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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

The original pioneer of cloud computing: Abiquo

Abiquo’s cloud management software has supported multiple infrastructure typesevr since the first version. From KVM and VMWare to Microsoft HyperV, Citrix and Oracle, the company has grown by leaps and bounds to manage hybrid cloud environments from on-premise hypervisors to Docker containers and public clouds, thereafter.-Stephen Covey

About Abiquo
Abiquo was founded in 2006 to design strategic solutions for meeting the needs of its customers and was specifically architected to be hardware and hypervisor independent from the start – a tremendous advantage in today’s hybrid cloud environments. With over 75 man-years of engineering effort, the company has built the broadest and deepest hybrid cloud management software solution available in the market today. The company targets hybrid cloud service providers as well as resellers, primarily, but with its latest Hybrid Cloud support, it now offers benefits to enterprises as well and its target market has expanded exponentially

Making its presence felt
Abiquo positions itself as a hybrid cloud management specialist that enables CIOs and IT managers to overcome the challenges associated with managing a hybrid IT environment and minimizing internal conflicts. It constantly updates its hybrid cloud management platform to incorporate the latest technology, with its latest version – Abiquo 3.4 – integrating a revolutionary new plugin to work with Docker containers, extended public hybrid cloud support and support for virtual machine templates with multiple disks. Today, Abiquo 3.4 aims to provide businesses with the necessary tools to manage virtualization, public hybrid clouds and the emergence of new technologies including Docker.

Case Study Easynet, a leading managed service provider with over twenty years’ experience, needed a hybrid cloud management platform that could simplify control and management of all virtual environments, whilst causing no disruption to its customers’ day-to-day operations. Easynet deployed Abiquo’s hybrid cloud management platform in only two days, spanning seven nodes across five key regions; UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

Abiquo’s vision, execution and operational excellence are what sets the company apart from its competitors. The company demonstrates immense expertise and has installed its hybrid cloud platform within very short spans of time, besides delivering close to 100% out of the box solutions to its customersWhat next Abiquo is well- poised at the helm of today’s disruptive IT revolution with compelling solutions. At present, the company serves the needs of over 4,000 users on a daily basis and thus its immediate goal is to expand its reach and continue to deploy new partnerships, for example with Microsoft and their Azure hybrid cloud, for which it recently announced support. Another key future focus area for the company will be developing additional features for Docker container technology which was recently incorporated into its updated Abiquo 3.4 offering, apart from its other focus area-Hybrid cloud mobility.

OFFICES: Abiquo’s headquarters are in London, UK, with software development being based in Barcelona, Spain
CLIENTELE: Claranet, Easynet, PLDT (through Abiquo’s partner NEC), Interoute, Fusion Media Networks, CMM level (Capability Maturity Model): Level 4

Xavier Fernandez Co-Founder & VP Engineering Xavier co-founded Abiquo in March 2006. Previously, he has led teams that developed applications for companies such as Everis Consulting Group, PepsiCo and Gas Natural and his work focused on developing XML, HTML, J2EE, Weblogic, Oracle and SQL-based applications for these large companies.

Before his work with Everis, Xavier built a wireless network for an entire town in Spain. He holds an ITIL certification from Hewlett-Packard, as well as an IGNITE certification from the University of Cambridge, among other certifications. He also holds a B.A. degree in electrical engineering and a MBA degree in industrial management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona, Spain.

Gilles Samoun Chairman
Gilles is a passionate technology entrepreneur and strong advocate for Software as a Service (SaaS) with over 25 years of experience in technology, sales, marketing and international operations.

Most recently he was the CEO of NTR Global and as CEO, led NTR Global, Solsoft and Mediapa through their acquisitions. He also founded and grew Qualys [QLYS] as the leader in Vulnerability and Risk Management. Qualys scanners analyse more than 1 billion connected machines per year protecting customers in over 100 countries.

Gilles brings his energy, passion and expertise as an Independent Board Member to technology companies. He has been or is on the Board of Directors of Ciphercloud, Criteo, JoliCloud, CloudWork and KDS. He graduated from Paris VI University, where he earned a Masters in Computer Science specialised in Artificial Intelligence and distributed computing.

Meeting challenges

As a global company with customers based all over the world, Abiquo faces various challenges in the constantly evolving marketplace. However, the company has emerged victorious time and again with its goal of devising new solutions, integrating them into the Abiquo platform and adapting the company to incorporate new trends and offer relevant technology to address the needs of every business. Since the company’s architecture was designed to meet this challenge, it is possible for Abiquo to take big steps forward with every new version.

Not only did we feel that Abiquo’s strategic roadmap was closely aligned with our own, we liked the fact that its cloud management solution is both software and hardware agnostic, so offers the appropriate level of integration into multiple hypervisors and the broad range of public cloud providers that we required. Added to this, Abiquo has a simple and clear user interface, comprehensive integration options, and a very light footprint. The implementation went extremely smoothly and was non-disruptive to our customer base. Abiquo’s cloud management platform now sits completely transparently side-by-side on our hypervisors.- Richard Rustean, Product Engineer, Easynet