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30 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2022

Touchless Biometric Systems – Offering most reliable biometric recognition devices, seamlessly integrated with world-leading access control solutions


Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS) is an award-winning supplier of biometric recognition hardware and solutions. The company has one of the widest portfolios of products in the market, ensuring that they are able to provide solutions offering outstanding performance, even in the most challenging of environments. At the forefront of their product portfolio is the 3D Terminal; a contactless, 3D fingerprint reader that, unlike traditional touch-based fingerprint readers, captures the entire fingerprint. This technology was the first to be released by TBS and continues to be widely recognized as the most accurate form of fingerprint identification. To complement the portfolio, the company also offers multi-spectral, optical and portable fingerprint devices, contactless iris recognition with automatic face detection, 3D anti-tailgating and card readers. Their products are used by a wide range of industries, all of whom are looking for accurate and convenient time-clocking solutions. These industries include financial institutions, Universities, Ministries, critical infrastructure and facility management, amongst others. TBS's philosophy is to invest in R&D and be able to provide the right solution for every application.

Factors that make TBS Different

TBS operates by the highest possible standards across every facet of their business. From their innovative approach to design, the company's commitment to quality, and their dedication to user-friendly technology, their principles are uncompromising.

Security: You can have complete confidence in the reliability and accuracy of their solutions. The devices are secure by design, providing true identification with zero ambiguity. The accuracy of their technology is trusted by the highest public and private institutions worldwide on a daily basis.

Design: TBS believes that both the user experience and aesthetics have a huge role to play in the design of the products. TBS devices are designed to perform under challenging conditions such as outdoors or on-the-move. Their enrolment concept allows you to centrally manage your database of users. Lean design principles apply to both the outside & inside of their devices, as well as cloud services

Integrity: TBS was founded in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and they take their strength and dynamism from this powerful environment. Every action is underscored by the commitment to maintaining the highest integrity and responsibility. They promise to always respect the privacy of the user by making biometric identification a consent-based action, as well as managing data to the highest standards.

Innovation: TBS's pioneering approach means their technology is at the leading edge of the industry. As the first biometrics manufacturer to combine the accuracy of fingerprint scans with a touchless solution, they’re continuing their trajectory of innovation.

Delivering Enduring Reliability and Confidence through Biometric Systems

3D AIR: A first in touchless biometrics, 3D AIR interacts flawlessly with its users. It offers the beauty of simplicity combined with exceptional precision to deliver an intuitive user experience with no compromise on security. It is a contactless fingerprint scanner that delivers a 3D scan with unrivalled accuracy and tolerance to finger positioning. Utilizing unique 3D biometric technology developed by TBS, the 3D AIR sets the gold standard for touchless fingerprint scanning. The high-quality sensor uses three cameras, capturing a full fingerprint image for a true 3D representation. It can detect even the shallowest of grooves and is able to precisely identify up to 20,000 different fingerprints. Touchless technology not only delivers higher accuracy but also offers a hygienic solution: your finger is identified while suspended in the air. It is the ideal device for sensitive applications such as healthcare.

3D FLY: It offers a true on-the-fly experience. 3D FLY delivers high-speed identification for fast-throughput environments. A smooth and seamless user experience makes its 3D+ trailblazing technology ideal for speed-lanes where pace and security are paramount. This touchless hand scanner captures fingerprints quickly and effectively, delivering unparalleled speed and identification accuracy. Offering a contactless user experience, 3D FLY eliminates bottlenecks in high-throughput zones. The high-speed camera feeds your hand picture to a lightning-fast internal processor, using the AI-aided algorithms to optimize the match-making time. TBS makes no compromise between speed and security: 3D FLY offers the best of both worlds.

3D LIGHT: Shedding light on every identity, 3D LIGHT delivers a contactless and hygienic experience for users. This touchless terminal offers hybrid face detection and iris recognition, along with an accurate thermal sensor for maximum security. A multifunctional touchless terminal that provides face detection guiding the user for quick and easy positioning, combined with iris recognition and mask checks as well as optional body temperature sensor. Providing an effortlessly smooth user experience, 3D LIGHT has the capabilities to determine true identity with complete accuracy.

2D SENSE: Bringing technology to your fingertips, 2D SENSE delivers a natural, intuitive experience for every user. This fingerprint touch terminal combines aesthetic design with a flawless user experience, giving a synergy of accuracy, convenience and elegance. It is a touch-based biometric terminal that offers a welcoming, sensorial user experience. Featuring a capacitive touch sensor and touchscreen configuration, it is a multi-functional device that delivers complete reliability and user satisfaction.

About | Stefan Schaffner  

Stefan Schaffner is the Chief Executive Officer of Touchless Biometric Systems. He is an experienced CEO & General Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry on global level. He leads the global IoT and digitalization projects.

"Founded in the very heart of the Swiss Alps, we derive our dynamism and integrity from the environment that surrounds us."