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The World's Fastest and Easiest Translation Services: Straker Translations


The Providers of All Professional Translation Services

Cloud and translations are two such entities which don’t link. But Straker Translations clubbed the two and became one of the world’s fastest growing translation companies. Out of more than 18,000 vendors globally it is ranked in the top 100 by the industry’s leading research organization. The company has built a hybrid technology platform that enables human translators to deliver faster and more accurate translations, lowering the cost and time to deliver translations.

The company’s technology and global services team deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions to simplify and reduce the cost of translation. It is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) with the stock ticker STG (Straker Translations Group).

It is a global company with major production centres in Barcelona, Spain, Denver, USA, Dublin, Ireland and in Auckland, New Zealand – Some of the most amazing and multicultural cities in the world. By having the production centres on opposite sides of the world it is able to offer a continuous 24/7 service to its customers. The staffs speak over 12 languages, they liaise with over 13,000 professional translators and 10,000+ customers to ensure a speed, quality and simplicity that has been the backbone to Straker’s outstanding service.

The Translation Services Provided by the Company

Fast Professional Commercial Translations

Straker provides corporate Commercial translation services to a range of mid-sized and global organizations. It furnishes software solutions for multilingual websites and in-house translation portals. Along with highly competitive translation rates, it is the ideal Commercial translation partner and has worked with hundreds of clients to get them what they need. Security is something it understands completely because customers need to have confidence while sharing confidential documents that will be handled by the company. Straker assures safety and makes sure the information obtained remains confidential. The company has special tools and systems to ensure the privacy of its content during and after the translation process.

The seamless InDesign translation process

With over 13,000 specialist translators the firm can match a technical linguist for your required language pairs and content category. The translators then work inside its advanced cloud-based translation workbench where it can centralise security and quality control.

Translate faster with Machine Translation solutions

As World leaders in machine translation and post edit (humans editing machine-translated text) translation, it offers the best of both worlds. Straker Translations can offer custom machine translation solutions or a mix of machines and humans so you get the best quality at the lowest price.

It builds and trains a custom MT engine in most common languages. Multilingual document discovery – use MT to do a first pass translation then select the parts of the document you would like to have human translated Per hour pricing – the better the MT translation the faster the translators go and the lower the cost to you. Full Post Edit translation service – have your document translated using a mix of machine and humans but get professional human quality output

Legal Patent Translation Services

With years of patent translation expertise and the backed by the world’s most advanced translation platform, you can trust Straker Translations to save you valuable time and money on all your patent prosecution and litigation translations.

The firm provides translations from and into more than 80 languages; it has subject matter knowledge with an understanding of patent literature based on years of experience and the ability to do detailed translations or to use automated tools for discovery followed by detailed translations of selected files.

The interaction between the Customer and the Company

Ideally, you will be calling the local sales office but depending on the time of the day you may be routed to either one of its production centres or directly to a regional sales office. If you are a business customer you will most likely be put through to one of the business specialists who can offer the best deals and talk to you about various offerings including its per hour translation rates. All in all, Straker Translations is one such company that never says no to any customer.

The Soldier who became an Entrepreneur

Grant Straker, CEO: Grant initially worked for the British Army for six years and later started as Sales Manager at BOC Gases in 1994. Soon by 1999, he started Straker Translations and the rest is history.

“We make it far more likely that people will buy your products and services in any language.”