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December Special Edition 2021

TRAXXEO – A Mobile Resources Management Platform Increasing Daily Efficiency and Productivity in the Field


Technology has and continues to shake up the way the world does business. Your competitors have evolved. The entire fleet management industry has evolved. Transportation and logistics companies started using mobile resource management (MRM) solutions. MRM solutions have transformed from simple moving dots on a map into powerful, intelligent software platforms. MRM solutions also have become more affordable, too. The latest MRM technology is widely adopted across many industries, from utility and public works to construction. Every year, more and more companies see the value and significant ROI of these systems. MRM can also help fleet managers keep track of expensive heavy machinery and even mid-sized equipment. Workers can also install an app on their mobile phones. This helps them respond to work orders and record their billable hours and activity on the go.

TRAXXEO is an enterprise-level IoT platform designed for the construction and maintenance sector. It uses several metrics to collect and analyze data coming from various objects and sensors to centralize work-site communications in a paperless manner. The company is designed to assist larger international groups (e.g., ENGIE, VEOLIA, EIFFAGE) with their digital transitions. TRAXXEO adapts to your needs through numerous digital tools allowing the collection of data from a wide range of connected and integrated equipment: smartphones, tablets, vehicle black boxes, site time clocks, RF labels, badges, tags BLE, QR codes or other means of identification.

Offering Next-Generation Mobile Resources Management Solutions

Digital Timesheets: No more paper, Excel or other software not adapted to the site. With TRAXXEO, your employees can easily declare their tasks, working hours, holidays or absences and other information necessary for payroll, allowing LIVE and integrated monitoring of services. The timesheets are directly accessible on smartphones for workers, on tablets for team and site managers and on a web portal for human resources, finance and site supervision. The data necessary for payroll management and service monitoring are thus collected and available in a few clicks (financial code, service code, cost structure, etc.)

Presence Control: As manager and site manager, check in real-time the administrative situation and training (safety / health intro) of each person on site. With TRAXXEO, manage accreditations, driving authorizations, safety / health training or the various documents of your employees and subcontractors necessary to ensure their administrative compliance. As the administrative management manager, you have a complete and detailed view of the administrative status of your workers, temporary workers and subcontractors.

Absence Planning: As a human resources team, easily receive and manage all types of absences from your field staff and ensure planning and transparency for the entire organization. Plan your mobile resources in a centralized tool (work orders, teams, sites, vehicles, machines, etc.) and shared with your various collaborators. Through this integrated planning tool, you can manage, adjust and optimize the various resources available according to the needs and emergencies of your various sites. In order to validate the absence as quickly and easily as possible, give your employees the opportunity to send a photo of the proof of their absence via their smartphone.

Tools Track: Track your tool inventory in a centralized platform and through field applications to avoid losses and empower your teams. TRAXXEO solutions make it possible to follow the transfers of responsibility for tools as well as their geolocation thanks to mobile applications and BLE chips. This allows optimal management of your fleet of tools and equipment to ensure quality work on site for all your employees. As an inventory manager, you benefit from a precise view of the storage locations and responsible for your valuable tools to significantly reduce the number of thefts and optimize the monitoring of your inventory.

Wheel Track: Connect your vehicles to collect and centralize the data you need to optimize your resources and carry out your many geographically dispersed projects. As a fleet manager, you have a precise view with the data needed to better manage your fleet of vehicles. Increase your responsiveness thanks to alerts generated automatically according to your work rules (speeding, km, etc.) Automation of the calculation of travel allowances, mobility, attendance time, inter-site time. Comparison of the measured working time and that declared by means of digital hour’s sheets for better control. Vehicle routes analyzed to identify waiting times and presence at predefined locations.

Hervé Jadin, Chief Executive Officer

“Our platform allows you to digitize the sharing of information between operators and site managers, payroll managers, business managers, fleet, equipment, and inventory managers.”