30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2020

Unique and Emerging Learning Tech Trends for Today’s Learners: Inkling


“We are proud to honor companies that are blazing trails with new strategies designed to engage employees with always available, always updated content,” Jeff Carr, CEO of Inkling.

With focus on process, efficiency, and employee engagement as the key to success, the fact that learning has become a barometer of the competitiveness of a company is not denied. The passive methods used for the past generation of learners, however, are now obsolete. Classrooms and seminars become a thing of the past now gradually. The preferred approach to learning has now turned the way of active methods of learning. There is a real need to change the practice of learning. In addition, there is also a need to tackle trainees who are highly tech-dependent. Use of active classroom training methods is already a challenge in itself; but active online learning has now become part of the equation as well. There is a disconnect between your vision and how work actually gets done in the field. Inkling puts the right information in the hands of your frontline workforce, when they need it, to turn your plans into action. Inkling builds software that empowers frontline employees and helps organizations turn their plans into action. Inkling is a mobile-first solution that puts actionable information into the hands of the frontline, when they need it, on any device.


A knowledge management solution that empowers your workforce with critical information on demand from any device, so that work can get done right.

*Simplify the whole spectrum of knowledge management — from content creation, storage, distribution to measurement — with an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform.

*Keep up with the pace of your business with easy-to-use content creation and collaboration tools.

*Arm your team with searchable training and a reference library to deliver the answers they need, when they need them most.

*Dashboards help you identify how your training materials are driving business results and areas in need of improvement.

*Create dynamic, interactive training and reference content your teams will love to read with an easy-to-use authoring tool.

*Our analytics dashboards integrate with your existing BI tools to help you understand employee adoption and content usage.


Bring certification out of the LMS and into the flow of work with an intuitive, mobile learning experience that effortlessly guides employees through their training.

*Inkling Learning Pathways delivers certification in the flow of work with guided, multi-step training and trainer sign off.

*Allow your learners to complete structured courses at their own pace—then let them easily and quickly reference what they learned any time they want.

*Untie structured learning and certifications from your LMS. Without missing a beat, employees can take courses (anytime, anywhere, on any device), get trainer sign off, and get back to work.

*Extend the reach of your LMS content while giving course authors, field managers, and learners the ability to create and assign courses, track progress, and measure results.


A mobile operations platform that helps your frontline deliver superior brand experiences by connecting them to the people and resources they need.

*Inkling Collaboration drives better execution by connecting your frontline to the people and resources they need. Teams spend less time in the back office and more time in the field. That means engaged employees, happier customers, and faster revenue growth.

*Send prioritized tasks and communications directly to your frontline teams from Headquarters.

*Connect your teams together so they can share tips and tricks in the field to work smarter and get things done faster.

*Distribute an integrated set of priorities and resources to boost productivity and ensure consistent operations and customer experiences.

*Connect your teams and make it simple to share pictures, videos, links, and documents, creating a real-time flow of critical information.


Integrations for a seamless user experience.

*Simplify processes and reduce administrative burden.

*Make learning seamless for employees.

*Gain in-depth insights across your business.

*Analytics Gain better insights into training and performance by comparing learning metrics with business objectives.

*SSO Handle onboarding with ease with Single-Sign-on (SSO) via SAML 2.0 integration.

*SCORM and Deep Linking Simplify the learner experience by deep linking content from other sources such as email, intranet, and LMS into Inkling.


Out of the box, use the preconfigured dashboard without any additional programming or integrations.

*Dashboards update every hour to ensure a continuous flow of accurate and effective data.

*Take the friction out of understanding data with best-in-class data visualization and flexibility.

*Platform Usage Understand employee engagement including how and when content is being accessed.

*Content Performance Identify where teams are spending their time and what content is not being utilized.

*User Activity See trends in your business with data sorts including by role, job type, and location.

Leading brands trust Inkling to help them efficiently onboard employees, ensure continued performance enablement, and successfully execute corporate initiatives while providing new levels of visibility into critical operating metrics.

JEFF CARR CEO of Inkling

Jeff is a strategic and results-oriented C-level executive who brings a high-performance track record with some of the most successful enterprise software companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. Extensive CEO, COO & CRO experience ranging from venture and PE-backed firms to $2B+ public companies. Passionate about building great company and sales cultures while scaling growth, revenue, profits. Hands-on, collaborative team-builder with service mindset, who leads from the front, cultivates relationships and provides feedback, recognition and coaching to inspire employee engagement. Spends significant time in the field with customers, prospects, partners, influencers and sales teams to build deep, enduring partnerships. Embraces workplace diversity & inclusion and believes in treating all people with respect and dignity. Gravitas and intellectual curiosity to lead global businesses and work well with people from all cultures and backgrounds. Senior executive experience at companies including Inkling (CEO), Zenefits (COO), PeopleFluent (CEO), Saba (President), Taleo (COO, EVP Sales & Marketing), Motiva (CEO), RightWorks (President) and PeopleSoft (Division President, EVP).

“Inkling is revolutionizing digital learning experiences and journeys with a modern learning platform, which provides just-in-time learning, critical skill development, and performance improvement in an engaging and consistent manner to drive business results,” said Jeff Carr, CEO of Inkling.