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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

Trigent – Enabling organizations adopt digital processes and customer engagement models to achieve great end-user experience


Trigent is an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and offshore software development business. The company is helping clients achieve this through enterprise-wide digital transformation, modernization, and optimization of their IT environment. Trigent’s decades of experience, deep domain knowledge, and technology expertise delivers transformational solutions to ISVs, enterprises, and SMBs. They offer end-to-end consulting services, design, development, and managed services across Infrastructure, Cloud, Mobility, BI, Analytics, Product Engineering, QA & Testing, IoT, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. Its track record speaks of their success; having developed more than 400 products many of which are deployed in record time in both large and small companies. They work with the same care and diligence to make each of their engagement a success, one at a time, small or large.

Leveraging Industry-Leading It Services

Application Development: Trigent’s Modern Applications Development framework simplifies the architectural decision-making to build and run apps that are highly available, resilient, fully secure, and compliant using a set of design principles and technology recommendations. Their innovation-fueled approach to Application Development and Maintenance helps enterprises transform business applications. They build with speed and agility by using emerging technologies to help clients meet current and future business needs. Trigent provides innovative custom application development services leveraging industry best practices and methodologies for enterprises to meet their business challenges. Trigent offers end-to-end application development services like designing, prototyping, building, and migrating to new web architecture. Applications are designed with Omni Channel experiences in focus that enables a seamless customer experience independent of the interaction interface, hybrid customer experiences, and multi-channel interactions.

Data Engineering and Analytics: Terabytes and Petabytes of Data is generated every day from IoT Sensors, eCommerce sites, social media, CRM and TMS platforms which provide insightful patterns & trends. Trigent’s Data engineering consulting services assess your current state of data collection, operations, and strategic needs and implement automated pipelines for data collection, storage, and analysis. Their consultants will present and implement solutions that produce deep and actionable insights that can redefine your organization and even help you disrupt the market. Trigent enables organizations to not only leverage the power of cloud data warehouses and data lakes but also build solutions with cloud-first architecture. Trigent’s cloud data management services help organizations capture, store, and analyze large volumes of data and deliver high performance of real-time data analytics workloads. Their team of data analysts enables the organization to optimize cost and resources and design a cloud adoption strategy.

Cloud Services: Moving to the cloud is a modern-day business imperative across industries. Businesses looking to scale, drive agility and collaboration need to strategize their cloud foray for optimal benefits. Trigent’s cloud-first strategy enables the organizations to drive business acceleration, connected insights, and customer experience. Their experts leverage a customized, risk-mitigated cloud strategy that the deployment model most suitable for your business. They provide a seamless and secure journey from in-house IT to a modern cloud-enabled enterprise environment. Their experts have enabled cloud transformation at speed and scale for small, medium, and large organizations across industries. The transformation helps customers leverage the best of architecture, application performance, infrastructure, and security without disrupting business continuity. Their proven approach, architectures, frameworks, and partner ecosystem have enabled businesses to realize the full potential of the cloud via their services like advisory, development, architecture.

SharePoint: SharePoint provides limitless capabilities due to its robustness. Many companies have chosen it as it allows for a centralized platform for secure document management, process automation, website, intranets, extranets, collaboration, etc. SharePoint finds itself the best fit for large organizations and small businesses based on the fact that it can fit any requirements, be it organizational or individual. It can also be integrated with third-party and other custom solutions, helping organizations save cost and effort at various levels. Over the years, SharePoint has provided its users with state-of-the-art security controls and cloud protection. Security fortification has reduced the worries caused due to cyber-attacks and data leaks. SharePoint has also seen a fair share of improvements, and its current features can help developers create interactive and engaging intranet and extranet websites from scratch. Trigent can assist you with the required resources and skills to quickly adopt SharePoint. Their team uses all of the collaboration and knowledge management features for your specific SharePoint development requirements so that you can focus on things you care about.

Bharat Khatau | Chairman & CEO

Bharat Khatau is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Trigent Software, a global software services company with clients in US, Europe and India. To date Trigent has developed or contributed to more than 100 software products in the market for small and large clients, and also developed patented products in the semantic internet space. Bharat was a co-founder and CEO of Better Software Technology, developing software products for the high volume PC software market. Since 1982, Bharat ran an IT and engineering consulting company providing specialized factory automation services to large and small companies such as DataGeneral, SpecTran, Proteon, Champion Spark Plugs, Thinking Machines, Compaq Computers, Levolor, etc. Before that he worked at GTE Laboratories (now Verizon) and for a specialty high performance computer company.

Mr. Khatau holds MS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and B.Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology.

"Our mission is to help our customers in overcoming limits" of competitiveness, productivity, technology complexity, time, and budget constraints."