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The Life Improving Digital Innovators: Green Packet


Mastering Digital Innovations

While global business dynamics have changed drastically and in turn transformed value standards, Green Packet remains committed to serving the end-consumers, organizations,and Governments. It is an internationally recognized telecommunication, media and technology player. Founded in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley in 2000 and subsequently listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange in 2005, Green Packet designs and produces wireless devices, user-centered applications,and services that enable the delivery of valuable digital experiences.-

Today, Green Packet's businesses are anchored in three key segments which are Solutions, Communications and Digital Services (Financial Technology, Internet-of-Things ('IOT') and Media).

Green Packet has developed many firsts in the industry for telecommunications operators globally including the world's first Multi-Mode LTE Modem and WiMAX Modem that allows users to experience the best 4G-connection on a single device at anytime, anywhere. It has also built hundreds of interconnections with global telecommunications, enabling it to be one of the largest non-telecommunication wholesale operators.

Besides that, Green Packet is also strengthening its digital services portfolio which is media content, digital payment, smart cities, connected cars,and smart agriculture.

The Solutions Provided by the Firm

Cellular Device Solutions

In the era of digital technology, it is impossible for many to have no access to the Internet. The importance of connectivity today has reshaped the way everyone lives; the latest electronic gadgetry like tablet and smartphone become its constant companions and people of all ages are becoming tech-savvy. With the Internet and the extensive availability of mobile devices, the company is connected to everyone and everything, giving us an instant access to data and information.

Communications Solutions

Today, people are communicating in many different ways; some prefer calling while some prefer using data to surf the web, email and watch videos especially on mobile devices. Hence, it is vital for telco players to revolutionize in order to provide a more synchronized system to the customers. Looking ahead, Green Packet believes that the voice minutes and mobile network data traffic will continue to show a significant upward trend.

Financial Technology Solutions

Driven by technology, Internet and mobile revolution, society has become increasingly digital and connected. With the growing adoption level of digital technology, many business owners find ways to operate at an optimum level while customers today are more open and receptive to the usage of mobile payment. As such, Green Packet believes in the rapid adoption of mobile payment in Malaysia which will fuel the fintech industry further.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Technology today is pushing the world forward at exponential speed. According to National IoT Strategic Roadmap report by MIMOS, the opportunities in the IoT field are enormous with a global economic value projection ranging from US$1.9 trillion to US$7.1 trillion by 2020. With that said the IoT field in Malaysia is expected to experience an exponential growth where IoT technologies are able to connect the firm in many ways that it has not thought of especially in improving lives of many people and make a positive social impact.

Behind A Successful Company, There Is a Leader Who Guides It

MR. TAN KAY YEN, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director:

Mr. Tan Kay Yen, who is more fondly known as Kay, is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer cum Executive Director of Green Packet Bhd (appointed on 7 October 2014). He spearheads the business development and overall operation matters of Green Packet, driving Green Packet and its group of companies to greater heights in terms of new innovative products, business generation,and new market development.

Having more than 24 years of experience in sales, operations and management holding positions in the financial, IT, telecommunications and technology sector, Tan started his career with the Arab Malaysian Group in the financial sector. Following that he joined the IBI group of companies, a diverse IT firm in 1996, holding a range of leadership positions.

Prior to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer cum Executive Director of Green Packet in 2014, he was the Company’s Group Chief Operating Officer since 2006 and Acting Group Chief Financial Officer until 31 October 2014. During his tenure, he led the growth of Green Packet further than merely a software company.

Tan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a double major in Finance and Management Information System from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA.

“Technology is pushing the world forward at exponential speeds. With technology, we strive to become a creator and curator of digital innovations and get those life-improving technologies into the hands of masses, creating positive social impact.”