Super 30 Companies of the Year 2019

The Supply Chain Engineers – Miebach


Consulting Meets Engineering

From Indianapolis to Shanghai and beyond, Miebach provides supply chain solutions based on integrating consulting and engineering. For over 40 years the firm has built a proven international record of nearly 10,000 successful supply chain projects and solutions. Its strategies and Implementations support clients in gaining and maintaining leading market positions while enhancing their ROI.

Client driven services

The global Miebach Consulting network offers diverse solutions and client-driven services. The company’s reputation stems from its expert team's proven capability to deliver thought leadership within complex projects.

The company’s objective is to deliver the most-effective strategies and solutions that lead to benchmark supply chains.

Sound Strategies and Solutions for the Supply Chain

Global supply chain consulting meets engineering: The firm designs and implement state-of-the-art supply chains and are one of the world’s largest consulting and engineering enterprises in this field. The firm develops sound strategies and execute successful solutions for network structures, processes and facilities along the complete supply chain and ensure supply of the world.

Due to dynamic market developments and highly competitive environments, supply chains continually face adaptive challenges. Companies need to design and apply individual strategies. Therefore, it develops solutions in response to its clients’ specific business cases. Over 350 consultants in 21 countries around the world provide the knowledge and experience to aid clients in local, regional, and global projects.

Setting standards

As a holistic consultancy and engineering enterprise, Miebach Consulting sets the standard in the combination of strategic knowledge and implementation capabilities. The firm experiences in research, development and best practice make it a natural partner for companies that need to respond dynamically to change and the firm ensures that all objectives can be achieved in the implementation of their projects.

Across all regions

The know-how of its experts encompasses global industries and regional requirements. 24 locations in 21 countries enable it to offer precise global solutions based on a deep local business understanding. When working with Miebach, clients benefit from an integrated approach to logistics, having one partner support them with a seamless transition from strategy to execution.

Result Driven Culture

Three main steps determine its plan of action: Miebach takes the time to understand the client’s long-term business and logistic objectives. The company translates these objectives into the future requirements of the client’s supply chain. From there, it develops the best strategy to achieve its client’s goals and maximize their customer’s experience.

This plan of action is utilized to facilitate the client’s development and growth, lower costs and maximize service. All Miebach Consulting solutions are tailor-made. The firm covers the seamless transition from strategy to execution. Its proof of concept is in every result.

Having always maintained a model of an independent advisor, the firm only recommends solutions, systems, or software that will maximize the return of the client’s investment.

Within budget; On-time; Full performance

The teams bridge the gap between consulting and engineering. It has experience in implementing what it recommends. Every solution is developed in response to its client’s needs and requirements: the budget, the schedule, and the objectives. Often the firm supports its clients by collaborating in detail planning, tendering for the solution, and project implementation to go-live.

Because of its supply chain focus, it has developed a range of services from strategic engagements to more tactical services. Whether it is the design of a new warehouse, the introduction of lean initiatives in manufacturing facilities, the optimization of supply chain networks, the development of new inventory deployment strategies or the re-engineering of an entire supply chain: Whatever the challenge – its work is always implementation driven.

Meet the Company’s Leader

JÜRGEN HESS | CEO Miebach Consulting Group - Managing Director (Head) Miebach Consulting Germany

Shortly after starting his career at Miebach Consulting in 1992, Mr. Hess became Head of Supply Chain Structures and developed in this business area's international activities. He then successfully led the Logistics Service Provider market segment. In 2001 Mr. Hess was appointed Chairman of the Management of Miebach  Consulting Germany, and in 2003 he became CEO of the Miebach Consulting Group. Mr. Hess studied at Technical University Darmstadt and has international project experience in Australia, China, India, UK, and the USA. He is an Advisory Board member of the LogiMAT trade fair and a Member of German Association Materials Management Purchasing and Logistics e.V. (BME).

“We provide supply chain consulting and engineering services in logistics and production for large and medium-sized companies on a global scale.”