 1993 changed its name to Stratix Corporation.
Between 2002 and 2004, voice, data and wireless were converging, Windows® Mobile began to dominate, and ISVs began developing mobile solutions on a global scale. Stratix executives saw the chance to capitalize on the model they had built. They sought new markets to bring mobile integration expertise and delivery services beyond retail distribution centers. The Stratix team identified key partners and adjacent opportunities in field service and transportation & logistics verticals. Their effort was unequivocally successful and Stratix grew 300% in three years, drawing blue-chip clients, including some of the top Fortune 50 in Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation verticals.
The needs of these marquis customers drove innovation across the Company’s infrastructure, including: an enterprise resource planning system; processes and systems to support large-scale provisioning, integration and deployment; mobile technical support and operating centers; training programs for Bring Your Own (BYO) device management; and systems to assess and solve mobility challenges at customer locations.
Over the years, Stratix has evolved to a professional and systematic platform for the current and future era of enterprise mobility. Today, the company is directly managing over 1 million mobile devices for some of the world’s largest brands in the retail, manufacturing, transportation, and field services industries.

“Mobile domain knowledge and enterprise experience are in the Stratix DNA. Our sole focus is mobility; while our market experience is broad, our specialization in all things mobile is deep, including all major MDM platforms (AirWatch, Good, BES, Mobile Iron, Soti) and mobile application management. This, along with our extensive OEM partnerships, world-class depot repair center and mobile help desk operations center, we can ensure customer expectations are not only met but exceeded. While our current install base includes marquis companies in retail, transportation, manufacturing, and field mobility, we see a growing interest in our services from both the financial and healthcare industries. For the near future, we are excited about how we can help our customers advance business innovation leveraging the new developments in mobile payment, wearables and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).” – Stratix CEO and President Gina Gallo

Unique selling proposition
Stratix’s competitive advantage is in its strategic partnerships, comprehensive best-in-class services, mobile specialization and strong track record with enterprise-scale customers.

Not many mobile service providers can truly deliver full-scale managed mobility solutions through a single contact. Stratix has extensive partner relationships with the entire mobile eco-system from the device to carrier, software and security players. Stratix internal Mobile Solution Architects are trained across all solution platforms, providing customers a “single hand to shake” for accessing expertise who can manage all aspects of an enterprise mobile strategy – streamlining the fragmented vendor ecosystem of today’s modern mobility solutions.

Best-in-class service
Stratix delivers best-in-class service through its comprehensive “mobile specific” service offerings. From their on-shore help desk operation, or Mobile Operation Center (MOC); based at headquarters in Norcross, GA., to their MDM Center of Excellence, Stratix continues to excel in customer satisfaction with some of the highest technology Net Promoter System (NPS) scores. Stratix further ensures customer excellence by engaging in regularly scheduled monthly business reviews to ensure that customers are meeting their business targets and all service level agreements are being met.

Mobile specialization
Many companies are unaware of just how long mobile solutions have been in use by commercial companies. From as early as 1985, companies were leveraging portable data terminals and printers or hand-held computers to manage back office, mission critical functions. Stratix started in mobile when it entered the enterprise and has remained exclusive to supporting mobility for three decades. This level of specialization and understanding of how to “close the mobility gap” for companies, is why businesses turn to Stratix. Enterprises want a hands-on specialist not a generalist, to deliver and support their mobile strategy.

Strong track record with large customers
Stratix has a long track record of making customers “Partners for Life,” as evidenced by a large number of decades-long engagements. Stratix managed mobility services are trusted by an extensive customer base, including two of the top bottling and refreshments companies; the largest home improvement company; the largest rental car company and three out of the four top global airlines. The Company’s largest customers have over 100,000 mobile user assets being managed every day by Stratix.
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Leadership Gina Gallo- President & CEO
Gina has spent over two decades in leadership positions serving the enterprise mobility marketplace. She joined Stratix in September of 2004 as senior Vice President of Sales and was promoted to President in April of 2007. Gina assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer in December of 2011.

Under her leadership, Stratix achieved a 300% growth rate, which led to the Company’s debut in 2006 on the Inc. 500 list of Fastest-Growing Private Companies and inclusion in the Inc. 5000 for six consecutive years. Gina has pioneered the continued evolution at Stratix from VAR to Systems Integrator to one of the largest and most well-respected managed mobility services companies for Fortune 1000 businesses in North America.

Prior to joining Stratix, Gina was Vice President of Sales at Symbol Technologies (now Motorola Solutions), where she led some of the company’s largest vertical mobile market expansions. In addition, Gina also held key leadership positions at GRiD Systems and Xerox Corporation. Gina received her B.A. degree in Marketing from Bryant University in Rhode Island and currently serves on the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) board.