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30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2023

Tive Inc – Providing end-to-end shipment visibility with real-time location + condition tracking

​In an era where more goods and raw materials are shipped for greater distances than ever before, tracking has become of paramount importance. Whether the item being tracked is a huge shipment of steel from China to the US, or a single paperback book delivered to a reader in rural Norway, everything is tracked from the moment it leaves the production facility to the moment it arrives. As tracking has become more important, new technologies have sprung up to facilitate the process. When discussing supply chain tracking, it's necessary to define what we mean. The supply chain is the entire network of people, companies and organizations involved in bringing a good or service from the producer to the consumer, as well as the resources, information and activities involved in the whole process. Supply chain tracking involves keeping tabs on whatever is being provided at every stage along the way. Supply chain tracking is important as it helps both suppliers and consumers plan more efficiently; it also allows for improvements in the chain (for example, identifying bottlenecks and points at which waste occurs) and improves customer service.

Tive Inc is one such supply chain tracking platform that develops a hardware and software platform designed to track the conditions of shipments. The company offers a Cloud-based in-transit visibility platform and cellular connected trackers that enable real-time visibility into the location and condition of shipments, from end to end. It provides some of the world’s largest manufacturers, shippers and logistics providers with accurate, end-to-end visibility down to the item level. With the Tive platform, shippers can monitor the condition of perishable food goods through the supply chain with simple and inexpensive real-time temperature and location trackers. The company’s complete real-time tracker portfolio provides historical shipment data and meets all Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and other regulatory requirements.

Supply Chain Visibility Solutions Leveraged

Supply chain visibility, often abbreviated to SCV, refers to the degree of trackability or traceability where product orders or product shipments are concerned. It refers to the availability of information on the entire supply chain, from the source (for example, a factory) to the intended destination (such as a retail outlet or a consumer's home). Supply chain visibility looks at transportation and other logistic activities. It includes the ability to check in on the current state of events, and to observe when the product or material reaches particular milestones both before and during transportation. The Cloud-based Tive platform allows companies to monitor shipments down to an item-level, receive real-time alerts and analyze every aspect of their supply chain processes. The platform makes creating and planning shipments simple. A new shipment template or profile can be easily set up with custom ID fields, alert profiles and more. Going beyond tactical reactions, the platform helps food businesses understand all aspects of their supply chains. It uses insights to determine the root causes of these problems, enabling food suppliers to optimize their supply chain from start to finish. This is accomplished by creating easier access to information for every stakeholder in the chain, including everyone from producers to customers. Integrating SCV systems and tools allows for better and more detailed information for every division along the supply chain. From creating shipment profiles to setting custom alerts, configuring geofences and using the Tive API to move data into your TMS, ERP or SCM systems, Tive makes it easy to access the necessary shipment data whenever required.

Supply Chain Solutions Designed for Saving Shipments

Tive gets your high-value goods and perishables to market on time and in full. It offers real-time alerts for raw materials and finished products, including time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive materials. Eliminate theft, delays and damage. Maximize process yields and optimize supply chain performance.

Tive Flagship Tracker: It is a re-usable tracking device with industry leading battery life (15 months on a single charge). The flagship tracker accurately reports on location using a combination of cellular tower triangulation, GPS and Wi-Fi positioning. It provides rich sensor data for a complete view into the condition of shipments, including location, temperature, humidity, light, shock, orientation and tilt.

Return-by-Mail Tive Flagship Tracker: The Return-by-Mail Tive Flagship Tracker (TT-4000-USPS) simplifies the reverse logistics of the Flagship Tracker through a USPS Business Reply Mail sleeve. This device is the only tracker on the market that can be returned by USPS mail using the simple Business Reply Mail process and customised to return to your location.

Tive Solo 2G Single-Use Tracker: Tive Solo 2G Single-Use Tracker (TT-5000) is a reliable and easy-to-use single-use tracker. Ideal for perishable food products and pharmaceutical products, it monitors the location, temperature and light of shipments in real-time.

Tive Beacon Item-Level Tracking: Tive Beacon (TT-6000) Item-Level tracking is also available and enables users to monitor temperature levels down to the stock-keeping unit (SKU) / item-level of your shipments. It can also monitor variations inside the trailer or container by placing multiple beacons on a single shipment.

Tive Solo 5G Single-Use Tracker: Tive Solo 5G Single-Use Tracker (TT-7000) is designed for companies tired of losing real-time connectivity. This tracker provides ubiquitous and complete global coverage.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Krenar Komoni is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tive Inc.

“We imagine a world fully transparent, where everything and everyone is connected. We believe the strongest trust belongs to those who are transparent, open and deliver on their word.”