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50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

Touching Lives Everywhere With a Complete Understanding of How to Connect People, Places, and Things: Neustar, Inc.


In 1996, an operating unit of Lockheed Martin known as Communications Industry Services (CIS) won a contract to administer and operate the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC). The NPAC was created to enable phone numbers to be ported from one service carrier to another. The government required a neutral steward to give telephone companies equal access to everybody’s digits. To ensure neutrality, in 1999, CIS was divested by Lockheed Martin and renamed Neustar.

Now, more than 20 years later,Neustar’s number portability and call routing remain the global standard for trusted communications. The company facilitates the routing of all telephone calls and text messages in the U.S.

Born from the expertise of managing large and complex datasets, Neustar has evolved into a global cloud-based information services and analytics company. Over time, the company has diversified its information services across Marketing, Risk, Security and Communications solutions. Every day, Neustar’s holistic identity resolution serves more than 50 billion transactions and corroborates 11 billion updates from multiple sources, as often as every 15 minutes.

Driving the Connected World Forward

Neustar is the only company capable of knowing who is on the other end of every interaction and is trusted by many of the world’s great brands. Because of its trusted and holistic identity resolution, the company has a complete understanding of how to connect people, places and things. Its unique, accurate and real-time identity system and its cloud-based workflow solutions empower clients to make actionable, precise decisions throughout the enterprise.

Embracing the ideals of inclusion, diversity and parity, Neustar is committed to providing a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. For Neustar, diversity and advocacy of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education go hand-in-hand. They are not only core values but business critical investments for the future.

Worthwhile Partnerships

Neustar has a longstanding partnership with EVERFI — a Washington, D.C. based Tech Company that teaches and certifies students in digital literacy skills in local schools.The EVERFI program entitled, “My Digital Life,” is designed to teach kids how to be better online citizens and encourages further education in technology. With 78,000 graduates in the past five years, the partnership between Neustar and EVERFI makes this cutting-edge program available at no cost to schools.

Neustar is also investing in the next generation of talent through a strategic partnership with the Year Up organization. There are more than six million millennials who are unemployed, dropped out of school, and without access to the economic mainstream. Many of these young adults have incredible talent and drive but lack opportunity. Neustar and Year Up work together to help these young people build the skills they need to begin successful careers and earn a living.

By partnering with Year Up, Neustar has gained a reliable, scalable talent solution for many entry-level positions. As a partner, Neustar has the opportunity to host Year Up interns for a six-month period and hire program graduates. Over the past seven years, Neustar has hosted 40 Year Up interns and hired 12, with a plan to expand the company’s program participation going forward.

Now, the company has access to a more extensive pipeline of well-trained and motivated talent, and the Year Up graduates get access and opportunity to come work for a market-leading company. It’s a win-win for all involved.

Going Social - Helping Communities

Neustar is an integral part of the communities where employees live and work, with social responsibility as one of the Company’s core values. In 2015, Neustar was awarded the Corporate Social Responsibility Award by PR News. Every full-time employee gets paid time off each year to volunteer with non-profit and community organizations.

Through a Matching Gifts program, Neustar supplements employees’ personal donations to schools and charitable organizations. In the fall of last year, the Company partnered with the Ad Council and the Taproot Foundation on their Create for Change campaign. This program provides a website that matches a volunteer’s skills and interests with nonprofits looking for those abilities.

Molding Neustar’s Future

Neustar is a trailblazer in identity science and is committed to helping clients grow and guard their businesses. Last year’s acquisition by private equity investors was validation of the strategy the Company has pursued for the past several years. Now, as a private company, Neustar has more operational flexibility to invest and pursue long-term growth that improves its competitive standing in the marketplace.

The key to Neustar’s success is in becoming a product and solution-led company that is intensely customer and market focused. The company will continue to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations for innovative solutions that solve their greatest problems.

The Leader behind Neustar’s Success

Lisa Hook is the President and CEO of Neustar. She has served as CEO and a member of the Board since 2010, and as President since 2008. Prior to Neustar, Hook was the President and CEO of Sunrocket, Inc. (a voice over IP service provider) and held several executive-level posts at America Online, Inc. She was a partner at Brera Capital Partners, a global private equity investment firm, and managing director of Alpine Capital Group, LLC, an investment banking firm. Hook held executive positions at Time Warner, Inc. and Viacom Cable. Early in her career, she served as legal advisor to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission.

“When someone calls her mother, orders a pair of shoes online or gets a text saying T-ball practice is ending early, there’s a very good chance that Neustar helped to make it happen.”