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‘We unlock the business value of data by connecting everyone to everything, anywhere’: Chris McNabb, Boomi CEO


We live in a data-intensive world. This has only become more true since the start of the pandemic, which triggered new business initiatives focused on self-service, from telehealth to remote and hybrid learning, on-demand delivery, and more. Before, simply being able to access all the information from various sources within an organization was sufficient, despite the fragmented experiences caused by overwhelming amounts and variety of data sources, dark data, and lack of user-friendliness. Today, the number of applications and data sources in organizations is growing exponentially, fueled by cloud and mobile technology. As a result, we now live in a world where we need truly intelligent connections — instant, automated access to what users want, whether it’s customer, partner, or employee information.

Accelerating and simplifying the time it takes to connect anyone to applications, data, and devices are key. Any business that isn’t realizing intelligent connectivity is in peril — and that’s where Boomi comes in. Boomi is the leader of intelligent connectivity and automation, helping businesses reach and exceed their goals by connecting data, systems, applications, processes, and people through a single platform that combines pervasive connectivity, user engagement, and data readiness for organizations to perform at speed and scale. This allows them to reallocate the time and money typically spent on system upkeep, maintenance, and administration to build products and services their customers will love.

In conversation with Chris McNabb, CEO of Boomi

Q. It’s hard to remain objective when huge amounts of capital are at stake, especially in volatile conditions. How does data analytics help in making objective decisions?

Data analytics allows teams to maximize the value of their own internal data to make informed, objective decisions for their business by examining tangible, factual, information. But there’s more to making objective business decisions than data analytics. As I mentioned earlier, the pandemic exacerbated our dependency on data to gauge what we’d typically be able to measure, or at least understand, in person. With that, the need to refine what we can do with our data and how to process that information — from overall management, to security and governance, to automating the sharing and movement of data across the organization — has greatly increased. Now data readiness for self-service business intelligence is rapidly gaining as much importance as data analytics itself. In short, to make objective business decisions, we not only need to be able to understand, or analyze that data, but we need to ensure the information we have on hand is current, secure, and actionable by the right people at the right time.

Q. There are other reputed companies in the market, how are you a better service provider?

Many vendors can provide point-to-point, cloud, or API-based integration. Others can offer data readiness and management with some integration included or low-code engagement capabilities that can be added as standalone tools. Only Boomi can bring together all of these components — data readiness, pervasive connectivity, and user engagement — to deliver the superior outcomes of intelligent connections that are expected of businesses and organizations today. Moreover, larger players have only recently started setting their sights on engagement use cases. We’ve long understood that including user engagement as a strategic capability is imperative to serve the needs of our customers, and we’ve developed multi- and hybrid cloud capabilities so our customers can focus more on innovating user engagement experiences without sacrificing agility — an architecture other large vendors cannot support in their app or workflow components at this time.

As a leader of cloud-based integration, Boomi understands the importance of accelerating and simplifying connections between data, applications, people, and more across the entire digital ecosystem. The Boomi AtomSphere Platform is THE intelligent connectivity and automation platform. Only Boomi is built on the intelligence of mapping hundreds of millions of production-deployed integrations, processing billions of transactions every month, and delivering customers the ability to instantly connect everyone to everything, anywhere.

Q. Does your data analysis tool empower users to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualize data from any combination of sources?

Yes. We believe that data needs to be democratized — not monopolized — in order to help users achieve business success and exceed their goals. Our AtomSphere Platform supports data accessibility and continuity, bringing together disparate applications and data that would otherwise require extensive time for integration and maintenance. We take away the need for our customers to integrate multiple point solutions to share data between systems and data repositories by connecting and locating the data for them, no matter where that data is.

Q. Although it would be great to turn on the computer and leave for the day, automated systems do require monitoring. How can we prevent potential technological failures?

Automation is the basis of all business and IT functions; it has the most potential for companies to catalog, prepare, and leverage their data, and then share it across the organization, for meaningful work at scale. Automation today can connect roughly ten business applications together without interference in addition to data discovery. To prevent potential technological failures, we need to spend the next few years adding more technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to create an intelligence layer on top of automation, so there’s more precision to the overall strategy of connecting business processes to the right people and data.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

None that we’re able to speak about publicly at this time, but we’re doubling down on innovating our platform and services portfolio and are also focused on hyper-accelerating our growth in the near term.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Boomi is in a very exciting time. We’re on the precipice of accelerating our business growth and platform capabilities. Boomi will continue to remain focused on what we do best: instantly connecting apps, people and things; discovering and synchronizing data across entire digital ecosystems; and applying automation and orchestration to key workflows and processes.

We are investing, growing and executing more digital transformation projects across retail, manufacturing, HCLS, higher education, and government more than anyone. Our platform has helped Fortune 500 companies like Oshkosh Corporation leverage data to make better business decisions so they can continue building and manufacturing products used to serve and protect people and communities around the globe, and Moderna, which uses our platform to automate manual data entry so their staff can focus on vaccine creation and distribution — and that’s only the beginning of what’s next.

Meet the leader behind the success of Boomi

Chris McNabb is the CEO of Boomi, bringing more than 20 years of software development and line of business experience from a diverse set of prior roles that include development, professional services, LOB leadership and consulting. He is constantly engaged with customers and partners to ensure alignment between business needs and Boomi’s strategy and operations.