December Edition 2023

mPulse Mobile: Transforming Healthcare Engagement through Conversational AI


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare technology, one company stands out as a pioneer in the realm of Conversational AI – mPulse Mobile. With a mission to activate consumers and improve health outcomes, mPulse Mobile combines a decade of experience, behavioral science, and cutting-edge technology to deliver tailored conversations that make a tangible impact. At the intersection of technology and healthcare, mPulse Mobile has emerged as a leader in Conversational AI, driving a paradigm shift in how healthcare organizations engage with their members.

The company's commitment to leveraging technology for positive health outcomes is evident in its approach, combining behavioral science, analytics, and industry expertise.

Tailored Solutions for Screenings and Prevention

One of mPulse Mobile's flagship offerings is its solutions for Screenings and Prevention. By utilizing tailored conversations, the company empowers individuals to complete preventive services, bridging gaps in care and influencing health beliefs. The data speaks volumes – a remarkable 48% screening completion rate for previously unengaged members and a 12pp improvement in breast cancer screening completion demonstrate the effectiveness of mPulse Mobile's approach.

The key to success lies in the dynamic member profile developed by mPulse Mobile, considering individual health, socioeconomic, and engagement data. Tailoring messages to efficiently close gaps in care, the company employs dialogues and streaming education to motivate members. The continuous optimization of outcomes is a testament to mPulse Mobile's commitment to delivering meaningful results.

Overcoming Barriers with Streaming Content

A unique aspect of mPulse Mobile's strategy is its use of cinematic content delivered through each member's preferred channel. This approach overcomes barriers by providing rich educational experiences with customizable calls-to-action. Members are not only informed but also inspired to take action, marking a departure from traditional healthcare engagement methods.

Population Health and Wellness: A Holistic Approach

Beyond screenings and prevention, mPulse Mobile extends its impact to Population Health and Wellness. The company's solutions are designed to deliver better outcomes and lasting behavior change. By proactively reaching out to members through their preferred channels, mPulse Mobile uses behavioral science techniques to drive the adoption of health and wellbeing programs.

Personalization is at the core of mPulse Mobile's Population Health and Wellness solutions. Tailoring streaming content and resources based on individual needs and preferences ensures a personalized experience. The result is not only a 0% completion rate of streaming education content but also a self-reported confidence boost for users to adopt healthier behaviors.

The Driving Force: Conversational AI in Action

mPulse Mobile's success hinges on Conversational AI, a powerful tool that facilitates meaningful interactions. By creating awareness, building health skills, and promoting the utilization of resources, mPulse Mobile's Conversational AI drives action on a scale that was previously unimaginable.

The Role of Digital Engagement 

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, the importance of Star Ratings cannot be overstated. These ratings, issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), have a significant impact on a health plan’s reputation, member enrollment, and financial performance. However, the landscape of Star Ratings is undergoing a transformation that requires health plans to adapt and implement new strategies to maintain their competitive edge. Contrary to popular belief, Seniors, who make up a significant portion of Medicare beneficiaries, are increasingly receptive to digital channels, such as SMS messaging. While they might struggle with new digital technologies, 98% own a mobile phone (81% own a smartphone) and 94% use text messaging regularly. This shows that they are very comfortable with the simplicity and consistency of the text channel interface. Interestingly, Seniors have some of the highest levels of engagement across population segments within programs. In fact, they have the highest levels of “conversational turns”. This means that when a plan sends a message, Seniors engage in the conversation and send responses back. Health plans should leverage these channels to connect and engage with senior members effectively. 

The changing landscape of Star Ratings requires health plans to adapt and embrace new strategies. As the industry places more emphasis on member experience, health equity, and quality ratings, health plans must prioritize these aspects to thrive in the competitive healthcare market. By implementing behavior change methodologies, and leveraging digital engagement, health plans can not only maintain their Star Ratings but also improve the overall health and satisfaction of your members.

A Decade of Excellence in Healthcare Engagement

In a world where healthcare technology is evolving rapidly, mPulse Mobile stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With a track record of over a billion conversations annually, the company's Conversational AI solutions have redefined the way healthcare organizations connect with their members. As mPulse Mobile continues to lead the charge in improving outcomes, one conversation at a time, it is evident that the future of healthcare engagement is here, and it's driven by mPulse Mobile.

Meet the leader behind the success of mPulse Mobile

Bob Farrell, CEO

Bob Farrell is a 4-time CEO with a proven track record of building high growth; profitable software and technology-enabled service companies backed by private equity and public markets. Bob currently serves as an outside Member on the Board of Directors at Worldwide Express, Billtrust, Recycle Track Systems, Transportation Impact, GAN Integrity, and Tenstreet.

“Our solutions do more than just improve the quality of the member experience; they measurably improve outcomes and enable healthcare organizations to collect meaningful information from their populations, cost-effectively and at scale.”