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August Edition 2022

Innovative No-code technology by Unqork, transforms complex processes and boosts productivity


In the digital world, we live in today; the demand for software is steadily on the rise. However, this far exceeds the supply of coders. This is one of the reasons why no code development platforms are on the rise. These platforms are empowering the citizen developer to take innovation, software development, and app development into their own hands as every business becomes a software business. Though there are many no-code development platforms, Unqork stands apart from the rest due to its skill and expertise.

Unqork works to empower the world to turn great ideas into future-proof software. Their no-code platform eliminates the friction points of enterprise development and continued maintenance. To enable Creators to build and manage enterprise-grade software without writing a single line of code. To free organizations from the weight of legacy code so they can focus on overcoming business challenges instead of technical ones.

Solutions offered by Unqork

Legacy Modernizations

To drive digital transformation, CIOs must modernize their organization’s legacy systems. Central to these efforts is transitioning away from ecosystems that are overly reliant on legacy code, which may include years—or even decades—of code built by engineers who have long since moved on.

Low-code tools may make certain modernization and management tasks more efficient, but in the long-term they will continue to expand your legacy codebases and places you further into technical debt. Low-code is still code. The only way to evolve your digital infrastructure to match the speed of today’s marketplace is to remove code altogether. Unqork breaks monoliths into microservices so companies can move away from their legacy systems toward a modern, easily configurable ecosystem free from code. Developers can build on a modern, scalable architecture to support or upgrade legacy integrations, extend existing systems, and eventually replace legacy altogether, leading to greater efficiency and improved performance.

Cloud Migration Acceleration

Unqork's cloud-native platform increases developer productivity to help your team achieve more with less. Companies understand the need to focus on modernizing their architecture and the need to move all processes and applications to the cloud to remain relevant and competitive. They want to implement flexible computing and development capabilities to deliver more applications to meet the demand for digital services.

To accomplish this, CIOs will need to implement flexible computing and development capabilities to deliver more applications to meet the demand for digital services. But this transformation is proving difficult due to inflexible architectures which cause additional stress for developers and DevOps engineers, leading to delays, backlogged projects, and other challenges. Unqork is the perfect platform to handle these challenges because it empowers developers to rapidly deploy new applications into a secure, high availability, cloud-native architecture running on Kubernetes and MongoDB.

Ecosystem Integration

Unqork’s no-code platform provides built-in, fully functional workflows and rules engines which allow you to transform your company to running on small services as opposed to monoliths. As business systems grow in complexity, it's more important than ever for a CIO's team to choose one unified platform that can support all their technology needs. CIOs need a platform that can integrate with their existing systems and processes, and ensure security, compliance and quality standards across their teams and functions.

Today however, creating and maintaining integrations is difficult due to the abundance of antiquated tools that are unable to support legacy systems or third-party services. Unqork helps CIOs realize their vision for an integrated ecosystem by accelerating application development and rapidly digitizing processes with a completely unified no-code platform.

Process Optimization

Unqork’s business logic modules are built to scale process automation, best practices, and API-based integrations, empowering DevOps to rapidly connect applications, databases, and workflows in a completely secure and compliant manner. Companies understand that operations are key to ensuring that the business runs smoothly with the applications it has and needs.

To accomplish this, ops teams need business logic modules that are built to scale process automation and API-based integrations to manage workflows. Too often, ops teams are not able to effectively and efficiently manage workflows between data sources and front-end applications due to bandwidth constraints and lack of robust tools. Unqork can help remove the bottlenecks for operations teams with cloud-native, API-based integration templates that run workflows in a fully compliant, rapid, and plug-and-play manner to scale process automation and best practices for business orchestration.

Digital Experience Transformation

Unqork accelerates the transformation of the user experience with on-demand access to personalized information and services. CIOs and their teams must rapidly address evolving user expectations to create more robust, seamless digital experiences.

CIOs are recognizing that improving their digital experiences to more closely resemble premium B2C experiences, creates better B2B outcomes. They are eager to create applications that span every stage of their customer’s journey and want to track application metrics to help them design and develop better applications over time. Unqork enables tech organizations to create pixel-perfect applications across the customer journey with the ability to track usage easily to make better design & development decisions and analyze topology & dependencies of your services, APIs, or applications. Create UX and UI that provides the consistent, high-quality experience your customers expect to meet your brand identity guidelines and build exactly what you need with extendible and reusable templates—all without a single line of code.

Meet the leader behind the success of Unqork

Gary Hoberman is an entrepreneur and technology Chief Executive Officer who has been innovating and bringing transformative solutions to market for more than 25 years. In 2017, Gary founded Unqork to break through the biggest barrier to growth he saw serving in technology leadership roles at Fortune 500 organizations: code.

“We actively dismantle blindspots. We value providing visibility into our wins as well as our losses. Our success depends on working together on common goals across the entire organization.”