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November Special Edition 2021 (Vol- I)

Transform your social presence into a strategic source of hire: CareerArc


Social media is most often used by people and companies to promote their products and present themselves and their brand, in the best light. But did you know that 92% of recruiters also use social media in their recruitment efforts? And not just for advertising a position either. With Millennials fast forming the backbone of the US workforce and Generation Z (the moniker for the generation following Millennials) hot on their heels, keen to establish themselves in their chosen industry, targeting these two groups should be the focus of all recruiters. A large part of these people’s lives play out on social media, not just their social lives, but all aspects, including looking for new job opportunities. And that is where you should be looking to direct your recruiting efforts, to social media. Founded in 2009, CareerArc has over a decade of experience helping the world’s largest, most exciting brands transform their social media presence into a strategic source of hire. CareerArc’s social recruiting software and services give talent acquisition teams the power to communicate their employer brand at scale and drive meaningful brand awareness, affinity, and engagement to achieve their critical hiring demands and recruiting goals.

Social media management domination, minus the effort

CareerArc is the only social recruiting solution that transforms your social media presence into a strategic source of hire. The company’s social recruiting software helps you cut through the noise on social media by activating your two most influential recruiting resources—your employer brand and your amazing people—to ensure you post the right content to the right channels, at scale, and reach the right candidates for any, and every, role. Oh, and you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of hours of work at the same time. Communicate your brand and jobs at scale without losing that personal touch. CareerArc has taken the pain out of social publishing through automation tools and templates and rich media libraries that ensure posts are brand-approved and tuned to recruit. By autosyncing with your ATS, CareerArc’s social recruiting software leverages your jobs and job metadata to automatically post, repost, and manage social-optimized job content at scale, saving teams an average of 828 hours of work per year. CareerArc can even automatically delete published posts for recently filled positions so only (and all) your open jobs appear on social, and with the right content, images, and hashtags. With all this social sorcery, it may be time to practice your evil laugh or adopt a villainous kitty!

Be on-brand, on-point, and on-task with every campaign

Turn your assets into hundreds or even thousands of unique, social-optimized posts on the fly – all without lifting a finger. CareerArc’s one-of-a-kind intelligent tagging architecture mixes and matches similarly tagged jobs, text, hashtags, images, and video links to provide a constant stream of fresh, relevant, and diverse posts that multiply your social media presence exponentially. And how about those time savings? Hundreds or even thousands of hours of work per year. Yes, it’s like magic. Talent acquisition and employer brand go hand in hand. So should your social media posts. CareerArc’s social recruiting platform includes employer brand campaign categories you can modify or add to so you can build your strategy and track performance at the campaign and post level. Create multi-post employer brand campaigns, including posts with employee spotlights, promotion shoutouts, career fair announcements, DEI content, culture and values, and more. And with CareerArc’s jobs-integrated social media publishing technology, you can also include links to the job openings in your ATS directly in employer brand posts. Sit back knowing each post gets you one step closer to your next great hire!

Recruiters can automate job sharing over social media, too

The true power of social media is its network effect – your candidate audience grows with each like, share, and comment. Turn your employees into brand ambassadors to multiply your reach exponentially. By publishing to corporate social accounts as well as individual recruiter and employee profiles, CareerArc helps you re-engage your existing followers and grow influence with new and extended audiences through real, trusted connections that drive top talent back to you. Best of all, it’s automated so there’s no extra work for your recruiters and employee brand ambassadors to maintain a consistent stream of social media posts based on the frequency and cadence they choose. Make every post count with handy post templates and automated recommendations that suggest the best imagery, publishing times, frequency, and more for your posts, all based on social media best practices. And our award-winning client success team provides additional strategy and 1:1 dedicated support (with Premier and Premier+ Service plans) to help you up your game every step of the way should you need or want more guidance.

Meet the leader behind the success of CareerArc

Jim Bramante, Chairman and CEO of CareerArc, is a senior operating executive with extensive experience developing and operationalizing market growth strategies across multiple continents, driving execution across all aspects of the business, including integrating strategy, technology, process, structure, and talent to enact change. Jim has a track record of gaining market share while driving significant profit improvement. At IBM, he was the Senior Vice President for IBM’s Growth Market Unit and was responsible for all brands in more than 150 countries with a $23 billion P&L. Prior roles include General Manager for the Southwest Europe business unit with a $9 billion P&L and the Managing Partner of the North America Consulting business with a $7 billion P&L.

“We help you stand out from the crowd and get your employer brand and jobs in front of top talent where they spend the most time - on social media.”