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Transforming Data into Knowledge: Smartlogic


Smartlogic’s Semaphore is a Semantic AI platform that enables organizations to reveal and extract knowledge from their digital data ecosystem to yield business insight. Semaphore enriches enterprise information with context and meaning, extracts critical facts and relationships, and harmonizes disparate enterprise information. Semaphore Integrates with content, data, and application systems; supports multiple data types - including graph, and incorporates AI and machine learning strategies to transform digital data into qualified actionable intelligence.

As a Semantic AI platform, Semaphore is applied to digital initiatives such as improving customer experience, contract lifecycle management, records management, data and text analytics, process automation, regulatory compliance, and information security. Its semantic AI layer allows your business to manage knowledge models, automatically extract data and facts from unstructured and structured information; internal and external to the organization, and generate and manage quality metadata.

Semaphore is available on-premise; Software as a Service (SaaS); on-Demand and in hybrid mode. The firm supports the information needs of the world’s largest enterprises to accelerate growth, prevent revenue leakage, minimize risk, govern enterprise information, and deliver value to their organization, customers, partners, and suppliers.

Q. What’s the Initiative?

As organizations shift focus from data-generating to data-powered, the ability to incorporate all information – structured and unstructured - is key to gauge market demand, drive engagement, and identify growth opportunities.

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of interactions without talking to humans – organizations must leverage breakthrough technologies, like AI and predictive analytics, to create a unified customer view that drives engagement and improves customer experience.

Organizations who want to create an intelligent search experience must leverage user intent and context to be successful. Search applications require solid knowledge and precise metadata. The combination enables semantic intelligence – the foundation of a smarter search experience.

By 2025, IDC projects global revenue from big data will exceed $203 billion and 180 Zettabytes of new data will be generated annually. Big data, increasing complexity, operational intelligence, and information diversity will create an environment that requires a consistent and thorough information governance strategy.

Ninety percent of organizations believe that technology has the power to transform work yet only 39 percent embrace the full potential of a human/machine interaction to realize significant changes in enterprise processes.

As the estimated costs associated with regulatory compliance continue to rise, US companies will spend more than $1 trillion dollars annually to comply with governmental mandates, reduce risk and eliminate sanctions.

Data breaches are at an all-time high as new and evolving technologies are used to instigate as well as prevent cyber-attacks. Regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), require data protection and governance strategies that support privacy regulation and veracity requirements.

The Company’s Approach

When all information is available decisions are accurate. Semaphore enables organizations to drive effective marketing, increase revenue, and improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and risk management.

Semaphore harmonizes enterprise and customer language using a semantic model so they can find the information they need when they need it to save time and increase satisfaction. The Semaphore platform lets you direct customers to relevant information, guide them to new products and services, and solve problems before they escalate.

Semaphore leverages the model, AI, machine learning, and semantic strategies to create precise metadata that integrates with content management and search engines to enhance the search experience. Users can quickly navigate topics, identify areas of interest, explore related topics, and locate expertise and resources.

Its market-leading software supports today’s information growth and governance demands. Semaphore’s model management, auto-classification, and enhanced search and retrieval tools assist organizations in developing a robust information governance strategy that complies with current and future regulations and reduces risk.

Semaphore leverages AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to transform the relationship between people and technology. Semaphore leverages a knowledge model, NLP, and sophisticated semantic strategies to apply metadata that organizations use to implement information governance best practices, mitigate risk, and streamline processes.

Semaphore allows organizations, regardless of size, type or industry, to manage data protection efforts by assisting in securing personal data at the application, network and endpoint level. Semaphore’s ability to enrich information assets with descriptive metadata allows organizations to quickly identify affected individuals and take immediate preventative measures in the event of a breach.

Showing the Way

Jeremy Bentley, Chief Executive Officer:

Jeremy Bentley is the founder and CEO of Smartlogic. He is an engineer by training and has spent much of his career solving enterprise information management problems. His clients are innovators who build new products using Semaphore’s modeling, auto-classification, text analytics, and visualization capabilities. They are in many industries, including banking and finance, publishing, oil and gas, government, and life sciences, and have in common a dependence on their information assets and a need to monetize, manage and unify them. Prior to Smartlogic Jeremy was Managing Director of Microbank Software, a US New York-based Fintech firm, acquired by Sungard Data Systems. Jeremy has a BSc with honors in mechanical engineering from Edinburgh University.

“Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform – Semaphore – allows you to reveal qualified contextual data to drive enterprise initiatives such as improving customer experience, contract lifecycle management, records management, data and text analytics, process automation, regulatory compliance, and information security.”