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The Nebo Company – Helping leaders access the deepest resources to achieve their most important priorities


Today’s organizations constantly find themselves trying to keep up with rapid evolution within the workplace, primarily due to Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This fundamental shift is characterized by increasing automation, the rise of smart machines and factories, and the use of data and new technology to manufacture and distribute goods more efficiently and productively. Leadership development plays a critical role in adapting to this dynamism, helping leaders to make faster decisions and successfully navigating crises like COVID-19. For this reason, it’s a key priority for many corporate HR departments.

Founded in 2004, The Nebo Company is a trusted partner in leadership development and organizational resiliency. The Nebo Company provides executive coaching, leadership development, and consulting services to Fortune 500 and mid-size companies, non-profit organizations, federal government agencies, and entrepreneurial start-ups and social ventures. They work with corporate boards, senior leaders, and human resources/ talent management teams to bring out the best in employees, deepen and strengthen a positive culture, and align focus and efforts to affect desired change and new outcomes. The Nebo Company develops resilient leaders and organizations through strategy visioning and planning, leadership coaching and integrated leadership development programs, and organizational and talent development facilitation and consulting.

Leadership training and Organization development Services Offered

Strategic Visioning & Planning: The Nebo methodology has helped countless clients develop visions that unite, focus, and inspire. They guide leaders and teams in translating their vision into a focused, actionable strategic plan that accelerates results. They take time to understand your organization, along with its priorities and challenges. The company brings services and strategies that will work best for you and your culture. They are adaptive in their approach, making sure that what they are doing is working and seek your feedback and actively listen. The process draws on the deep expertise and resources that already exist in your organization. They take into account your organization’s history, current state, and future vision as they generate engagement, innovation, and fresh insights. They deliver a shared vision that is connected to the past and grounded in present realities—but not limited by either. The process is designed to unlock the “strategic imagination” embedded within your organization and open the doors to new and attainable possibilities.

Coaching & Leadership Development: Nebo helps their clients bring their talent to the next level. Their services, approach, and skilled and diverse network of coaches and facilitators enable us to deliver effective and engaging programs tailored to the clients’ priorities, budgets, and timelines. They ask the right questions, focusing on the greatest needs of your organization and finding the right starting point. The company believes that people can lead from any seat in the organization. Whether you are a senior leader with a significant scope of authority or a rising leader with unrealized potential, Nebo’s experienced leadership coaches can help you achieve your most important priorities. Teams are fundamental to organizational performance, yet teams often end up as a collection of individuals with individual accountability rather than being cohesive and high performing. Getting to high performance requires identifying how the team needs to work in practice. Team coaching enables a team to adopt the practices and behaviors that enable the sum to be far more than the parts.

Organizational Resiliency & Culture: Organizations are living, dynamic systems designed to fulfill a key purpose. Investing in organizational culture and resiliency will yield effective, sustainable results over time. Nebo offers a range of high-impact solutions that can be customized for your organization. Take the pulse of your leadership team and organization; learn what’s working, and where you need to invest. Design a custom retreat to strengthen relationships and energize, align, and focus your board or executive team on your organization’s most important priorities. Move beyond compliance and box-checking to create a culture of belonging where each employee can bring their best to work every day.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Leslie Altizer is Vice President of Sales & Client Experience. As a member of Nebo’s leadership team, he serves as the primary architect of Nebo’s approach to sales and delivery of services. In addition to attracting new clients, Leslie works with the team to ensure excellence in the overall client experience. He is motivated to help leaders build and foster strong cultures. He has witnessed the direct impact culture has on the employee experience, and the critical role leaders play in shaping those experiences.. Leslie listens deeply to understand the opportunities and challenges that our clients face in developing confident, empowered, and empathetic leadership benches at all levels.

In his 20+ year career, Leslie has developed a depth of experience in professional services.  He brings a natural curiosity about how organizations function and “live.” He is always interested in exploring new theories about what makes organizations tick.

"Nebo is at the core of our leadership principles and our commitment to sustainability that inform our work with each other and our clients."