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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

Ian Uriarte, CEO of Timbergrove: A tech wizard, helping organizations to craft game-changing online experiences


Currently, we live in a world of constant change, innovation and entrepreneurship, so it is important not only to keep up to date, but also to have a plan or strategy to take advantage of the many technological and social advances. It is always good to opt for an improvement for a company. Business consulting is a way to detect negative factors that are affecting the productivity of a business. Not only can business advisory firms in India help us detect and solve existing problems, but it can also keep us protected against various threats, which every business needs to prevent, as well as give you innovative ideas to improve the stability and profitability of your company.

Timbergrove is one such American-based creative technology studio and consulting firm focused on innovation and user-centered design. It is a provider of strategic project planning, project management, business analysis, and solution architecture skills to facilitate the complex dialogues between IT and business users, ensuring the success of your Portal projects. The company combines out best-of-industry team with its proven methodologies to enable team collaboration and shorten solution time-to-market. It is an IBM Business Partner who is focused exclusively on Enterprise Portal deployment projects as well as on Business Process Management and Collaboration initiatives. The company is an expert in the WebSphere Portal family of products & technologies and has led efforts in fortune 100 companies for the past 10 years. Timbergrove provides its clients with a business and technology savvy team able to deliver solutions to focus your enterprise.

Offering Innovative and Robust Consulting Solutions to Organizations

Product Development: From simple text message alerts or automated work order generation to complex hardware integrations. Timbergrove's focus is on being scalable and adaptable, taking advantage of the cloud and virtual server technology to best integrate. No matter how the cogs fit together, your user interface should be intuitive and handsome. Their deep experience with UI patterns, user behavior, and design trends culminates into beautiful interfaces that perform. The company brings experts in business, development, and operations together to streamline IT with automation, cloud, and agile strategies. Essentially, they know how to build for scale and uptime. They’re a seasoned web development team with the discipline to keep timelines on track while scratching its itch to build the best applications possible. They leverage the latest frameworks and technologies to stay on the bleeding edge, while integrating with older systems when necessary.

Industrial IoT Solutions: The right IoT systems will empower you to make decisions based on up-to-date information. It offers intelligent, actionable data that will lead to smart choices and future success. Timbergrove knows one of the best ways to have this kind of confidence is to be able to accurately track your assets in real-time. This allows you to gather the kind of productivity information and performance insights that directly lead to improved efficiency and safety and less downtime. Enable intelligent incident response, emergency coordination, and personnel dispatch, routing, and evacuation based on data from small, energy-efficient Personal Telemetric Sensors. Manage fixed and mobile assets through a combination of Gateways and a flexible network of Sensor Nodes. Data points include speed, temperature, weight, volume, and anything else you need to track. Rapid deployment of the most powerful IoT backend — IBM Watson® IoT A powerful alert engine that allows automation out-of-the-box with the world's number one asset management solution. Enabling faster, smoother, and safer worksite and building entrance featuring streamlined, automated check-ins with an easy-to-use tablet kiosk and app.

Enterprise Asset Management: Timbergrove is committed to enabling visibility, no matter how complex and numerous your physical assets are. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to effectively monitor all of your various resources in an effort to improve operations and reduce costs. Their asset tracking platform is a cost-effective solution ready for customization. Maximo Asset Management is the EAM solution for enterprises that operate on an IBM platform. They've developed a custom solution that delivers additional value on top of IBM's Maximo EAM by connecting sensors, providing alerts, and performing condition-based maintenance in assets and equipment by providing real-time visibility into your organization's physical assets. Powered by IBM’s award-winning Maximo technology platform, this solution connects data across the enterprise, breaking down siloed systems, and helping standardize and unify processes. As with all of their solutions, they aren't interested in selling you something that isn't going to work exactly the way you need it to. The company works with you at each stage, to determine if this is the right solution, guide you through the design and implementation process, and make sure it keeps working for years to come.

Ian Uriarte | Founder and CEO

Ian Uriarte is an electrical and software engineer turned serial entrepreneur with decades of experience successfully leading businesses and non-profit organizations. His expertise ranges from oil & gas to manufacturing to transportation and just about everything in between. He spent the first decade of his career working for companies like Baker Hughes, NOV, SunGard, and IBM. During his years at IBM, he consulted for companies like Shell, Nissan, and Michelin. There, he became an expert in large technology projects and saw great opportunities to bring transformation through technology to an even wider range of businesses.

In order to move more agilely and pursue his crazy tech ideas, Ian founded Timbergrove in 2009. Since then, he's led Timbergrove to grow into the field of industrial IoT, enterprise asset management, and custom product development, but managing to remain boutique enough to take care of each client the way they deserve.

Despite the demands of his business, Ian manages not to take himself too seriously. You can find him biking around trendy cities like Houston and Portland or enjoying a dark beer, usually not at the same time.

"We are a team of innovators, pushing forward at every opportunity to deliver value for our clients and partners."