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The Sherlock Holmes of the Digital Era: Cybereason


As the world is digitising at a rapid rate, crimes involving networked services or cybercrime is growing at an ever faster rate. Use of malware to extract data, hacking, etc. are becoming very hard to police. Cybereason, headquartered in Boston, was set up in 2012 with the idea of putting an end to these crimes. They are acyber security company specializing in endpoint detection and response software.

Cybereason is rewriting the rules on how organizations protect themselves against rapidly evolving adversaries. Today’s threat environment requires understanding the adversary and attack landscape. Since their start in 2012, their technology has stopped the world’s most advanced cyber-attacks and we harbor even greater ambitions. They protect our customers by exploiting their adversaries’ weaknesses. The layers of protection a company has are irrelevant since adversaries will always find a way to bypass them. However, after infiltrating an organization, the attackers are vulnerable. Their activity offers an opportunity to discover the attack. So cybereason developed an endpoint detection platform that uses this insight to empower security teams.

They instantly tell companies if they are under attack, the attack’s impact and how to immediately stop the threat. Their platform finds a single component of an attack and connects it to other pieces of information to reveal an entire campaign and shut it down. Even the most talented analysts would struggle with detecting a threat and quickly building a complete attack story. They simplify this process. Their technology works on more than just traditional hardware. They envision protecting wearables, cars and Internet of Things devices. In other words, anything that has a processor and is connected to the Internet.


With Cybereason Active Monitoring, Cybereason security specialists examine detections, determine the scope and severity of malicious operations (Malops™), and provide remediation recommendations to your security team while you maintain full control of your platform and your data.


Cybereason Active Monitoring Service shifts the burden of monitoring from your team to ours. Active Monitoring Service helps customers augment their detection coverage, better understand the impact of attacks, and track performance over time.


When dealing with never-before-seen or advanced threats, Cybereason experts will use cutting-edge research techniques to understand attacker goals and potential business impact. The services team will help you move quickly, effectively neutralize threats, and minimize damage.


  • Gather additional data. The Cybereason team will gather and analyze additional artifacts from your environment to aid in the investigation process.
  • Reverse engineer malware. Cybereason malware experts will reverse engineer malicious executables to understand more about the tools being used, their origin, and their relationship to similar tools in use every day.


Cyberason Active Response helps customers around the globe analyse, respond, and remediate security issues to minimise their impact on the business. With Active Response, customers leverage Cybereason expertise and resources to optimise their incident response procedures, uplift their security posture and minimise the likelihood that incidents recur in the future.


Quick and thorough responses to security incidents can drastically reduce damage and costs to the business. Yet, many teams are challenged to pivot from investigation to response quickly. Cybereason Active Response gives customers the expertise and resources needed to optimise their incident response procedures, uplift their security posture and minimise the likelihood that incidents recur in the future.


Cybereason Technical Account Managers ensure that their platform and services meet the evolving security and business goals.


From day one, Technical Account Managers work with the client’s team to bring about a seamless deployment and implementation of Cybereason. Technical Account Managers also serve as an extended member of the team while working on an ongoing basis to assist in troubleshooting issues, navigate roadblocks, and report overall program health and progress.

Meet the visionary CIO who paved way for the progress of the company, Ziv Oren

Ziv Oren, Chief Information Officer, is a strategic technology executive with more than 20 years of building and leading high-performing technology organisations, specialising in technological, operational and organisational turnarounds. Ziv has a background in managing operations, IT infrastructures, information system development, dev-ops, BI, QA, professional services, support, and PMO activities. He has a strong business orientation with B2B, M&A and regulation experience in both public and privately held companies. Previously, Ziv was the founder and CEO of Budgetao, a SaaS based budgeting platform.

“We have bold ideas. We are changing the landscape, returning power where it belongs – with the defenders.”