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The Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency: Venta Marketing


Over the past decade, the market has changed drastically and beyond recognition. The modern day demands businesses to identify, visualize and achieve their goals through conversion focused digital marketing campaigns and technology solutions. Venta Marketing can help in doing just that. From its start in 2011, it has always been its goal to provide the best digital marketing services and to be the most trusted digital agency. Venta’s growing team still lives by this mantra every day.

Venta Marketing provides website design and development, internet marketing, and creative marketing strategies. As a results-driven company dedicated to building custom strategies, Venta Marketing fits the unique needs of each and every client. Venta believes that its process is what sets us apart from the competition because it is focused on your ROI. The company couples expertise with high-quality execution and always takes steps to add more value to your online presence.

Service & Capabilities

In this digital-first world, Venta exists to take a perceptive, goal-centered approach to your online marketing strategy. Every service that it provides helps its clients communicate with their customers, grow their business, and achieve their business goals. It genuinely cares about the clients, their employees, and the success of their business and that is what separates it from other agencies.“When you hire Venta as your agency, we become much more than your external marketing resource. We become your strategic digital-partner and an invested team-player in your business”, the company said.

Digital Marketing Solutions to Grow Your Business

Venta Marketing is the expert you can trust to get the job done right. From the moment a user opens a search engine until the moment they decide to work with you or purchase your product, you need to reach the right audience with the right message at every stage in the process. Venta’s team of data-driven professionals and creative problem solvers work with you to achieve and exceed your expectations and goals.

It helps each client succeed with a customized combination of digital marketing services. It carefully examines each client and determines the services most appropriate for them to achieve their goals. “Once we have a plan, it’s all in the hands of our skilled digital marketing professionals to execute; and with a team like ours, the end result is something that exceeds our client’s expectations”, says Max Prokell, Founder and CEO.

  • Websites - Websites are where leads are born and its knowledgeable web developers are here to optimize your website for a better user experience. Together, it can create a responsive, secure, and search-optimized website that educates site visitors and generates more leads for your business.
  • Marketing - Its digital marketing services are designed to drive more users to your website, nurture your leads into paying customers. Its digital marketing strategists are dedicated to hitting your sales goals and decreasing your cost per lead. It will integrate the right channels into your marketing strategy and ensure that everything is aligned with your business goals.
  • Multimedia - No other medium can communicate with your audience quite like a video. With your business goals as our priority, it will engage your audience with unique and interactive videos.
  • Design - When you hire Venta’s design team you will receive results that are truly creative, not curated.


Missouri Heart Center

Venta has worked with many medical practices both private and affiliated. It understands the unique challenges of marketing to patients and has proven solutions ready to implement. Some challenges for the Missouri Heart Center website project included creating a seamless connection to patient portals for easy navigation. They offer many services, providers, and locations making accessible information to clients a necessity. It was important to provide an updated platform to effectively reflect their brand.

Venta Marketing produced videos and images, wrote content, and provided a purposeful design to the MO Heart Center website, resulting in uniformity, both in the presentation and in user experiences. All the websites Venta builds are optimized to display just as beautiful and easy to use on mobile screens as they do on desktop computer screens.

The Callaway Bank

Designing and developing a clean, professional, and easy to navigate website is paramount in this industry. The Venta team worked relentlessly to ensure every type of user could use and enjoy The Callaway Bank website purposefully. Developing websites for financial institutions requires in-depth knowledge of how those institutions operate both internally and for the public.

Some unique challenges faced for The Callaway Bank website include creating an easy online banking experience for users. Increasing cross selling products and services while providing a secure and trustable platform. They aimed to gain and retain customers by increasing online visibility.

Banking customers expect to manage their accounts online, and often on the go. The Callaway Bank website feels and operates the same on any size screen, allowing customers to switch between devices and still understand how to navigate and seek information or services.

The Founder’s Desk

Max Prokell, Founder and CEO

Max is the Founder and CEO of Venta Marketing. He founded Venta on core values that have shown over many successful campaigns to be the keys to the success of a strong digital marketing agency.

Max has a strong history of working in the digital marketing and advertising industry as well as managing marketing campaigns that encompass Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Website Design & Development, and Video Production. He graduated with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration focused in Management from the University of Richmond where he then started to form the company that would come to be the Venta Marketing we know today.

Max’s most important role at Venta is to ensure the team is aligned with our mission, vision, and values. Our vision is to be the most trusted digital marketing agency, which is a tall task. He loves the challenge of working with the team to ensure Venta is always growing and improving as a place to work. He wants to make sure we are continuing to provide excellent service and quality work for every client.

“When you work with Venta, our team is invested in the success of your business and it is our mission to provide excellent customer service because we truly care about helping your business thrive online.”