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The Most Luxurious Housing Alternative: Kristi Hennessey Group

thesiliconreview-kristi-hennessey-ceo-president-kristi-hennessey-group-19Looking for a place to stay can be a very daunting challenge, especially if one has to move on short notice. The reason for the move could be a new job, proximity to medical care, project work, and internship, full crew housing needs etc. Then there is the problem of having all the furniture and belongings transported to new accommodations. As the global population continues to increase and technology continues to impact industries, more and more people find themselves on migrating to places that offer the best job and career opportunities. Hennessey Group is a National Corporate Housing Company that provides some of the best housing solutions for extended stays.

Just imagine yourself in a situation where you land in a new city after a grueling flight, getting ready for an important meeting, or a career-defining interview; what if you can get a perfect accommodation that provides all the luxuries of a hotel room with the feel of a home? Hennessey Group aims to do just that.

Weary travelers can expect fully furnished homes with lightning fast internet, an excellent service that operates 24/7 and adequate security measures. Housing solutions by the Hennessey Group offer nothing less than a home away from home.


Founded in 2012 in the state of Texas by a bold entrepreneur, the idea for Hennessey’s business was conceived out of the need for quality accommodations for companies whose employees migrate frequently for project-based or contractual jobs. The goal was to provide furnished apartments that would have all the amenities that a normal middle-class home would offer and more. What’s amazing about such housing is their affordability.

The initial years, as with any budding company were a constant struggle. However, the founder and CEO, Kristi Hennessey, remained steadfast to her vision and continued her journey with unshakable resolve. The lessons that she learned while building her business are pretty much applicable to any aspiring entrepreneur; Do not take no for an answer and never be afraid to take a leap even though you are not an expert in the field.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of Hennessey Group’s Housing Solutions

Temporary housing for a consulting project

Consulting projects require the consultants to be ready to move on short notice. It means traveling to new places and living out of a suitcase. Hennessey offers short-term apartments that are affordable and offer all the amenities one can find at home. A traveling professional can just enter the apartment, unpack and relax in a temporary second home.

Housing for medical stays

Medical problems are always distressing, especially ones that require surgery or an elaborate course of treatments. What makes this problem even worse is if hospitals in one’s city lack the necessary facilities. Patients facing this problem have no choice other than having to travel to another city or state for their treatment. Staying at hotels for medical treatments is very expensive. That is where Hennessey came up with the idea of offering accommodations for medical stay. What can be better for recovering patients than to have a homely environment in a new city, at a delicate time in their lives?

Temporary housing for insurance claims

When calamities like floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes strike, it can be a trying time for people whose homes have been damaged partially or completely. Victims of natural catastrophes often have no roof over their heads in the immediate aftermath and insurance could take a while to come through. It is during such trying times that Hennessey Group’s temporary housing provides comfort and luxury for victims to recover and rebuild their lives.

Corporate housing

Corporations often need to book suitable living accommodations for their traveling employees. Hotels, even those with extended stay options, rarely provide a feeling of stability or autonomy. For employees on extended assignment, Hennessey’s Corporate Housing facilities make it easy for professionals to find temporary housing that provides the feeling of a fully appointed home for whatever duration required.

Crew Housing

As part of their corporate housing services, The Hennessey Group also provides housing for full work crews. For extended contracting, consulting, and other full crew jobs, the Hennessey Group places priority on ensuring top quality, spacious accommodations with all the comforts of home.

Relocation Assistance

Relocating to a new city can be very stressful. In addition to packing up and having all belongings transported, looking for a decent neighborhood to move into can be a real challenge. Furthermore, getting accustomed to new surroundings, a new culture, getting to know one’s way around and figuring out optimum distance from work, looking for a new school for the kids, etc. are all that make moving a difficult experience. With Hennessey’s housing solutions, scouting for the ideal place to relocate is made easy as it aims at providing the most comfortable home away from home.

All of the houses offered by the Hennessey Group come fully furnished, complete with couches, dining tables, wardrobes, dressers, comfortable beds, etc. Furthermore, the homes also come with a fully equipped kitchen featuring refrigerators, microwave ovens, and perfectly functioning stoves, in addition to some essential utensils like pots, pans, and so on. Additionally, every single housing unit provided by the Hennessey Group has high-speed wireless internet connection coupled with cable TV with a flexible package.

Say goodbye to the stress and hassles of traveling with Hennessey Group’s uber-luxurious accommodations.

Here Are Some Testimonials from Happy Customers

“I have worked with The Hennessey Group for many years now and in that time they have given us great customer service, affordable and competitive rates on top quality apartments and flexibility with our constant changes. They are always willing to go the extra mile to make my traveler’s quality of life pleasant.”


“I really appreciate the excellent service that you have provided to the project in Dallas. All of our employees working on this stressful project were very happy in the “temporary homes.” Many Thanks!”

Dallas, TX

Meet the Maverick

Kristi Hennessey, CEO and President

“Hennessey Group is dedicated to taking care of the hard parts so you can focus on more important things.”