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10 Fastest Growing Oracle Solution Providers 2017

The one‐stop management services provider for enterprise application and database needs: Data Intensity


Data Intensity was founded in 2001 to help IT teams meet business demand for exceptional performance and availability of their Oracle E-business Suite. This mission has expanded to include helping customers take advantage of the powerful capabilities of Oracle applications, such as business intelligence and analytics. Data Intensity tailors its services to meet customers’ needs for IT support, including remote application management, migrations to “purpose built” IT infrastructure or development of customized cloud environments. Data Intensity is the only provider with more than 15 Oracle Platinum Partner Specializations. Many team members hold advanced degrees and multiple certifications in key IT standards, such as ITIL. Data Intensity serves over 650 mid- to large-size organizations in a diverse array of industries, with a significant focus in fields that have rigorous requirements for security and compliance, including finance, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare and technology enterprises. With over 17 years of experience and more than 15,000 databases supported, Data Intensity’s global organization spans North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, offering customers a secure, flexible, redundant, high- performing and customizable solution that is unsurpassed in delivering enterprises the capabilities they need the way the need it.

Deep Dive into Data Intensity

Why was the company founded?

Many IT organizations struggle to keep up with the challenges of providing 24x7 availability and high performance while also keeping on top of the frequent changes to software and hardware that can disrupt the complex environments of their database infrastructures. IT teams are also under pressure to focus on building the business – not just on keeping the “engine” running. These multiple pressures – along with the difficulties in finding and retaining highly skilled staff – means many companies see the advantages of engaging outside help. Data Intensity was founded to provide companies deep expertise in IT services. We provide 24x7 database and application management services to customers who have invested in Oracle applications and databases.

What attributes led to the expansion of the company?

The primary driver for our expansion is the needs of customers. The two key trends that have broadened our portfolio have been the growing complexity of our customers’ environments and the increasing demand for IT teams to provide innovative and strategic IT services and applications. To help customers accelerate their delivery of key business-driven services, Data Intensity has added ERP application management, Agile, Hyperion, OBIEE, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Procurement Management, etc. We continuously upgrade our data center to higher densities and strategically invest in additional capabilities to implement robust private and public cloud solutions. Acquisitions have also led to the growth of Data Intensity; helping us become one of the largest privately held Oracle cloud services provider in the industry.

Can you brief us on the factors that have been the biggest asset of Data Intensity?

  • Our customers’ success is our top priority: Our Company has invested substantially to ensure a personalized support experience to each of our customers by configuring our architectures, processes, methodologies and tools specifically to their requirements. We offer the resources of a large firm with the agility and personal touch of a boutique. Our commitment has always been to maintain a personal relationship with our customers and help them succeed by going the “extra mile.” As we have grown, our client’s engagements with us have also grown to become deeper and more valuable to their own success.
  • Deep expertise in the Oracle eco-system allows us to deliver integrated solutions throughout the technology stack: We blend infrastructure, technical support, and functional support with purpose-built tools, strong ITIL-based processes, and the best expertise in the industry, including full application lifecycle management. We have more than 600 technical and functional resources available to support the needs of our customers.
  • Hybrid and private cloud management and integration services: At Data Intensity, our clients have embraced a mix of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services rather than a one-size-fits-all cloud strategy. This approach has allowed our clients to remain agile, safeguard their tech investments and adopt innovations quickly.
  • Purpose-built tools, automation and global service: We are an engineering-driven company. Data Intensity’s eight global solution centers are always available to help customers take full advantage of technology investments to improve transparency, performance, predictability, availabiliy and agility of the systems we support – whether they need help planning, designing, implementing, upgrading or operating the environments. We have combined proprietary cloud and infrastructure automation with deep application and database management expertise. This allows our customers to reap these benefits:
  • Lower and more predictable costs
  • Faster turnaround time for tasks
  • Fewer errors
  • Real time visibility into hardware and software environments
  • On-demand access to experts
  • Investments made in top technologies beyond Oracle to make managing the data, analytics and insights easier: We have over 400+ DBAs who support common database platforms, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, IBM DB2, MySQL, Sybase and PostgreSQL. In addition, we have a data visualization team that supports Oracle, Tableau, Informatica, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, Spark and Rapidminor, among others.

Do you have any new products ready to be rolled out into the market?

Yes, we have several new launches in the areas of public cloud, SaaS, hybrid cloud, and big data:

Cloud Lifecycle Assurance: Provides a fixed-price, post-implementation support model for customers on Oracle’s Cloud Applications.

Cloud Release Management Assurance: Manages all changes and releases of an organization’s SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS investments, including all integrations to those platforms.

A managed services offering for Hadoop distributions: Covers all major vendors, including: Cloudera, Oracle Big Data, MapR, and HortonWorks.

Clients’ Commendations

“Data Intensity has exceptional knowledge and a deep bench of professionals with 24x7 global support, making them an excellent match for our enterprise.”- CIO, Life Sciences

“With Data Intensity, I get white-glove service and access to resources at all levels of the organization from senior management to my dedicated account team. There is no other provider that can provide this level of service.” - CIO, Technology industry

Get to know our Leader

Kirk Arnold, CEO: With over thirty years of experience in the B2B technical industry, Kirk has a passion for delivering the value of transformative technologies to enterprise customers. As the CEO of Data Intensity, she ushers her expertise to steer the company towards prosperity. Prior to joining DI, Kirk has worked in reputed companies like Avid, Keane, Inc., Fidelity Investments, IBM, in various ‘C-level executive’ roles.

Active in the technology and business community, Kirk serves on Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council, and the Investment Advisory Council of the Massachusetts Innovation Institute. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Institute, an organization devoted to the development of women business leaders. An alumnus of Dartmouth College, Kirk resides in Boston with her family. 

“We help companies manage their data infrastructure more efficiently than they can with their own internal resources, applying the experience we have gained helping hundreds of customers carry out similar projects.”