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10 Best Startups of the Year 2019

The Rulers in the Field of Digital Marketing: Ittisa

thesiliconreview-sneh-sharma-ittisa-2019Ittisa is a place where technology meets design and design meets data which leads to excellent business strategies being conceptualized and together these achieve disruptive digital transformation!

Founded in June 2014, Ittisa is a one of its kind, a girls-first digital media agency. The name Ittisa in Sanskrit means ‘The Ruler’ and it aims to rule not just the creative world but also the technology world with its highly imaginative and passionate team. Ittisa is a unique captivating mix of innovativeness and diligence with the additional sprinkle of creativity! Ittisa, one of the best digital marketing companies in India, believes in building world-class digital experiences that easily metamorphose into offline experiences and help brands tell stories, build communities and transform their business. 

Services Offerings

Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing is a huge spectrum of tactics and assets that encompasses all online marketing efforts. With people spending twice as much time online as they used to 12 years ago, digital marketing is now a pre-requisite for any brand’s marketing strategy. Furthermore, it is often a new brand’s only marketing strategy for the initial few years. Ittisa blends technology with creativity to ensure that clients make an impact on the market.

Branding and Strategy: Ittisa has a passion for launching, reinventing, and propelling brands. Its goal is to create a lasting impact and build meaningful relationships between clients’ business and its audience through sharp brand experiences. Ittisa enjoys strategizing and building campaigns for everyone from startups who are just about taking off to established companies with decades of experience and a set audience.

Design: Design is the mainstay of Ittisa’s agency: a pillar on which Ittisa stands. Ittisa pridesitself on its highly creative, innovative, and strategic design capabilities that push boundaries of vision everywhere. Ittisa focuses on creating a delightful customer experience that highlights key values, human emotions,and a measured approach.

Programmatic Ads:In the digital age, programmatic advertising is a leading technology in the world of mass media. Itissahas robust programmatic advertising capabilities, andits exclusive partnership with ad tech companies makes this a smooth and seamless process. What makes programmatic advertising popular is its ability to help advertisers reach their target audience across a variety of media effortlessly and accurately. With programmatic ad buying, advertisers are not just paying for views and clicks; they also get access to niche customer groups. On the supply side, the company offers publishers’ access to the Ittisa Private Market Place (PMP) that allows them to offer their premium inventory in a niche advertiser auction, which means advertisers enjoy access to this premium inventory via a less-competitive auction. With the PMP, publishers can maintain control over the advertisers serving ads on their websites.

Brand Partnership: Ittisaspecializes in brand partnerships in order to deliver brand awareness, drive engagement, and generate better ROI. Ittisa alignstheir brand with the right partners to acquire new customers and generate more revenue for clients’ business. It strongly believes in the concept of collaboration and that’s why it brings together companies, people, and ideas that are different but work well together.

Brand partnerships are all about building relationships, mixing backgrounds, values,andspecializations, and watching something new emerge. One of the main reasons as to why most brands fail is because of a faulty customer acquisition strategy. Brand partnerships are a cost-effective way to accelerate growth and get word about brand out there.


Web Development: With expertise in designs for websites, Ittisa adds a creative edge to every module of clients’ website and will help them optimize it in the most efficient way.

Web Applications: Ittisa’s web application development addresses a wide range of business needs. What separatesthe company isits highly innovative and effective solutions which will be easy, reliable, intuitive even for not-so-technical users and will require minimum maintenance.

Social Media Apps: Ittisa builds social apps that grab more eyeballs and enable clients to create new connections with their consumers. Its services include Facebook custom tabs for campaigns, custom blogs, online products, or service forums etc.

Mobile Application: Ittisa strives to serve clients with savvy mobile marketing plans and strategic consulting services. They could reach out to the company for an end to end Mobile application development right from the idea of what the app can be. It works on all major mobile platforms – iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows,and Blackberry.

The Leader Who Made It Happen

Sneh, Founder and CEO of Ittisa

“We are a unique captivating mix of innovativeness and diligence with the additional sprinkle of creativity!”