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Transflo® —Delivering Innovative Software and Business Process Automation for the Transportation Industry


“With our Velocity+ product, we can provide freight visibility in near real-time. This allows our clients to keep track of their valuable cargo.”

Be it by ground, air, or sea, logistics and transportation are essential components of the productivity of many organizations. As the world becomes more technologically driven and automation is initiating operation models in almost every sector, enterprises are now increasingly realizing its relevance in logistics as well. Business process automation is gaining popularity around the world. Automated transportation is not just limited to providing practical solutions for logistical problems, but it also ensures that its solutions enable enterprises to pinpoint and address their logistical inefficiencies in real-time. In addition to this, the introduction of cloud technology has also provided a degree of reliance on the logistics industry. Automating transportation through cloud also reduces inefficiencies that were earlier caused by a lack of visibility, thus assigning a new degree of modernity to the logistics infrastructure

Transflo®, by Pegasus TransTech, is a leading portfolio of software and business process automation for the transportation industry. Over the past 20 years, the company has built a comprehensive set of solutions with an impressive client and partner network. It’s a suite of mobile, telematics, data, scanning, and document management all in one integrated digital ecosystem. Transflo delivers real-time communications to thousands of fleets, brokers, and commercial vehicle drivers who represent nearly 800 million documents representing over $84 billion in freight bills each year. The company drives better business results and helps its clients excel.

Frank Adelman: Interview Highlights

Can you tell us about your services in brief?

Transflo® by Pegasus TransTech is a leading mobile, telematics, and business process automation provider to the transportation industry in the United States and Canada. Transflo’s digital ecosystem consists of mobile and cloud-based technologies that deliver real-time communications to brokers, fleets, and commercial vehicle drivers, and digitize 500 million shipping documents a year, representing approximately $84 billion in freight bills. Organizations throughout the Transflo® client and partner network use the solution suite to increase efficiency, improve cash flow and reduce costs.

What is the current market landscape of fleet management?

With ever-evolving technology and access to near unlimited and continuous data points, fleet management will continue to push for freight visibility and efficiencies.

Products within the market will focus on:

  • Operational Fleet Monitoring and Management,
  • Vehicle Dispatch,
  • Driver Scheduling,
  • Asset Tracking,
  • Condition Based Maintenance,
  • Security and Safety Management.

How does your company minimize/eliminate the risks involved in logistics?

Prevention is the primary focus of the supply chain. By providing industry-leading solutions that allow Safety/Risk managers to get in front of the risk is crucial to our service offerings. First, our ELD unit provides the richest content of data from the truck which allows progressive coaching on critical events (hard braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, speeding, etc.). If you are able to help reduce these events you ultimately reduce the likelihood of an accident. Second, we provide a dashcam that can help detect distracted driving, coach drivers on critical events, and in the event of an accident determine causality to help respond quickly to and reduce risk.  

Drivers are the core employees of any transport and logistics. Tell us how companies/commercial drivers can benefit from the “Drivers Solution”?

Transflo® has services that touch every element of the supply chain, and to make it easier on the back office we integrate all of them into a single dashboard. For the drivers, we’ve integrated many different mobile tools that assist them with their workday, and all of these tools sit on one mobile app. We also have a custom offering of our app that gives fleets a branded version that can be customized with their apps, ‘lives’ in the app stores and can be downloaded by new-hire drivers (prior to employment) giving them access to hiring paperwork, training videos, and more.

How can you gain insights on drivers’ behavior with telematics?

Our data provides many insights into driver behavior which helps reduce risk and operational costs. For example, the safest mile is the mile never driven; with our navigation integrations, we help fleets reduce total miles driven and ensure that professional drivers are taking the safest possible routes. We also provide a scorecard for the driver to view their behaviors and self-manage the KPI in their driving role

What is the importance of data in logistics?

Data has become a key strategic asset in logistics, but it’s not simply having the data, it is the ability to turn data into value. Transflo® has over 30 years of using data as an asset and helping logistics providers understand where the next focus should be.

How do you market your services?

Transflo® has great brand recognition due to a history that dates back to 1991. We are one of the largest footprints in the transportation space. To make sure the features and benefits our products are at top-of-mind with our target audiences, we use a blended approach of traditional and digital marketing while pushing content that offers solutions to all parties within the supply chain.

Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Our newest product, Velocity+, was launched in 2019 and focuses on the broker/3PL space. The product continues to be updated to meet ever-changing market demands.

What are your trajectories for the next two years?

Transflo® will continue to be an ever-growing integral part of the supply chain working with all parties to improve safety, reduce risk, and decrease waste.

The Ardent Visionary behind the Triumph of Transflo®:

Frank Adelman

Frank Adelman, President, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Transflo®. He leads the Transflo® business and executive team. In 2004, he joined the company as Senior Vice President, and he was appointed the President and Chief Executive Officer in 2013. Previously, Mr. Adelman served as Executive Vice President and General Manager for both the Merchant Services Division and the Transportation Group at Comdata Corp. — a $350M provider of payment and information services to the transportation industry. Before joining Comdata, Frank was Vice President of Sales for the Trendar Corp. —a venture-funded company providing point-of-sale and fleet data information systems to the transportation industry. His leadership includes over 30 years of software, data, payment, and transportation experience, including more than 20 years of executive leadership and general management experience. He holds a B.S. degree from the University of Tennessee.

"Transflo® has many services that touch every element of the supply chain, to make it easier on the back office we integrate all of our services through a single dashboard.”