10 Best Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021

Allison Robinson, Co-founder and CEO of The Mom Project, is spearheading a trailblazing organization which is committed to building a better workplace for women


Women have long had the short end of the stick when it comes to employment, regularly finding themselves struggling to break through the glass ceiling for promotions and on average getting paid less than their male counterparts. That situation often gets compounded when the woman in question is a parent, balancing the needs of professional and home life and more. But we are seeing a gradual shift among companies to “do better” on inclusion, and that’s opening the door to new opportunities.

To underscore that, The Mom Project, a Chicago startup, focuses on connecting women, including parents, with jobs from organizations specifically open to employing people who meet that profile. On one side, the startup works with businesses to post job listings that specifically target women and those returning to work who might need more flexible terms in their employment engagements, as well as analyze its overall HR strategies around those efforts. On the other side, it provides a platform to women who fit that basic profile, the average age of its users is between 28 and 44.

The provenance of The Mom Project

An estimated 43 percent of highly skilled women leave the workforce after becoming mothers. This is the jarring statistic Ms. Allison Robinson read while on maternity leave from Procter & Gamble with her first child. She started to imagine a future where women would not have to choose between parenthood and their careers, and could not stop thinking about what a real solution might look like. Inspired by the birth of her first son and on behalf of moms everywhere, she founded The Mom Project in 2016. Businesses are often challenged to retain talented employees as they navigate through this period of life, and struggle to find the experienced talent they need to grow. The Mom Project bridges the gap, creating opportunities for companies and professionals to grow and thrive. Women staying engaged in the workforce on their terms are good for families. It’s good for business. It’s good for all of us. With over 300,000 talented professionals in their network and 2,000 companies signed up to hire moms to drive their businesses forward The Mom project is raising to the occasion.

The Mom Project’s Promise to support women

Creating opportunities: The firm creates opportunities for women to engage on their terms with incredible companies that need their talent and expertise. They facilitate connections and push for change at both the company and policy level.

Unlocking insights: The firm has developed a people-first, research-based approach to mining workplace insights, allowing companies to understand how to best support working parents through innovative policies and improving best practices.

Inspiring communities: Its community is open for working moms also for all moms. It allows women to support each other, connect to career goal support and gain access to the resources needed to thrive in their personal working parenthood journey.

The Mom Project’s success Mantra

  • Commit to the success of women, of caregivers, of parents, and of people.
  • Boldly upend the status quo.
  • Stand on the right side of history.
  • Take up space and speak up often.
  • Be empathetic. Be genuine. Be respectful.
  • Build a better workplace and a better world. For you, for her, and for everyone.

The ardent visionary behind the success of The Mom Project

Allison Robinson is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Mom Project. After having her son Asher in 2015, Ms. Allison identified how universally challenging it can be for American mothers to juggle the demands of motherhood with a full-time career and decided to tackle the issue on a national scale. Prior to founding The Mom Project, Allison spent eight years at Procter and Gamble working on go to market strategies for leading household brands with a special focus on moms during her tenure on the Pampers brand. As CEO, Allison is responsible for delivering on the company’s mission of building a better workplace for women while supporting its customers through innovative talent solutions that help them attract and retain the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives they need to propel their businesses forward. She is also a proud mother of two.

“The Mom Project is changing the way women work and redefining career structures by providing women with opportunities that are in balance with their personal goals.”