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50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2022

Tripledot Studios – Creating fun, interactive and successful games for everyday gamers


Today, digital world is equipped with advanced gadgets and evolved technology that offer great portability, flexibility and engaging experience.  It is actually the world of mobile apps that has contributed to new inclusions in the gaming community thanks to the ease of smart-phones technologies. There’s a huge abundance of games played on mobile these days, so it is easy to conclude that building a game app doesn't qualify as rocket science and it's rather easy to find a Top mobile game development companies. Most companies are not familiar with designing apps, however, so they often turn to mobile game development companies for assistance. Consulting a mobile game development professional ensures that the technical aspects of the app will perform properly. When it comes to apps, there are several different platforms for which apps can be designed. Some apps may be specific to Android systems while others may be designed specifically for iPhones. The platform is an important factor to consider in mobile game development; it’s crucial to make sure the app functions properly on the desired platform. A properly functioning app and user-friendly design is vital to the success of the game app.

Casual mobile games have reached a fever pitch of interest with consumers, and so too with investors, who are rushing to back the biggest and most promising startups building these quick hits of engagement and diversion. In the latest development, a startup out of London called Tripledot — the company behind a popular Solitaire app, another game called Woodoku (“wood blocks meet sudoku”), and more Tripledot is a new and fast-growing games studio based in London and Minsk. Forged by seasoned industry veterans from King, Facebook and Product Madness, their goal is to create the highest quality casual games for everyone to enjoy. With the belief that amazing games are created by amazing teams, Tripledot brings the best-of-the-best together in an awesome environment to create the “Apollo Programme” of mobile games. The company has built on foundations of empowering people, hard work and data, the company continues to grow its world class team of the best and brightest who share a passion in crafting games for everyone. The company's team drives projects together from conception to launch in an indie-style process combining creativity and data to make games that can be enjoyed by everyone. They are guided by the belief that when they love what we do, what we do will be loved by others. Together, they create games they know their players will enjoy, from easy to pick up casual games to ground breaking innovative ones.

Designing Games for the Future

The mobile market is the most competitive sector of the industry; success is an intensely refined recipe of user acquisition, retention, and monetization that comes from pouring over limitless data and making endless, tiny tweaks to maximise the potential of every individual aspect. The leadership of Tripledot is singular; they have built an operation that has been scaling up rapidly while keeping its commitment to quality and a great company culture that knows how to attract and retain the best talents in gaming. Over the last few years they have put together a portfolio of titles which delight millions of players every day. From WordHop, a lovingly hand crafted word game in eight different languages to PuzzleTime, a unique collection of mind bending puzzles. They also love bringing their own flavor to classic games such as Sudoku, Blackjack and many more.

Tripledot Woodoku: Block puzzles meet sudoku in this chart topping, addictive, brain-training game which is easy to pick up – but hard to master. Gamers can clear rows, columns or squares to clear the board and earn points. Beat your top scores in the classic mode or participate in the weekly journeys to earn medals and gems. Tripledot Woodoku is currently available on iOS and Android.

Solitaire: Tripledot’s takes on this timeless classic with a few surprise twists for new platforms. The vision was to create the best-in-class Solitaire game for all players; intuitive, smooth and beautifully designed. Solitaire is currently available on iOS, Android.

Lior Shiff | Chief Executive Officer

Lior is an experienced CEO, entrepreneur and investor. Prior to Tripledot, he co-founded and ran Product Madness, which was sold to Aristocrat Leisure and is one of the largest social gaming companies in the world. He holds an MBA from Stanford University as well as a BA in Computer Science, Accounting and an additional BA in Psychology.

"Tripledot Solutions continues to grow its world class team of the best and brightest who share a passion in crafting games for everyone."