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30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2023 – Transforming global forecasting through space innovation and weather insights


Climate change is a growing priority for States and communities around the world and the UN Secretary-General has called it the defining issue of our time. Greenhouse gas emissions have already increased temperatures and are melting glaciers, raising sea levels, and threatening lives and livelihoods around the world. Extreme weather events – intense rains, storms, prolonged droughts, heat waves, and wildfires — are becoming more frequent and more severe. These changes have impacts beyond the environmental realm and deeply affect human systems. As climate change converges with other global pressures, including population growth, uncontrolled urbanization, increased demand for resources, environmental degradation, uneven economic development and inequality, it leaves communities poorer and less resilient. For policy-makers and operational actors, a key question to ask then is not whether, but rather how climate change interacts with potential conflict dynamics, and how to address emerging risks. The answer is weather and climate security. Climate security refers to the national and international security risks induced, directly or indirectly, by changes in climate patterns. It is a concept that summons the idea that climate-related change amplifies existing risks in society that endangers the security of humans, ecosystems, economy, infrastructure and societies. Climate-related security risks have far-reaching implications for the way the world manages peace and security. Climate actions to adapt and mitigate impacts can also have a negative effect on human security if mishandled. is the world's leading Weather and Climate Security Platform. Leading organizations in the world use the fully customizable platform as it can adapt to any industry impacted by the weather, customers around the world including the NFL, Uber, Delta, Ford, National Grid and more use to dramatically improve operational efficiency. was built from the ground up to help teams predict the business impact of weather, streamline team communication and action plans, improve productivity, and optimize profit margins.'s Unique Product Suite

Weather API:’s weather API delivers the fast, reliable, and hyper-accurate weather data you need, with the flexibility to integrate this data source with any application, system, or program. From temperature and precipitation to cloud cover, wind speed, and more, businesses across all industries use weather data from’s weather API to make decisions in their day-to-day business operations. With versatile functionality and scope, blazing-fast responsiveness, and the everyday reliability developers need, its weather API offers ease of implementation to get started quickly, along with a host of cutting-edge and unique features that deliver not just weather data and forecasts but true weather intelligence.

Air Quality + Hyperlocal Weather:’s air quality offering includes both US and China EPA index parameters, along with PM<10 (dust), PM<2.5 (not visible), Ozone (fuel+radiation), CO, SO, NO2, and SO2 levels. Focused on impact,’s predictive air quality product incorporates high resolution and hyperlocal granularity, dynamic wind layers, and air quality risk impact. Pioneering advances in both ecology and environmental technology, uses a hybrid approach to pollen, blending a mixture of statistical and physical/chemical modeling. Using meteorological data (real-time and forecast), estimates where winds will transport lofted pollen — and more importantly, where it will rain out or settle to the ground. It offers precise early warnings and preventative measures for extreme weather events that will likely damage policyholders' property or vehicle.

CBAM: It is customized for your desired resolution, coverage, and parameters and finely-tuned to any region globally. Through testing and verification, CBAM has exhibited impressive and unique abilities to accurately predict atmospheric variables such as precipitation, temperature, cloud cover, and wind speed for locations across the globe. CBAM exhibits substantial accuracy and precision advantages over publicly available forecast model data. It helps to send automated alerts across your organization when the weather exceeds any of your custom-set parameters – lightning, snow, high winds, or any other weather that could delay flights or put planes at risk. Reduce time and errors spent on making complex decisions manually. Get an accurate and holistic view on how much is at risk so that you can plan in advance. Unlike other historical data, reanalysis of gridded allows you to understand how weather has evolved over time and anticipate changes in coming years.

Complex Event Processing:’s science team has been behind some of the biggest innovations in the weather.’s proprietary 1 Forecast (1F) aggregates in real-time data from existing numerical weather prediction models including those from NOAA and ECMWF, as well as its proprietary numerical weather prediction model in an automated and seamless way. Displaying over 30+ different weather and air quality parameters,’s interactive map helps you visualize any incoming weather risks and understand the impact at every airport. Anticipate and plan in advance of any weather to operate quickly and efficiently. The company has designed proprietary radar-equipped satellites and will begin launching dozens into space over the coming years.

Shimon Elkabetz | Co-Founder and CEO

Shimon served in the Israeli Air Force for 11 years in several managerial and commanding positions. Multiple near-death weather-related experiences during his service stoked a fascination with the weather, that little thing that affects us all. He’s also passionate about soccer and can recall any statistic whether you ask him to or not. Shimon holds a BA in economics from Ben Gurion University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

"Our mission is to help countries, businesses, and individuals better manage their weather related challenges with the best information and insights."