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The Team of TrnDigital Focuses on Delivering Business Outcomes

thesiliconreview-l-to-r-shailendra-singh-&-dimitri-ayrapetov-cofounders-trndigital-2018Digital disruptors are challenging all business models; organizations that have the vision to navigate the shift in digital era survive and flourish in the distant future. True Digital Transformation requires businesses to make fundamental changes in Customer Experience, Operations and Business Models that extends throughout the organization from front-office to middle-office and back-office systems.

The genesis of TrnDigital

As companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to defend their businesses against digital disruptors while innovating to create a new area of growth, TrnDigital was born in 2017 to assess such needs of its clients. TrnDigital truly believes that outcome-based solutions drive business growth. The company’s model provides absolute clarity about its work to its customer. Instead of paying for unfulfilled promises and lackluster service, customers pay for the nimble, high-quality performance and efficient services they deserve. Outcome-based measurement for IT projects moves the industry from its traditional hours/people/profits model to one where compensation is based on delivery and established success metrics. The company is located in Boston (Massachusetts, U.S.A), Piscataway (New Jersey, U.S.A), and Nagpur (Maharashtra, India).

Ahead of challenges, lies opportunities

Initially, the company faced challenges in getting its foot in the door because the company didn’t have years of history when compared to other vendors. Slowly, through the quality of its work and word of mouth from its customers opened doors to multiple opportunities. As the company grew, its employees served as its biggest asset and the quality of work and outcome delivered by the company became the biggest marketing strategy.

The company’s first project was with a Boston-based Biotech firm looking to increase employee engagement and productivity. TrnDigital was engaged to transform and enhance the Intranet user experience.Through deep user research across all lines of business, it was able to deliver the Intranet that struck an ideal balance between functionality, customization and optimum user experience. The success of this project paved way for other opportunities with the client and earned the company multiple referrals unlocking several new opportunities.


The process followed by the company

Quick and Focused Assessment: TrnDigital’s team works with its clients to assess their business needs, understand their upgrade incentives and formulate a project plan that best meets their goals.

Develop a Comprehensive Strategy: Once the company knows its clients’ business goals, it will create a detailed plan that resolves their current problems and matches their given time frame and budget.

Deliver on Innovative Projects: Each company is different. TrnDigital’s team works around its clients’ schedule to deliver on projects that promote business growth.

Support after Going Live: TrnDigital supports customers after the launch, help maintain customizations and stay on top of updates and changes.

Assets to the organization

Client Partnership: The entire organization is built around delivering high-quality sustainable solutions for its clients. The company’s success in doing so has led to the majority of its businesses.

Employee Empowerment: TrnDigital gives its employees a lot of flexibility to make decisions without requiring layers of approvals.

Community Involvement: There are many great minds in the businesses and technical communities and the company takes pride in sharing knowledge and sponsoring these forums.

Domain Expertise: With a focus on specialization in handpicked areas, TrnDigital is able to deliver the top-notch quality that helps its client optimize and transform their IT.

Focus on Outcomes: The expertise in best practices and operational excellence allows the company to offer an advantageous outcome-based model that sets the company apart from the competition.

The takeaways from the company’s success

The reputation of the company has been highly driven around behind humble, flexible, and keeping the ultimate focus on outcomes for its clients. “Ethics and Success go hand-in-hand and trust has been such a large factor in our growth and referrals. We are not in it to make a quick dollar, we are interested in long-term sustainable relationships where we can deliver outstanding value to our clients,” says Shailendra Singh, co-founder of TrnDigital.

Dimitri Ayrapetov, co-founder of TrnDigital quotes, “Empowering our employees to make many client-based decisions without requiring approval is what strengthens a client-focused company like ours.”

The company ensures that its clients receive the highest level of service while at the same time building trust with its employees that their decisions will not be questioned as long as the clients are kept in mind as the first priority.

Meet the charismatic leaders

Shailendra Singh, Co-founder of TrnDigital: He has more than 18 Years of Industry experience across business domains and technologies. With a strong background on Digital Technologies, he has helped multiple customers through their Digital Transformation journeys.

Dimitri Ayrapetov, Co-founder of TrnDigital: He has more than 10 years of experience in driving transformational digital projects in various thought leadership and delivery roles across an assortment of industries. He has defined digital strategies and roadmaps for Fortune 500 firms to successfully deliver objectives against the vision.

“We build solutions on industry-leading platforms that provide the right level of balance between configuration and customization.”

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