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Treasure Data: Creating a connected customer experience


Today, in every company in the world the bar for customer experience is set very high. Understanding the buying journey of the customer is a fundamental need of the companies. They are keen to have a complete view of customers to more effectively personalize the communication. But understanding every need of every customer is not an easy task. Thus, the customer data platform (CDP) comes into the picture. One of the best data management platforms is Treasure Data. Treasure Data was built radically to help brands to use all of their customer data to achieve operational efficiency, improve, campaign performance, and drive and improve business value with connected customer experiences.

Why Treasure Data?

People are expecting better customer experiences and more personalized content, today. For marketers, it means the formats of content to reach them across devices, the alerts, and notifications to push when they step into a physical store rethinking, the promotions to offer them based on time and context, or the pronouns used to address. Customers want special attention as well as want to understand what is happening with their data. Most companies collect customer information with privacy in mind and secure it in the form of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data. This includes historical, behavior, social media, real-time, known, and anonymous identity, device IDs, mailing lists, loyalty programs, purchase and demographic data from cookies, checkout baskets, and point-of-sale (PoS) systems. Marketers can get a 360-degree view of their customers by using the Treasure Data Customer Data Platform, for insights to know them. Thus, clients can promote responsible marketing as well as stay relevant by using Treasure data, the enterprise customer data platform.

Treasure Data has Customer Data Cloud, their award-winning suite of customer data platform solutions, integrates customer data, connects identities in unified customer profiles, applies privacy, and makes insights and predictions available for Service,  Marketing, Operations, and Sales to drive personalized engagement and improve customer sales, acquisition, and retention. The scalable, secure, and flexible platform has a comprehensive connector network that evolves with the existing technology stack to future-proof all customer data initiatives. They have more than 400 customers in over ten industries. More than 100 Treasure Data CDP customers are ranked in the Forbes Global 2000. It has secure, global data centers–managing 65T+ records daily and also Forrester consulting validated 802% ROI to the enterprise. Treasure Data was awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Global CDP Company of the Year. The Treasure Data Platform is also backed by Softbank.

CDP Solutions Treasure Data provides

Treasure Data helps in spotting more opportunities for innovation, connection, revenue generation, and innovation by connecting more data from more sources and retaining it forever and this makes the firm the only customer data platform (CDP) a client need. There’s no need to piece together different services or purchase a separate data platform, this one platform deploys across Marketing, Service, and Sales.

The platform provides a personalized experience for each customer. For marketing purposes, the Treasure Data Customer Data Platform can collect with consent and centralize all data sources, including offline, historical data, and behavioral to build a complete picture. With the help of Machine Learning and data science, the enterprise can scale billions of interactions and it also delivers personalized experiences to meet the need of each customer. The technological horsepower of the company can scale to millions across any channel. Treasure Data unifies all of the customer-relevant data for the services. It empowers the servicing front-line representatives with real-time customer insights and recommended agent actions that make the customer service center a driver of great experiences and increased revenue. Treasure Data mobilize the sales team when it matters the most. It provides sales executives with a transparent view of each decision maker and the entire account, with recommendations and insights to engage at the right time, with the proper message that can align with interests and prioritization.

Thus, Treasure Data is a one-stop solution to know the need of the customer and perform accordingly. One important factor that makes it a great enterprise is- its employees.  Treasure Data employees are customer obsessed, enthusiastic, and data-driven. They truly believe in “Our actions reflect our values”. This makes it a great place to work in. Treasure Data supports a hybrid work environment. Whether working shoulder-to-shoulder or collaborating virtually here employees still work side-by-side, finding ways to create together and connect while also respecting each other’s life priorities outside of work. Treasure Data welcomes feedback from employees as well and constantly strives to learn and grow. Transparency is the key point of the company and thus, where it maximizes information flow across the company. Here the employees are encouraged straightforwardness in all scenarios to build trust and nurture effective teamwork.

Kazuki Ohta, CEO and Co-Founder

“Capture, analyze, and act on billions of customer data points. Empower every department to create a connected customer experience.”