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50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

The UK’s Leading Designer & Developer of Mobile and Tablet Apps: Compsoft Creative


We know how to design an app which sells high-value goods, really communicating to the user when they should part with their hard-earned cash and making it an easy and reliable process for them.

Compsoft is the UK’s leading mobile app development company. We have developed well over 100 apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 and Blackberry, for clients including, npower, Orange, Nissan, and Symantec, to name just a few. Compsoft has been developing bespoke software for many years and has specialized in mobile since 2009, combining cutting-edge development with a fantastic design to create some of the world’s best apps.

Genesis of Compsoft Creative

Compsoft spent its early years developing some pretty hardcore systems and software. However there are a number of interesting turning points in our history; the launch of our bespoke development department in 2003, the introduction of our in-house design agency in 2006 and then Apple announced the iPhone in 2007.

Compsoft quickly recognized that the introduction of the iPhone opened up a whole world of opportunities for application developers and when Apple released the SDK in 2008 it registered as developers and the ‘Silver Fox’ was coding that same day on a shiny new Mac Mini and the company delivered its first commercial iOS app in 2009.

The rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to Compsoft’s insight and willingness to take a risk, its technical prowess, design ability and an uncanny understanding for the touch interface, Compsoft focused wholly on mobile app development and quickly became leaders in our field picking up Android and Windows, adding them to our repertoire, as they were released.

Compsoft Creative: Offering ongoing support

We want our customers’ apps to be a success as much as they do. Therefore, we are keen to keep working with them after the app has been put live. We offer three levels of support or ‘Aftercare’ as we prefer to call it; Monitor Support and Evolve. These options mean that you can select a level of service which best meets your needs and budget.

Monitor: If your budget is tight, but you still want to know what’s going on with your app then this is the level for you. We will monitor the app and report to you on a monthly basis information related to app issues and active users. You will have priority access to our support team of experts and we’ll guarantee discounted rates for the duration of the contract.

Support: If your app is business critical and you need that extra level of comfort that all is well with the world, Support will be for you. Support offers all the above, but you’ll also get development hours included in the contract to put towards any issues or fixes. In addition to access to our support team, you get access to our technical helpdesk which is ‘personed’ by experienced mobile experts. This team is ready to answer any question you might have about a wide range of subjects. They are a great resource if you have limited in-house technical expertise.

Evolve: If your app is business critical and needs to keep pace with the competition then evolution is what it needs. Again, evolve offers everything in the above with the addition of extra hours, KPI monitoring and reporting, App Store review monitoring and quarterly app performance reviews where the same team that worked with you to design your app, work together to make recommendations for improvements, new technologies that could be used and propose these to you in upgrade packages (quoted at your preferential day rate).

The Services Provided By Compsoft Creative

E-commerce App Development: E-commerce apps are an essential part of a business, whose business it is to sell goods or services. However this sector is not the reserve of the high-street titans, there is room for the small to medium-sized business or start-up who wants to use a mobile app as a means to sell to their customers. The company develops apps which are your traditional e-commerce apps, but we also deliver apps which are more boutique in their approach.

Web App Development: Occasionally native app development is not appropriate for a solution, and a web-app is a better fit for business or functional requirements. This could be because the app needs to do something that Apple will not allow, UI business logic needs to be shared across multiple devices or there needs to be a more ubiquitously accessible solution for devices such as Blackberry phones, older windows phones or that exotic device, from the East, running its own weird and wonderful operating system. Whatever the reason for not choosing Native development we are here to help.

Ios App Development: We have been developing apps for iOS since Apple released the SDK. Each platform has its own foibles and iOS is no exception. While it is the most controlling of the platforms, with the most stringent review process, locked down functions and strict UX design guidelines, it is also a joy to work on with a rich set of developer ready APIs. If you know what you are doing, you can create truly spectacular apps on iOS while navigating Apple’s rules and guides.

Android App Development: We have been developing apps for Android since Google released the platform. Developing for Android takes understanding… of the platform and its idiosyncrasies, the fragmentation of hardware manufacturers, the modifications by service providers and the expectations of Android users. We develop using Android Studio in Java, the native language of Android.

Greet the Chief

Daniel Payne, Managing Director:

“We are also really passionate about the apps we build. We love what we do, and genuinely want the apps we create to be a success so we can sit back and say to our friends at the pub (NDA allowing) ‘we built that we did’.”

“We design and build mobile apps at Compsoft Creative, and we’re really rather good at it. We’ve delivered well over 200 apps for a range of clients, from blue chips to startups.”