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The spirit of passionate Customer Relationship Management: In Demand Infotech

In Demand Infotech is a Chennai headquartered Customer Relationship Management focussed company founded in 2011 by P.B.Narasimhan (PBN) and SomasundaramSendhil (Sendhil) funded by Angel Investors. The Management is focused on building products for Coop Banks and SMB’s in Manufacturing, Engineering, Real Estate and Retail that has resulted in iCRM+, iLoyalty + and iSocial+ that improve customer engagement via multiple channels, enabling them to become more customer centric and grow aggressively.

Today the benefits CRM offers to SMB’s are immense and has led to the awareness and its usage across all size and domains in India and the ability to engage with different type of users, regardless of their proximity, has immensely revolutionized the way CRM has to be. This has led to Indian markets becoming more and more promising and most business leaders want their share of wallet in the market. With the CRM space becoming crowded since people are offering a plethora of services, unless one offers focused value proposition in the ever changing market dynamics providing business value, CRM Providers cannot survive.

Noticing that it is equally important that CRM needs to be more tailored to the industry they are serving, such that the insights they deliver are actionable, InDemand was founded with the vision of revlutionizing the CRM space.

InDemand’s Edge
InDemand’s impeccable service offerings have set a high bar not only in the CRM space but also in the domains like Banking, Engineering/ Manufacturing, Automobile, Real Estate and Retail which they focus. The company has taken special interest in developing solutions that will enhance those verticals.

The first product from InDemand is CRM and is called iCRM+ tailor made for verticals like Banking, Engineering/Manufacturing, Automobile, Real Estate and Retail.

This product helps Coop Banks in Customer Profiling, Activity Management, Campaign Management, Customer Grievance Capturing &Redressal, Alerts & Notifications and much more value adds.

For other Verticals and across SMB’s InDemand’siCRM+ makes sense of capturing right from lead to quote, quote to order and order to invoice apart from campaigns and most required Service management or the so called Case Management.
The product was launched in November 2014 and is currently being used by two major Chennai based companies in Engineering and Automobile Vertical. InDemand’siCRM+ allows its users to directly engage with customers and prospects on social media platform as well through a uniform interface. This direct response helps with online Personalized Interaction, social customer care and lead generation, that deserves instant response and allows the user to respond via one interface.

The founders of InDemand, PBN and Sendhil believe that a Scalable industry-specific approach plays a vital role in making CRM actionable and measurable in real time. Indeed, InDemand’siCRM+ helps Coop banks and SMB’s understand customer needs and preferences and thus enabling more relevance and effective customer engagement.

The new product in town The newest product launched by InDemand is called iSocial+ for the above integration with iCRM+. This product helps a brand manager’s measure effectiveness of social media content and engagement strategy, and provides actionable insights to make real-time tactical decisions. The product provides insights on what worked and what did not work compared to one’s competition, making sure that one can stay ahead of the curve.
Some of the factors that differentiate InDemand’s offerings are its industry focussed products like iCRM+ and iLoyalty+ with pricing model affordable across SMB’s.

Future Outlook
InDemand already having presence in Middle East are more focussed to serve Indian market in the days to come. The organization has also launched HRMS and Performance Management for SMB’s and more specifically Real Estate to address specific pain points faced by Real Estate Industry.

PBN firmly believes “Unless you understand the unstated needs of the customers and tailor it to address their pain points, success is only a dream”. Business Development needs to understand the changing dynamics of the market and ever changing needs of the customers and push technical team to come out with innovative solutions to the industry they serve to be a path breaker. I would recommend that you contact us. We’ll be happy to partner with you in your journey to success.

Appreciating team InDemand’s skilled approach towards challenging work, Dhivyasrinivasan Corporate HR says “Leadership qualities come naturally for women. The traditional female value of caring for others and resilience – balanced with assertiveness and objectivity is the right mix of an ideal leader”.

We understand, women have to fight harder against the status quo, which requires her to be more focused and determined. We at InDemand believe in empowering women and strive hard to create a new paradigm of leadership. We consider empowerment as a key factor to groom our women colleagues to become leaders and we are proud that we have that imbibed in our organization’s DNA.

Knowing the Key Executives
PB Narasimhan (PBN) – Founder & Executive Vice President

An IIMC Alumni, PBN has served as Enterprise Group Head & Global CRM Practice Head at Polaris Software Labs and various senior positions in HCL Technologies, Hexaware, Sierra Atlantic and Nemera Consulting across South East Asia, UK and USA prior to starting InDemandInfotech.

“InDemand is a company with credible principles, practices and corporate governance focused on providing qualitative deliverables to the client. We enable companies with CRM tools to transform their businesses both from revenues and customer base stand point.”

Somasundaram Sendhil – Co Founder & Senior Vice President
Sendhil is also a IIMC alumni and has served as Global CRM Delivery Head for Polaris Software Labs prior to starting InDemandInfotech. He started his career in mainframe and raised to his pinnacle in CRM by delivering value to major global clients across the globe before starting InDemandInfotech.

“Our uniqueness is in offering “solutions with features equivalent to premium products at an affordable price point” that is almost non-existent in the market place today.”

M Murali Krishna – Co Founder & Biz Dev Head
MMurali Krishna (Murali) is an IIMC Alumni with exposure across business functions and multiple verticals like Manufacturing, Financial Services, IT and ITES. He has worked with top tier companies like Unilever and his last stint was at HCL Technologies spear heading the TTL vertical, Global Partnerships and Sales of Engineering and R&D Services in the Indian market and NORDICS.

“Our product / solution offerings is unique with all associated “customer related touch points” to CRM like Loyalty and Social Media being part of it. Our offerings includes “On-premise” and “Cloud based” providing flexibility to customers with choice, based on their specific preferences.”

“The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the dream.” - Tommy Hilfiger