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The Pioneers in the Web Development, Building Digital Footprint: ActiveMedia


Founded in 1996, ActiveMedia offers a variety of services to support companies’ online business goals. ActiveMedia deploys cutting-edge technology to build state of the art website and digital footprint where mobile and desktop touchpoints will empower organizations to accomplish its business goals. 

The objective of its marketing process is to move the companies’ website to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) every time their potential customers search online for their products or services, anywhere in the world, using any language. Its most dedicated clients dominate the results in both “organic” and “paid” listings, and their customers enjoy the intimacy of a world-class mobile app. The entire digital footprint is search engine friendly, with content based on real-time search engine log data.

Digital Marketing Expert

ActiveMedia has established a solid track record of delivering results in the digital marketing and website development industry. Its clients enjoy dramatic sales growth through their increased digital footprint worldwide. ActiveMedia thrives to exceed expectations, over and beyond delivering the results guarantee.

It can level-up organization's online performance in a variety of ways. Whether they want to increase web traffic and conversions, deploy a mobile app, redesign entire digital footprint, website, and social platforms, or enhance their brand's online reputation, ActiveMedia has got all covered.

Powerful and Customized Solutions to Grow Business

Online Marketing: The ultimate goal of clients’ marketing efforts is growing their business, and ActiveMedia designstheir campaigns with that in mind. The channels it selects and the unconventional solutions it develops utilize their company's specific strengths and market opportunities to guarantee the highest ROI. It's not rare for its clients to double or triple their number of leads shortly after switching to ActiveMedia, all while investing the same amount as before. The online marketing services it offers:

  • Search Engine Optimization: Professionally planned and executed SEO campaign by ActiveMedia can put companies on the fast track
  • Pay-Per-Click: Its experienced team has extensive knowledge and experience on all major PPC advertising services, including Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Bing, Facebook, Looksmart, and others
  • Social Media Marketing: Clients can meet their customers online with a highly effective social media campaign from ActiveMedia.
  • Mobile Marketing: Clients can reach their customers on their phones with an innovative mobile phone marketing campaign from ActiveMedia
  • Copywriting & Content Marketing: ActiveMediahas a pool of professional copywriters and content marketers who will truly get to know the personalities of clients’ businesses. Getting to know their business is crucial because it allows ActiveMedia to maintain a consistent voice throughout all of their written projects 

Web Design & Development: ActiveMedia's smart approach to web design and development makes the website and the business stand out from the crowd. It listens carefully to its customers’ ideas and focuses on the smallest details, resulting in a beautiful website that performs well in the search engines and doubles as a powerful virtual sales force for their business.

  • CMS Development: ActiveMedia uses a robust CMS for all of the websites it develops, and it helps its clients to stand out in the competition with a feature-rich website that saves time and money
  • Responsive Web Design: ActiveMedia develops all of its responsive websites with a powerful Content Management System (CMS). Its favorite system is the award-winning Drupal platform, and its web development experts have more than 10 years of experiencing developing feature-rich websites that are easy to update and manage
  • Website Redesign: Its expert team can help clients level-up their website in a snap. They will get a stunning new design that improves their own usability, user experience, and the overall look and feel of this important business asset
  • Custom Web Applications: When custom web applications are developed, there's no "one size fits all" approach. There are two things that all of its custom web apps have in common, though: they're incredibly user-friendly and can be customized to fit their exact needs

Mobile Application Development: Mobile applications are an integral part of the mobile user experience. One can even use this powerful business-building tool to nurture relationships or to convert browsers to buyers. Each mobile application that ActiveMedia develops is completely unique.

  • Native App Development: Native apps can take full advantage of the device's features. This includes the camera, GPS capabilities, accelerometer, compass, contact lists, and any other phone feature or function that one can imagine
  • HTML5 App Development: Because HTML5 mobile apps are web-based, the content is searchable and can be updated quickly and efficiently. This can be a huge benefit for certain businesses, especially if they need to update, add, and change content regularly. An HTML5 app's content is also searchable which can help boost their SEO efforts.
  • Hybrid App Development: Hybrid apps are sometimes described as the best of both worlds: they're built using web technologies like HTML and CSS, and they're also hosted inside a native application. The app functions on a user's mobile device by using the platform's WebView

Meet the Leader

Laszlo Horvath, President,andFounder: Before founding ActiveMedia, Laszlo worked as a Strategic Consultant for America Online in 1995. He placed the first online advertising programs on AOL’s largest content site, featuring clients like the Greenhouse of AOL Studios and the AOL Finance Channel, plus interactive brands like Motley Fool, iVillage, and NetNoir. Prior to his work AOL, he established an advertising agency and TV production house in Central Europe, working with clients like the Ford Motor Company, Kellogg’s, United Distillers, Philip Morris, Fiat, and the Leo Burnett advertising agency. 

Laszlo received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1995. Prior to that, he graduated from the Film Academy of Budapest in 1989, as a film and television director. His time there included a study period at the BBC in London. Laszlo also received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Languages Literature from the ELTE University of Budapest. 

“Our team will make it happen with contemporary, attractive web design, and content they were looking for on the search engines.”