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Eightfold Professional Services works to make every customer successful. The experienced team delivers best practices, helps implement on schedule, and transforms HR organizations to become future-ready. The experienced Eightfold® Implementation Services team includes engagement managers, business transformation managers, solution architects, technical experts, and partners who know that speed and time-to-value are paramount. The team works to plan, design, build, test, and launch Eightfold solutions on schedule, typically in much less time than it takes to implement ATS or HRIS. Though there are millions of unemployed workers in the U.S., organizations are struggling to fill open positions. A disconnect between HR and job candidates’ expectations is partly to blame. According to Eightfold’s recent survey, The Future of Work: Intelligent by Design, 71 percent of HR leaders believe they both effectively align skills to open roles and effectively match candidates to roles. But candidates don’t necessarily agree. Many candidates struggle to match their skill sets to open positions. Because of that, they are either applying for positions for which they aren’t a good fit, or they are not applying at all. This contributes to workers staying unemployed while millions of job positions remain vacant.

Job descriptions are critical for attracting the right talent. “If you don’t give your job descriptions the attention they deserve, top candidates may be reluctant to apply with your company,” writes Julie Calli, president at “Further, you increase the possibility of hiring someone that’s not the right fit for the job.” Ideally, job descriptions let candidates know exactly the type of person the company is looking for to fill a position and motivate those people to apply. But not everyone is writing effective job descriptions. Of the employees surveyed in Eightfold’s 2022 Talent Survey, 17 percent indicate they find job descriptions vague or confusing. As a result, candidates are unable to match their skills sets to a role and end up not applying for a position for which they may be well-qualified. HR needs to address this issue of clarity in job descriptions so that top talent is encouraged to apply. AI-powered technology uses data to help HR craft clear, more targeted job descriptions that provide clarity to candidates about who should apply for a position, thereby attracting the best talent to the organization.

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Because the market for talent is so tight, organizations have to move quickly to secure workers. By automating tasks that are normally time-consuming, AI helps speed up each step in the talent acquisition process. This enables companies to stay competitive in the race for talent. Through keywords and historical data, for example, AI allows hiring teams to find candidates from a greater supply of more diverse sources. HR teams can then scan higher volumes of resumes more quickly to find the most qualified candidates. Conversational AI is being used to shorten the application process by allowing candidates to answer questions via text message to apply for a job. Chatbots help hiring teams stay engaged with candidates by alerting candidates to their application status and answering their questions throughout the hiring process. The technology also schedules interviews, eliminating extended back-and-forth communication that wastes time.

The interview itself is transformed with AI. Historically, candidates have been asked questions that have little correlation to quality of hire, such as where they want to be in five years, or their five biggest strengths and weaknesses. With AI, interviews focus on skills. The interviewer asks about skills the candidate appears to have, but that need to be validated. And, the interviewer talks to candidates about skills they appear not to have; perhaps the candidate does have that experience after all.

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Eightfold® Talent University is the place for HR professionals to learn about what’s next for talent. The Introduction to Talent Intelligence course below will help you learn how AI can be used to improve the candidate experience, sourcing, screening, virtual events, internal mobility, retention, reskilling a workforce, diversity, succession planning, and contingent workforce management. Enterprise talent maps are static and outdated by the time they are analyzed. Eightfold Talent Insight’s self-refreshing global data set enables companies to identify the prevalence of capabilities on a global scale – which capabilities are increasing, which are diminishing, and where to find people with desired capabilities in real-time. The Eightfold Capability Dashboard enables employers to benchmark their workforce against a global data set to identify capability gaps in their workforce, initiate targeted reskilling and upskilling efforts, and identify individuals with specific skills and demonstrated potential.

Eightfold’s deep-learning AI not only delivers a comprehensive understanding of workforce capabilities, but also understands each individual’s capabilities, skills adjacencies, and demonstrated learnability to provide a concrete, future orientation to talent strategy. Eightfold’s patented Deep-Learning AI delivers relevant job recommendations at scale based on the capabilities, experiences and potential of job seekers. Eightfold’s AI-based Capabilities Matrix identifies a job seeker’s potential to succeed in a position, taking into account transferable skills and relevant experiences, helping them find rewarding employment faster. The Workforce Exchange delivers intuitive, high quality self-service experiences enabling job seekers to easily join a career center, explore career aspirations, pursue career opportunities, and receive guidance and alerts based on individual preferences.

Ashutosh Garg, CEO & Co-Founder

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