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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

Simon Cooper, CEO of TOPYX®: A Pioneering Product and Data Analyst, Enhancing the Performance and Growth of Organizations through Learning Management System


In today’s fast-paced work environment, organizations and companies need to keep their team up to speed with the latest trends and methods for each industry. And it is important to train your team effectively, and at a low cost. You can do that through Learning Management System (LMS). LMS is an integral part of the eLearning design and development process, especially if you have a large audience and a great deal of subject matter to deliver. If you’re still undecided about whether a Learning Management System is right for you, here are just a few of the most convincing reasons why every learning professional should have a LMS at-the-ready. A Learning Management System gives you the power to completely do away with instructor travel costs, online training site rentals, and printed eLearning materials. Your online learners can carry out all of their training online, which means that you can save a sizable sum on your Learning and Development budget. It is a system because it works in an automated, pre-determined way. Or we could say system is a fancy word for software.

TOPYX® is one such full-featured learning management system (LMS) with a flat-rate pricing structure & no user fees. Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX®, is at the forefront of developing social eLearning software solutions that provide an engaging, online learning environment by integrating collaborative learning resources into traditional learning management system (social LMS) functionality. The result is TOPYX, an easy to use, fully-hosted social LMS that allows learners to collaborate and communicate like never before, including mobile devices (mLearning). TOPYX has gained acceptance as an innovative, affordable solution for businesses, academic institutions and associations of any size to deliver a complete eLearning software solution to meet the needs of today's learner that is the best value in eLearning today. Founded in 1995, Interactyx is a global eLearning software company providing engaging and collaborative learning experiences to learners whenever and wherever they want it.

Leveraging a Wide Range of Educational Tools

Companies are using educational programs in the form of mobile eLearning and blended learning to increase organizational efficiencies, employee productivity and speed of onboarding new teammates. TOPYX® supports these initiatives with an LMS that enables organizations to stay competitive through continued learning & development programs.

eLearning Solutions: Through a learning management system (LMS) are one of the most valuable investment companies make each year. Utilizing educational content online through technology provides students benefits unavailable in a traditional classroom setting. An LMS provides round the clock availability so that employees can learn at their own pace and on their schedule. eLearning is a highly cost-effective solution for companies as it eliminates overhead costs like classroom rentals, trainer salaries and material costs. eLearning also provides standardization and streamlines the onboarding process for new employees as all content is delivered consistently in the same manner.

Instructor-Led Training & Blended Learning: Online instructor-led training (ILT), or blended learning, is a combination of the traditional classroom setting with an enrichment of an LMS. Online learning programs are designed to keep trainers updated on each trainee’s progress. If an instructor notices that a student is struggling to meet course requirements, he or she can take the initiative and contact the student directly. Blended learning utilizes technology with an LMS to track employee participation and attendance.

LMS Administrative Processes: Administrators oversee the operational performance of a learning management system and assist in uploading content, creating and managing courses, and setting up unique learning paths for learners. TOPYX® eliminates the guesswork associated with these steps and streamlines the administrative processes inherent to an eLearning program. A TOPYX LMS offers administrators access to an intuitive console and assist with setup, customization and branding. TOPYX also provides organizations a detailed training plan and support team to help with installation and maintenance every step of the way. No IT or coding knowledge is required for system administrators.

Simon Cooper | Chief Executive Officer

Simon joined Interactyx as Chief Executive Officer in July 2018. Simon has a strong background in product, pricing and go-to-market strategy for growing technology companies. He previously held Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Officer positions at ServicePower, Inc. where he helped both enterprise and SMB clients improve customer and field service through the implementation of innovative SaaS software. Simon built and led award-winning teams of professional services, product and IT experts, launching three new products from concept to market. Simon achieved a huge shift in application performance, availability, scalability, and security by migrating the entire platform from an aging co-lo facility to the AWS cloud in less than 12 months. 

Mr. Cooper holds a Bachelor of Science honors degree from Sheffield Hallam University in Software Engineering and has been in software since the early 90’s with a keen interest in technology, frameworks, and systems architecture.

"TOPYX is a flexible, customizable LMS created for both the learner and administrator. It’s easy to implement and tailor to your organization’s needs; no matter what industry or how much you grow."