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Unqork – Translating business logic into a most powerful application


A no-code platform is a development platform that uses a visual development environment to allow layman users to create apps, through methods such as drag-and-drop, adding application components to create a complete application. With no-code, users don't need prior coding knowledge to create apps Large enterprises spend almost $1.5 trillion annually to build and service custom software. Yet the vast majority of these projects fail - they miss requirements, deadlines, and often aren't delivered at all and the main reason behind it is complexity. Large projects have bloated into a confusing world of tools, specialized skills, and, most importantly, code. Removing this complexity would help projects move faster, improve quality, and lower costs.

Unqork is a no-code application platform that helps large enterprises builds complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than conventional approaches. Unqork removes this complexity. Rather than relying on the need for code to translate business logic into an application, lets you design and build complex, fully functional applications using an intuitive visual interface.

Unique solutions offered by Unqork

Small Business Digital Lending Platform: The CARES Act brings new regulatory, compliance, operational, and technology challenges. The sheer volume of incoming applications will likely be higher than any lender has ever seen. To capitalize on this opportunity, lenders must act quickly while maintaining the integrity of their operations and regulatory compliance.

Unqork's Small Business Digital Lending Platform is a turnkey application enabling banks to quickly begin processing CARES Act loans while complying with stated guidelines. Potential borrowers can easily apply and upload their information, qualification criteria are automatically applied, and applications are aggregated and presented for efficient review by your underwriting team. The result is a flexible solution allowing you to get up and running quickly and support communities in need.

Borrower Functionality: The Borrow Portal allows existing clients and new borrowers to apply for a loan by uploading their company information (account number, company type, ownership, payroll, etc.) in a seamless workflow. With CARES Act eligibility built-in to the application, loan qualification is executed instantly without the need for coding new eligibility requirements or manually reviewing submissions.

Insurance: To grow, insurance companies must deliver innovative products and new approaches to engage customers. However, rapidly building new applications on top of legacy systems while simultaneously adapting to constant regulatory changes is just not possible. As a result, numerous opportunities are missed in the long periods between product ideation and revenue generation.

Unqork acts as your front-door to distribution and customers, as well as accepting orders and servicing requests. This applies across all product lines for Life, Annuities, Retirement, Accident, P&C Consumer, Commercial, and Specialty.

Financial Services: Traditional financial processes generally weren't designed for the digital age. Consumers demand and expect Amazon-esque experiences, making it harder than ever to bring products to market. Margin compression and new competitors add a new layer of challenge to the equation. As a result, moving to a fully digital world with today's solutions is almost always cost-prohibitive.

Unqork is reimagining the application development process. The firm has made it cheaper and faster to build the high-quality applications you need to stay competitive. With Unqork, you can be more agile, achieve a faster time to market, and ultimately get to revenue with lower cost and less operational risk.

Real Estate: Whether you're changing the skyline or competing for tenants, the last thing you should be worrying about is software. But in today's complex environment, manually staying on top of key events like tenant/contractor insurance, closing out, or various other filings become cumbersome. Solving this problem has traditionally relied on completely custom applications, integrations, or bloated out-of-the-box software.

Unqork simplifies the entire application development process with a platform that's integrated and it is easy to use. Construct purpose-built applications without having to bring on a specialized consultancy, create an internal IT team, or write a single line of code.

Meet the Stalwart behind the success of Unqork

Gary Hoberman is the Founder and also serves as the Chief executive Officer of Unqork. He has spent the last 24 years helping top financial institutions bring transformative solutions to the market. Prior to Unqork, Gary was Executive Vice President and Global CIO for MetLife, overseeing technology across 47 countries and managing a $1.2 billion budget. Before MetLife, Gary was the youngest-ever Managing Director at Citigroup and worked in several executive technology leadership roles at Citi and Solomon Smith Barney.

He has eight patents, seven of which are still in use in the financial services industry today.  His most recent patent for MetLife Infinity won 15 Industry awards, beating out Amazon and Sony for first place for "Best Use of Digital." He has been featured as a thought leader in major national publications including Fortune, Forbes, and The Financial Times. Mr. Gary also served on the Board of Directors at Acord Inc., was a strategic advisor to Guidewire, and was a member of the Research Board.

"Unqork intent on not only improving the productivity of businesses and employees, but to fundamentally change the way enterprises build, deploy, and manage custom applications."