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10 Fastest Growing Mobility Companies 2017

There are over 1 million iPhone and iPad apps out there. Ours stand out from the crowd: Fueled


“The company is into building successful apps. It creates apps that people will use, apps that make money, apps that top the charts”.

Fueled builds business, mobile applications that make money. It’s no coincidence the apps they have built have generated over $500 million in revenue for the clients.

Its apps featured in Google Play and Apple App store over a dozen times and have topped paid and free charts in multiple countries and languages.

In convo with the Legends 

Why was the company set up? What learnings helped you to set this company up?

Ryan: Rameet and I share this huge passion for technology. When you start dreaming about what computers will be able to do or what technology will be able to do, one of the natural paths you start to go down is a series of “what would  happen if ...?” questions. And then you fill in the blank for every scenario. For example, what would happen if there was a computer in your pocket?

When the iPhone came out, it was a big break from “smart devices” before it because it was true, full internet in your pocket. There was no app store, there were no custom apps. But there, it was the internet, in your pocket. So right away, you could start imagining all of these possibilities.

Tell us about your first product that was launched? & how successful was your first project roll on?

Ryan: One of the first apps where we had a significant amount of control and influence was a project for a large mall company out in Colorado. And what’s really cool about this first project was that we were able to actually leverage our team skill set in terms of what would make for a good mobile app, what would be successful, what users would actually want to use, as opposed to just what sounds fun and fancy. So we were able to then design and build a really great useful product for them. And it was successful and actually used and they had business cases for updating it because it was a profitable product. And so that was a really cool place to start.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company?

Ryan: When we first started out, everything was hyper agile and hyper nimble. There were a couple people working on any given project. As we grew and started working with more mature, bigger clients, we started to really hone our process and formalize things and bring in more specialists in various areas. At around the same time, we also realized that a lot of our clients need a lot more explanation and hand-holding. To accommodate that, we built a very clean, clear system that a client of any technical capability or level could work within and be confident that they knew what was going on and make informed decisions, because we were informing them and helping them through the process.In particular, clients deeply influenced the way we report and explain what we’re doing. Instead of taking what they’re asking for and just like turning something out and saying “Here’s what you get.” It became “here’s why we’re making the decisions we’re going to make.” There’s just a lot more explanation and expectation setting now. And that came as we grew and matured as an agency.

A brief description of the masters

Co­Founder and Marketing Director, Ryan

Ryan started his career with a chain of London based restaurants where he pioneered new uses of social media, including Europe’s first Foursquare offer. More recently, he has done social media strategy for brands including Discover Card, Samsung, & Fashism. He also worked closely with New York’s largest web­development agency to re­launch their website & helped increase traffic to their website by 300%.

As a member of the founding team at Fueled, Ryan’s is focused on helping build a team and brand that he can be proud of. He spends most of his time making sure potential new clients find out about us and then help them work out the direction the project should take.

Rameet, Co-Founder & Chairman

From New York to London, Rameet is known as an expert in mobile design, startups, product strategy, ecommerce, and user experience.

Between Fueled and The Collective, The Summit Mountain Project and General Assembly, Rameet is an integral part of the global entrepreneurial community.

He often speaks at schools and conferences on the topic of mobile and entrepreneurship, and contributes on publications like Forbes, VentureBeat, and The Next Web.

Rameet is also an active angel investor in a collection of early stage startups some of which include Coinbase, a bitcoin wallet, Blue Bottle, an independent coffee retailer, and Artsy, a digital platform for the art world.

“We love new ideas and working alongside creative minds, so much so that we opened up the most exclusive co-working space in New York.”