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Trusted Solutions since 1989: tmg-emedia inc.

chris-moschovitis-ceo-tmg-emediaNY based tmg-emedia inc., has been in business for over 26 years and has always been riding the top of the technology arc.

tmg-emedia was formed with the goal of being not the biggest but the best independent technology consultancy anywhere.  The company’s vision called for the delivery of thought leadership, excellence in service, and client advocacy above all else.  The emergence of the three practice areas was complete by 1990, and a

quarter century later we have been privileged and proud to have partnered with our clients in a many innovative projects and challenging assignments.  Our headquarters remain in New York, while our development offices are in Ann Arbor, with dedicated development and QA teams overseas.

Starting in the trenches, tmg-emedia’s managed IT practice was rolling out the predecessors of intrusion detection and prevention systems and configuring firewalls rule-by-rule. Its consulting practice was one of the first to insist on segregation of duties between the cyber security risk management function and the IT value chain.  And, given its depth and breadth of bench, tmg-emedia’s software development practice integrated security reviews across the full software development life cycle.  It is this experience coupled with objectivity and client advocacy that has helped tmg-emedia acquire fame over the years.

Meet the leadersChris Moschovitis, Chairman & CEO

Chris Moschovitis received his Bachelors of Science degree from The College at Brockport in 1983.  His follow-up graduate studies at the University of Rochester, and New York University include advanced courses in technology, management, and education.  Following his move to New York City in 1985, Chris was appointed Director of Academic Computing at Pratt Institute and in 1987 he was recruited by the O’Connor Group for the position of Vice President of Information Technology. In 1989 he started his own company, the Technology Management Group (TMG), that focused on providing independent technology management expertise and outsourcing services. It further expanded its Internet offerings in 2004 by investing in emedia–a prominent, award winning, and internationally acclaimed interactive agency, forming tmg-emedia. An acclaimed author and enthusiastic speaker, Chris is also certified in cyber security by ISACA and is a member of several industry organizations (e.g. ISACA, ISSA, IEEE, and others). He maintains a blog called CEO-to-CEO.  You can follow him on Twitter (@CMoschovitis) and LinkedIn. Anna P. Murray, President Anna P. Murray is a nationally recognized technology consultant, speaker and blogger.One of an extraordinarily rare species—a woman who owns a successful software development company— she loves to combine her two passions, technology and writing. After spending several years as a teacher and journalist, Anna founded one of the earliest web-development firms, emedia, in 1996, that partnered with many national and international firms like The Kellogg Corporation, Del Monte, Bayer, National Cancer Institute, The National Institutes of Health, Summit Business Media, Time Out, Harvard Business Publishing and The Atlantic Group in developing strategy, implementing solutions, and developing cutting edge applications, over the years. A double winner of the Stevie Award for Women in Business and a recipient of a Mobile Marketing Association award for mobile app development, several Kellogg top agency awards, and most recently Folio’s Top Women in Media award, Anna also serves as the President of the Board of the International Women’s Writing Guild. She holds a B.A. from Yale and a Master’s degree from the Columbia School of Journalism and maintains a blog She can be found on Twitter @tmgemedia and LinkedIn.

In Conversation with the Leaders

How do your service offerings benefit your clients?

The most critical benefit to our clients is our objectivity.  Our clients know that whatever solution we recommend – be it in cybersecurity, IT management, strategic consulting, or software solutions – it is given from a position of client advocacy and deep client engagement.  Our approach is comprehensive, centered around three distinct practice areas: Consulting, IT Management, and Development, each linked by three specialties:  Cybersecurity, Project Management, and Infrastructure.  We visualize our business and client relationship in the form of a complete lifecycle, starting with strategy, moving to execution, then management, assessment, and back to strategy.

How do you position yourself in the domain? How do you amalgamate latest technology with business objectives?

We are known in the domain as the client’s advocate.  We advise and manage cybersecurity from that point of view.  Our focus is the business and the people in it.  Technology is not a cybersecurity solution, only a tool, and one of many.  We insist in engaging the board and senior management in developing a firm-appropriate cybersecurity program that includes cyber security awareness training tailored to each constituency, and the right best-of-breed solutions for the business.  Given our unique approach to the relationship “People and Business First” the alignment of the latest technology solutions becomes natural, and their adoption and success a guarantee.

What are the challenges faced by you and your company?

The challenge that we face across all practice areas, and cyber security in particular, is the balancing act that our clients must master between conflicting demands on their time.  The business climate today is so fiercely competitive, so demanding of resources, time, and attention, that finding the energy and focus to look and manage strategy, cybersecurity, technology, even innovation can suffer.  We see it as our duty with each engagement to help lift some of the weight off the management’s shoulders and give them the space necessary for them to be able to perform at a higher level and make the critical decisions necessary on risk, strategy, and innovation.

Quick Facts

Verticals served: Financial, Legal, Real Estate, Publishing and Media, Non-Profits, Healthcare, Consumer Packaged Goods to Industrial Manufacturing

Clients: Kellogg, Harvard Business Publishing, Time Out, Spring Bank, ICM, Bayer, The Kress Foundation, National Underwriter, Spire Capital, Hoffman Management, Toll Brothers, and Allegaert Berger & Vogel

USP: “business-first, people-first” approach

Present and future focus areas: Client’s interests and success