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The simplest way for businesses to find, book and deliver their corporate training: GO1


Online or in-person, track it all with GO1 - the world’s largest marketplace of training.

Like all good tech startups, GO1’s origin dates back to a garage in the suburbs of Brisbane where Andrew Barnes and Vu Tran started a web development company.

After submitting a last-minute application to the prestigious Y-Combinator accelerator, GO1 was accepted in 2015 and triggered the worldwide expansion of the organization with offices opening across the world in The United States, South Africa, Vietnam, The United Kingdom, and Malaysia.

GO1 is now an established leader in online learning and education and continues to work alongside some of the largest companies in the world covering a wide range of industries and regions. GO1 goes to infinity and beyond through excellent work, prioritizing actions over words, and encouraging creativity and candor. Its people love learning and all things great and small. “We are 1 team. We put the team before ourselves – whether in a meeting room or on the soccer field!” says GO1.

The GO1 team are hard workers, independent thinkers, open communicators and are driven by a passion for learning. It prides itself on providing a high-quality product and level of support to everyone the company interacts with throughout its organization.

The vision

“At GO1, we are committed to providing the best learning opportunities to improve lives through education and training. It is our vision to be the most used source for professional learning by 2020.”

A new and better way to train your team: Comprehensive training made easy          

GO1 is your one-stop training solution and eLearning resource. With an ever-expanding library of thousands of courses out of the box, we’ve got you covered for all your training needs. Build your own courses and create intuitive, sophisticated reporting to stay on top of your team’s growth. Maximize your team's potential!

"The range of the Premium courses, combined with our bespoke content and the ability to put everything into an Award then roll it out to a specific team, is just fantastic."

  • Mariana Valle, Learning & Development Coordinator at ASG

Sell courses through GO1

Let your training pay for itself by selling your courses through the GO1 marketplace, or sell directly from your own website!

As a GO1 content partner, you will retain full ownership and access of your content, copyright and training materials. The firm understands that protecting your intellectual property and your content is key.

Becoming a GO1 content partner will provide you with a powerful opportunity to be part of the world’s largest training marketplace and open up new channels to push your training content to larger and more diverse markets of potential customers.

The brilliant founders

GO1's leadership team exhibit a wealth of knowledge, education and real-world experience and are dedicated to leading GO1 towards its vision.

Andrew Barnes, CEO, and Founder: Andrew’s deep knowledge in education, technology and business relationships have shaped GO1’s signature approach to products and projects. As GO1 continues to expand and diversify, Andrew works to coordinate departments and keep the quality of service and products well above industry standard, while staying heavily involved in everyday operations. Having been awarded the prestigious Rhodes scholarship, Andrew studied at The University of Oxford, while continuing to expand the business internationally.

Chris Eigeland, COO and Founder: Chris has recently worked with the South African constitutional court, was named Australian Young Innovator of the Year in 2014, and also served as the Australian Youth Representative to the UN. It’s this extraordinary background and diverse experience set that allows Chris to excel in his role as COO at GO1.

Chris Hood, CTO, and Founder: As Technical Director, Chris has headed the development of GO1 from the ground up, ensuring the system was scalable, flexible and easy to use. Chris’s enthusiasm for building a strong foundation has meant that GO1 can effectively adapt, regardless of future trends in strategy and technology. Chris has been instrumental in giving back to the tech community by contributing to open source technologies, such as the Drupal content management platform.

Vu Tran, CGO and Founder: Vu’s ability to swiftly grasp business processes and technology make him the consummate manager as GO1 grows, traversing an increasing range of business environments. While overseeing GO1, developing company structure and strategy, managing projects, meeting with clients, and renovating our offices, Vu also found time to become a medical doctor.

“Inspiring education and learning are at the very core of what we do. It is our mission to unlock positive potential through a love for learning.”