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Best-in-Class Business Intelligence without Compromising Privacy: Trunomi


Trunomi is the leading Data Privacy platform for businesses who want more than just a compliance suite. The company’s technology is preferred by businesses for privacy compliance as Trunomi is the only platform to offer comprehensive solutions without needing to see, copy or store the PII held by your business. Instead, Trunomi uses only metadata to provide seamless Privacy Services – making it fast and secure to implement and making it a truly Privacy-by-Design service. Trunomi’s technology is a new way of thinking for businesses. The recent rise in Data Privacy regulation and changing consumer attitudes towards personal data has created huge challenges for businesses: to continue doing what they do best, while integrating complex changes to the way they handle personal data. This is why Trunomi was built: a platform to enable even the most complex of organizations to keep making the most of their data, while it takes care of privacy. Along Trunomi’s journey of building the leading privacy compliance platform, the team has also built solutions that go above and beyond just compliance: with future-proofing and the highest standards of end-user experience built into its platform.

Trunomi is the only privacy technology that requires zero PII to provide fully comprehensive compliance solutions. The solutions are secure, easy to integrate, and Trunomi sits on top of any existing enterprise architecture. Trunomi’s board consists of some of the world’s brightest minds, united by their vision for Trunomi. In the last eight years or so global Privacy regulation has called for a huge change in the way businesses approach customer data through their products, services, advertisements and general technology. The rise in microservices architectures has also led to larger attack surfaces and has made Privacy-by-design harder yet more necessary to implement across networks of applications and platforms. However, taking a metadata approach to Privacy can give companies everything they need: it can provide the necessary customer-facing Privacy mechanisms by securely populating customer UIs, it can eliminate risk by replacing the need to share raw data via APIs, and it can also provide a level of business intelligence powerful enough to drive C-level, Governance, privacy and marketing teams.

Metadata is the Answer

A metadata approach to privacy has some distinct advantages:

  • Privacy-by-design across entire flows. By using metadata to achieve Privacy compliance (including records of processing, auditability/reporting, workflows, etc) businesses are adopting the ability to share intelligence – with systems, stakeholders and third-party processors – without the need to share raw data via potentially risky communication routes. A change in mind-set of how we share data intelligence today will mean that businesses reduce the need to divert, copy or disclose raw data to places it doesn’t need to be, making it more valuable to them and keeping it safer for them to use for their legitimate purposes.
  • Business intelligence like no other. Because Trunomi is built to need only metadata (info about customer data including what, where, why and when data is shared), the company’s business intelligence capability is lightweight, granular and agnostic, and it can be used to capture and report on any use case. From consent and permissions, to data tracing, data retention, lead matching, age verification, KYC, fraud detection and more. Trunomi is purpose-built to help enterprises easily model the intelligence they need from their data and it has driven ground-breaking intelligence, compliance, decision-making and commercial gain through Trunomi’s reporting suite.
  • Quick implementation. A platform that requires only metadata means no integrations into your existing data rails, or heavy connections to your systems. It also means no interruptions to your data flows and, with push-only connection, it means your Privacy intelligence will never miss a beat, even if your other rails do. And if you don’t need to copy, secure, govern, discover or clean your data before connecting, a huge amount of time, money and resources can be saved. In fact, connection to Trunomi often requires only a single connection and businesses have wired up in as little as two hours.

Best-in-class Business Intelligence without Copying Data

There is a new way of thinking about business intelligence that will benefit companies also wanting best-in-class Privacy compliance. Trunomi doesn’t need personal data to provide a truly remarkable service and Trunomi has helped companies to comply with regulation while also driving commercial value across use cases including Data retention, cookies, age verification, lead reconciliation and more. Once connected with Trunomi you can begin to evidence compliance and generate intelligence within hours. A typical integration with Trunomi requires only a single connection, and Trunomi’s flexible, off-the-shelf Reporting suite can be stand-alone or integrated into any existing BI tools.

Meet the leader behind the success of Trunomi

Before joining Trunomi as CEO Shawn Brown gained over 20 years of experience scaling commercial businesses across EMEA, holding various positions from COO to SVP within fintech, telecoms, media and technology companies. He worked with many of the largest blue-chip companies globally. He is particularly adept at taking products to market, building and managing multi-skilled sales and technology teams in challenging and complex environments. He is a natural technophile, and a fan of all things mobile. Shawn is passionate about privacy and personal data. As a past board director of the Mobile Data Association, he championed change among mobile operators, implementing some of the global standards we see today.

“Trunomi builds the most secure Privacy solutions on the market. Our platform never sees or stores raw PII, yet we still maintain NSA grade security for our technology.”