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The Pioneers of Web Analytics Industry: Webtrends


We envision a world where people have meaningful experiences with the brands and organizations they trust, whether in person or online.

For more than 20 years, Webtrends has helped companies make sense of their customer data to drive digital marketing success. By combining innovative technology with its team of trusted and creative advisors, Webtrends’ solutions are designed to provide actionable insights, increase customer engagement and boost revenue. Webtrends technologies improve customer experiences and website optimization for many of the world’s leading brands including Microsoft, Kimberly-Clark, HSBC, Virgin Trains, First Group, npower, BMW, Toyota, Bayer, Bosch and many more.

Deep Dive into Webtrends

With decades of digital analytics industry leadership, Webtrends are the experts at making sense of unlimited customer data to help you identify practical, revenue-boosting marketing strategies and solutions. Webtrends’ portfolio of cross-channel, real-time, individualized and actionable solutions pairs superior technology with a team of experts who ensure your unique goals are met at every step.

People are the core of Webtrends’ business. Its team brings diverse experience and a history of success helping global brands, including Microsoft, Air France-KLM, Kimberly-Clark, HSBC, Merck, Toyota and many more. Combining extensive business expertise with technical acumen, Webtrendsleads a team of talented employees to create innovative products and solutions for leading enterprises around the world.

Analytics for SharePoint

Making an investment in Microsoft SharePoint can involve multiple teams and stakeholders, complex design, deployment and training, and the migration of thousands of critical assets into the platform. With such an investment, you want to know that it’s performing as expected by fostering employee engagement and delivering value to your entire organization. Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint tracks and reports on use and performance of your organization’s SharePoint applications.

Key Capabilities:

  • Out-of-box reports built for SharePoint for 2010, 2013 and O365
  • Only preferred analytics vendor for Microsoft SharePoint measurement
  • Admin tools to help deployment and management for large SharePoint farms
  • Ability to easily connect to Power BI services
  • Ability to customize analytics reporting
  • Extensive data export
  • Custom and calculated metrics

Optimization That Drives Conversion

Website Optimisation is no longer optional. In a fast pace “always connected” world, optimizing your online customer experience is essential to keep your business ahead of your competitors. However, many companies start website optimization in a piece-meal fashion with no strategy around what, or how they are going to implement it. To get the best results requires planning, expertise, and experience.

One of the biggest failures in optimization is how do you get your team up to speed to know what to test and how to interpret the results. Many of Webtrends’ clients started out with intuitions about what they think is worth testing, but the company likes to rely on consumer psychology and behavioral data. Its team has been trained by an independent consumer psychologist to ensure that Webtrends follow “natural behaviors” and how they are manifested in online activity. It counts on analytical data by undertaking an examination of the behavioral data before and after each test to determine the effects.

Webtrends understands that skilled optimization specialists are hard to find and difficult to retain. That's why, the company now offers a flexible solution to delivering optimization and personalization solutions, whether you are just starting out on your journey and require a self-service tool or are needing advanced specialist knowledge to deliver true personalization.

A/B and Multivariate Website Testing

Your website is a powerful representation of how you want your brand to be recognised. That’s why it’s important to take the guesswork out of designing and delivering digital content to your visitors. Webtrends Optimize® helps you create the best site and customer experiences through testing – from the right button colour to the ideal messaging and the most effective sales funnel – so that you can engage your visitors and inspire them to take action.

Whilst most marketer rely on their instincts, web A/B or Multivariate testing provides reliable evidence to support your decisions based on real visitor interaction. By testing you can see exactly what worked best and which version of your content delivered the most conversions. With a simple to use WYSIWYG interface you have the ability create an unlimited number of tests across all areas of your website and other digital devices. 

 Clients’ Rave about Webtrends

“We have been delighted with the results of our email campaigns using Streams and can see the potential to scale this solution to other regions...”

-    Frans Poldervaart, Web Analytics Manager, AirFrance KLM

“Webtrends was there for our initial implementation. We had a code freeze and major deadlines and a lot of pressure to get it in properly. We didn’t have the room to go back and make any revisions. Having their professional services expertise was really helpful.”

-    Karen Vincent, Online Analytics and Business Insights Lead, Blue Shield of California

“Using Webtrends for SharePoint gives my team insights into who is using our site, and enables us to make targeted improvements to increase visitor-to-customer conversion rates.”

-    Edward Tasch, Web Developer, Emerson Process Management

CEO Corner

Mike Laber, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Financial Officer: As Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Webtrends, Mike Laber leads the company’s business strategy and worldwide operations.

Mike brings 25 years of experience to Webtrends, most recently working as the Chief Accounting Officer and Corporate Controller for Qorvo, a company formed by the merger of RF Micro Devices and TriQuint Semiconductor. Prior to Qorvo, Mike held positions of increasing responsibility in finance and accounting at Harland Financial Solutions and at Arthur Andersen. He holds an accounting degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

“Day in and day out, we are determined to be your trusted advisor. Working together, we can make sense of your customer data and improve your digital marketing strategy.”