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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2023

Matthias Stadelmeyer, CEO of Tradedoubler is a results driven leader who has remodeled the company's business fundamentally


Most advertising campaigns have a goal attached to them such as increasing website traffic, getting leads, or growing conversions. Performance marketing makes it easy for marketers to optimize campaigns for outcomes like these. Unlike traditional marketing, advertisers only pay for specific actions that contribute to their goals. Including performance marketing in your overall advertising strategy is a smart move in today's digital world. As advertising has gotten more advanced over the years, so have the performance tracking methods. The rise of digital marketing through display, email, and social media channels makes it easier for marketers to track and optimize for desired campaign results. Performance marketing campaigns are easy to budget for because marketers have to identify goals and an ideal cost per action at the beginning of planning. Another perk is that goals are prioritized throughout performance marketing campaigns, meaning that ads are optimized according to the campaign's goal— whether it’s viewable impressions, clicks, leads, or whatever else.

Tradedoubler is a leading international performance marketing company that drives results through high quality traffic, technology and expertise. It is the only company that offers both a network and a technology solution. This makes it easy to determine the proper budget for a campaign. For example, a $5,000 budget is appropriate if a marketer expects to pay $0.50 per click and has a goal of 10,000 website visits. In 2018 Tradedoubler generated € 1.4 billion incremental revenue for over 2,000 clients across its network of 180,000 online and mobile publishers. Tradedoubler operates performance marketing programs in more than 80 counties and has 260 employees.

Helping Advertisers Grow

Tradedoubler has the technology and expertise to empower your success! Many big clients have been with them for many years: Microsoft, HP, Accor Hotels, L’Occitane and many more. They chose Tradedoubler because they understand their business – globally – and help them boost their sales. Their top 100 advertisers have seen a constant growth of 40% with the Tradedoubler platform over the past two years. Grow your business with a unique network of connections powered by their cutting edge technology, global presence and digital marketing expertise. The company will help you find your perfect new customer. They use a combination of data-driven insight and artificial intelligence to identify and connect with these customers when and where they are most likely to see it. Their award-winning technology platform allows you to manage and run your affiliate network yourself while maintaining full control over each and every campaign. The company has the most accurate and reliable technology available today to track, measure and analyze the performance of all your multi-channel digital marketing activities. An innovative suite of integrations and APIs facilitate efficient and agile information exchange.

Monetizing Website for Publishers

Tradedoubler's industry leading affiliate marketing solution enables you to generate additional revenue from your website. They connect over 2,000 leading brands with publishers all over the world opening new revenue streams and delivering a clear ROI. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a retailer rewards one or more publishers (referred to as “affiliates”) for each visitor or customer brought by the publisher’s own marketing efforts. The publisher is usually rewarded for a pre-defined action, such as a sale, a newsletter registration, a download or a click. Essentially, publishers act as an outsourced sales team for the advertiser, promoting their products and getting rewarded, most often, on a percentage of the basket value. Tradedoubler proprietary technology solutions provide you with a comprehensive range of tools built around your specific needs and which enables you to easily generate revenue through links, banners or coupon codes and provide easy to use reporting capabilities to analyze and optimize performance in real time.

Influencer Marketing

Make money by connecting with 1.000 + high quality advertisers and recommend their products in your content! You are an advertiser and want to grow your business by connecting with really relevant influencers? Meet Metapic, the popular platform for product recommendations! Metapic, a Tradedoubler company, is a product platform connecting digital creatives, blog readers and e-commerce. The idea is to make affiliate marketing more accessible, visual and fair. The popular platform for product recommendations is helping advertisers and digital creatives within premium lifestyle media to grow through reader engaging content. Founded in Sweden in 2014 the company has attracted 40 000 users and it is Tradedoubler’s recommended goto source for influencer marketing. With Metapic digital creatives transform their passion into profit. Intuitive tools help you create beautiful content that generates revenue. Recommend products with attractive collages, images or text and get paid for every click! Tagged posts increase engagement and make it easier for the reader to find recommended products.

The Leader Upfront

Matthias Stadelmeyer is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Tradedoubler. He is an experienced strategic leader with strong background in sales and technology. Due to his expertise in blockchain and data technology and his visionary view on digital marketing trends he is a sought-after keynote speaker and regularly shares the stage with other industry leaders. Matthias has held several leading positions within Tradedoubler since 2007, including Sales Director and Head of Technology in Germany, Regional Director for market unit DACH and Vice President Sales. Matthias started his career as Team leader for Online Marketing at CANCOM IT Systeme AG, Munich.

"Combining 21 years of digital marketing innovation and expertise, global presence and a market leading technology platform we offer tailored performance solutions based on your needs."