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i2x’s upfront real-time coaching and next generation conversational intelligence improves customer interactions and amplifies sales


In the highly competitive world we live in, the lost opportunities for businesses can cost a fortune. Analyzing business reports to manage the performance of the company is very time-consuming, whereas real-time analytics can help to easily identify the potential for improvement. Real-time communication analytics will help you to act on point immediately and have the ability to handle any situation while it is happening. When there is a crucial moment to make a decision, it is important that business executives must act quickly to proactively seize the opportunities. Globally, there are various companies delivering excellent real-time solutions to transform the human voice into actionable insights instantly, but i2x stands out from the rest: i2x is a platform that, using AI, analyzes calls in real-time and gives agents instant feedback and suggestions to optimize their calls. Through this, the solution provides a real added value to agents, team leads, partner agencies, and customers, especially in the fields of customer service, telesales, up-selling and cross-selling. In addition, it allows companies to make fast and accurate decisions based on data. The positive impact of the i2x-solution has proven to be significant in both service and sales use cases.

Q. What’s special about i2x?

i2x not only creates conversation transcripts and analyses, but also offers the following unique capabilities:

  • Everything is analyzed in real-time, where real-time in this context means less than 0,5 seconds
  • i2x has developed its own proprietary speech recognition system, which is incredibly precise
  • During the call, i2x provides the agents with real-time feedback on what they should say or what they did well in order to optimize the course of the conversation while it is still in progress. i2x gives guidance to agents like a real human coach
  • Analyses are also able to capture emotions such as friendliness, empathy or whether the end-customer’s request is being responded to
  • i2x automatically recognizes the type or topic dealt with in a call (e.g. technical question vs billing question etc.) and offers relevant analysis and clustering options
  • To date, i2x has received a 100% approval rate from work councils, as they regard i2x as being a great added value for agents who use the platform. Additionally, it is loved by agents as well as by their team leads

With a cloud and API-first approach, i2x is the most flexible and easy to integrate platform.

Leader behind the success

Michael Brehm is the founder and CEO of i2x. In the past 15 years he has founded and managed several international companies, has invested in numerous innovative start-ups such as Wunder Mobility and, and has been involved in successful exits. These include Lieferando (IPO as Takeaway), Kreditech to Naspers, brands4friends to eBay or DailyDeal to Google.

Before building i2x, he founded the ecommerce network Rebate Networks with 10,000 employees in 30 countries. About a quarter of them worked in telesales and customer service. Challenges in this area: Even with intensive training, the quality of customer conversations varied greatly. In addition, the huge amounts of call information were not being used sufficiently within the company. With these experiences in mind, Brehm founded i2x in 2017.

i2x received several awards, including the CCW Future Camp Award, the CCV Quality Award for the “Best IT Innovation” from the Call Centre Association Germany and the title “Digital Start-up of the Year 2019” from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Red Herring also named i2x one of the top 100 tech start-ups in Europe. In addition to his position at i2x, Michael Brehm is a founding partner of, the world’s leading VC-as-a-service provider, which brings together high-profile commercial enterprises with ambitious founders. Redstone advises companies and institutional investors along the entire VC value chain with the support of its proprietary AI-driven platform.

Technology powering i2x and upcoming release

Real-time conversation analytics tools empower users to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualize data from any combination of sources. i2x provides agents with a reliable and intelligent partner who makes customer conversations successful through individual feedback and coaching in real-time. In addition, team leaders gain transparency over all phone calls, can test new approaches, scan transcripts for trends, increase compliance and identify individual training opportunities for their employees based on the collected data. Companies are able to identify the topics of all calls, can cluster them, and derive trend topics from them. They can also analyze which agents handle which topics most successfully on the basis of days, weeks or months and use these for best practices. In the same way, companies can evaluate the areas in which agents have difficulties in order to conduct targeted trainings in these fields. The results of the comprehensive analysis options also help companies in the composition of their teams in call centers, as the strengths and weaknesses of employees can be combined in a targeted manner. While talking to the TSR about the company’s technology, Michael stated that “Our solution is a new and innovative technology in the field of next generation conversational intelligence and real-time coaching that we continuously update and develop. We work on complicated projects and build world-class technology. We apply analytical thinking, use data as our driving factor and conduct experiments to find solutions. Our culture embraces data and logic. Research, creating and sharing knowledge is the foundation of our work.”

Technology needs to be constantly developed; this is also happening at i2x and its strong self-learning algorithms with regular and strict checks. In addition to building its own safety-net, one of the most important strategies of i2x is to provide an open platform, meaning that their data is available to their customers so that customers can constantly validate i2x’s data with their data and therefore provide continuous feedback around the validity of the company’s data and algorithms. Where needed, i2x can always make fast adjustments. For its upcoming release, i2x focuses on customer satisfaction to measure C-Sat in real-time and over communication (not questionnaires). They determine a customer satisfaction KPI without doing a very time-consuming and expensive process of capturing the NPS. Regarding the same, Michael stated that “We do it automatically and for every call, while the call happens. With our customers, we could prove that the CSAT we measure has an extremely high correlation with the net promoter score they have captured traditionally.”

“Make more customers happy by analyzing conversations and improving the agent’s performance”