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Timbergrove Makes Your Life Easier and Your Decision Making Better


Businesses today need to make their operations more efficient, more visible, and ready for the future. At the end of the day, they need to improve their bottom line, reducing costs, minimizing downtime, and boosting performance. Houston-based Timbergrove builds relationships with its clients based on a feverish passion for figuring out how to make things work best and making sure projects work right every time, no matter what comes up during or after development.

Founded in 2006 by the serial entrepreneur Ian Uriarte, Timbergrove has got some great insights on custom product development, industrial IoT, and asset management.

Custom Software and Product Development

If you as a business are looking to improve asset and performance visibility, collect smarter data, make processes more efficient, and ultimately reduce costs. Timbergrove can be a great partner for you. The one-size-fits-all software solution isn’t going to do all that you need. Timbergrove prides itself on creating custom, user-centered software that leverages design thinking and user experience, always with the goal of solving businesses’ complex business needs.

Why choose Timbergrove? Maybe your product development team isn’t scalable or lacks the technical know-how to efficiently develop the quality product you need. Maybe you haven’t had luck outsourcing. Maybe you just need a more agile team that can reduce time-to-market, deliver on budget, and pivot with you when needed. Timbergrove can help with all of these.

“Timbergrove’s Moonshot IoT solution is able to track assets in areas underserved by traditional communications.”

Solving IIoT Problems

Decisions shouldn’t have to be made in the dark without the insights that only the right tools can provide. You want the peace of mind that you have the kind of intelligent, actionable data that will lead to smart choices and future success. One of the best ways to have this kind of confidence is to be able to accurately track the business assets in real-time. This allows a business to gather the kind of productivity information and performance insights that directly leads to improved efficiency and safety and less downtime.

Timbergrove can make it possible for businesses to monitor processes and track assets, whether they are in their hands or out in the field with Moonshot. The company created this product offering to take the best of the IBM Watson IoT platform and open source technologies in order to create an out-of-the-box, enterprise-grade solution that is flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs.

Timbergrove’s Moonshot IoT solution is able to track assets in areas underserved by traditional communications. It works perfectly for cases where the number and type of devices to be connected make individual connections cost-prohibitive. This ready-to-use platform enables users to track and manage physical assets with minimal integration time and rapid deployment to the market.

“We have worked with Timbergrove in the past year creating a revolutionary product, and we are excited about our partnership. They have delivered value every step of the way, and their vision on the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, and cloud-based e-commerce is allowing us to jump ahead with confidence,” said Paul Abrahams, COO of Lightstriker.

The Leader

Ian Uriarte, Founder and CEO

The captain of the Timbergrove ship, Ian, is an Electrical and Software Engineer-turned-serial entrepreneur with decades of successfully led businesses and non-profit organizations under his belt. Ian spent the first decade of his career working for companies like Baker Huges, NOV, SunGard, and IBM. During his years at IBM, he consulted for companies like Shell, Nissan, and Michelin. He is a jack of all trades, master of software services in oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, and e-commerce specifically. At Timbergrove, he has led his talented team into the world of IoT for Enterprise Asset Management solutions. Somehow, despite all this, Ian still manages to not take himself too seriously.

Clients Speak

“Implementing two of Timbergrove's solutions at Headquarters has been a huge help. Their hands-on approach and willingness to make adjustments tailored to us has made the process fun and easy. In short, Timbergrove does the complicated tech-thinking so you don't have to and we love them for it.” – Devin Licata, Co-Founder Headquarters HTX

“Timbergrove has assisted us with many projects over the last 12 months and continues to do so. I really appreciate their attention to detail and focus on communication. Timbergrove does a great job of asking questions to make sure the solution is going to solve both the immediate and long-term need.” – Tony DiCamillo, Sr. VP & General Manager, ExtremeTix, Inc.

“Timbergrove has been a key partner for the past two years in helping us craft a go-to-market strategy to deliver a streamlined customer process and create a better way to manage risks and ensure compliance using BPM technology. We have loved working with them and hope to continue to do so in the future.” – Scotty Roper, Commercial Manager, Lloyd's Register Energy

“Founded in 2006, by the serial entrepreneur Ian Uriarte, Timbergrove has got some great insights on custom product development, industrial IoT, and asset management.”