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April Edition 2020

The Only Comprehensive Security Platform: Stellar Cyber Provides Maximum Protection of Applications and Data Wherever They Reside


In recent times, the organizations are digital by default, and it is becoming difficult for them to map their digital surrounding. The technology infrastructure of every organization is custom-made, and it is complicated. There is no reward without risk. Digital businesses make use of connected devices, new technologies, and operating platforms. They also embrace new ways of working, building large data storage, and so on. The World Economic Forum has stated that cybersecurity breach is one of the five big risks the world is facing today. The threat is growing drastically every day. Meeting the digital challenges and risk mitigation is still a burden for most of the organizations.

The cybersecurity solutions industry suffers from data overload – there are too many discrete tools producing too much data for security analysts to handle. Stellar Cyber makes an Open XDR platform to address this data overload problem. Stellar Cyber’s Anywhere Detection & Response (XDR) provides a single pane of glass that gives one centralized view of the entire organization. The platform unifies results from many different security tools under one interface to deliver pervasive protection from complex cyber-attacks anywhere that applications and data reside. It provides an intuitive and powerful GUI that makes analysis efficient and offers rapid and flexible deployment and full visibility. Stellar Cyber incorporates dozens of security applications and makes them all available through a single interface. And, as an Open-XDR platform, it allows users to leverage existing investments in SIEM, firewalls, CASB, Vulnerability Management tools, and other solutions. Essentially, Stellar Cyber is a security hub through which customers can manage their entire security infrastructure and correlate detections with a single pane of glass.

Also, Stellar Cyber uses Machine Learning and Big Data techniques to curate incoming data and evaluates alerts to slash the number of false positives, so security analysts are more productive, and real security threats are resolved much more quickly. Rather than taking hours or days to spot and eliminate a risk, Stellar Cyber enables analysts to respond in seconds or minutes.

Changming Liu is the CEO, and Co-founder of Stellar Cyber. He spoke about the company in an exclusive interview with The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

What motivated you to reinvent enterprise network security services?

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen significant advances in the detection and management of various cybersecurity threats which falls into three categories:

Login - where the hacker gets access to the user’s login and password,

Malware – where the hacker can get malware placed inside the network, and

Ransomware – where the hacker gets access to the company’s information system, locks it out and then demands a ransom to give access back to the company.

However, in today’s fast-paced IT world, a new problem has arisen in the world of cybersecurity: companies are often drowning in too much information from too many suppliers that each has their solution with their management console. If you have one or two of these, it’s not a big problem, but once you’ve installed 8, 9, or 10 cybersecurity systems, you have many sets of data, multiple algorithms, and multiple  management consoles. It truly amounts to being too much of a good thing. Enter Stellar Cyber, a company whose platform rounds up all of the different detections and brings all the cybersecurity analysis into one mighty and sophisticated centralized correlation and  management console.

Perception and reality must coincide in the field of cybersecurity. How do you know if there is a probability of breach?

Stellar Cyber takes pride in a marketing claim to deliver comprehensive visibility across any environment, on-premises, in public clouds, and with service providers. Additionally, it works no matter how the applications or data are deployed – on  physical servers, on virtual machines, or containers, and lastly, across endpoints, network, applications, and cloud / SaaS. By collecting security data from all these sources, and parts of your attack surface, we can assure users that our view is more complete than those from any other vendor.

Internal inefficiencies in an organization undermine security analytics and operations. Do you help your clients patch their internal operations?

The biggest inefficiencies in cybersecurity involve using different analysts to monitor various security tools. This leads to the balkanization of security information, and it is difficult or impossible for companies to get a clear picture of their overall security posture. Stellar Cyber unifies security detections under one interface so all analysts can work together to spot and respond to threats quickly.

Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Stellar Cyber continues to expand its built-collection of native applications. In the past year, we have added a Threat Hunting app, a User and Entity Behavior Analytics app, a Firewall Traffic Analysis app, and a Data Streaming app to the library. We will continue to announce new native onboard apps periodically.

What are your plans for the future development of your company?

We continually evolve how we can see smaller events that look normal and correlate them across an entire attack surface and use existing tools to paint a broader picture of a company’s attack surface. Our goal is to add more and more AI so that we can continue to see more and more sophisticated attacks faster than any other tool, and to ensure that customers get maximum protection from cyber attacks wherever their data and applications reside.

“Stellar Cyber fuses data across all inputs, creating rich holistic context, ensuring every aspect of the attack surface is covered.”

Leaders behind the success of Stellar Cyber

The company was founded in 2015 by Changming Liu (CEO) and Aimei Wei (Sr. VP of Engineering). Several VCs have funded Stellar Cyber, including Valley Capital Partners, Big Basin Partners, SIG – Susquehanna, and Northern Light Venture Capital. The founders have been working in cybersecurity for many years. They knew there was an information overload problem happening in every medium-to-large company’s IT department and, in particular, in the security operations center. Changming’s security career started at NetScreen, and he is also the founder of AeroHive. Changming learned that you need great tech and a great GUI – users expect more than just tech today. That is his passion as he leads Stellar Cyber. This is his second startup as founding CEO.