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We’re transforming lives through leadership: Lisa Marie Platske (of Upside Thinking, Inc) said while interacting with The Silicon Review


“As CEO, I passionately believe when I say, ‘the world needs you and your brilliance.’”

Upside Thinking, Inc is a top-rated leadership development company, offering one of the best coaching programs in the world. These coaching programs along with workshops, retreats, and events allow purpose-driven, focused leaders to make a bigger difference on the planet.

Upside Thinking was founded in 2005.

The Silicon Review reached out to Lisa Marie Platske, CEO of Upside Thinking, Inc, and here’s what she had to say.

Interview Highlight

Q. Why was Upside Thinking, Inc born? What pain points did you set out to solve?

Upside Thinking was born of the desire to change lives through leadership. It was guided by the belief that when an individual masters the art and science of leadership, they can change the world. From one person who goes on to affect their family, their team, their business, and their community, they leave an ever-widening wake of positive impact on the planet. Upside Thinking used this approach to be both top-down and bottom-up — accessible and useful for wherever a client might be on the leadership track.

As for pain points, each person has a divine mission, one that is unique to them to make a positive difference. When it’s thwarted, people suffer and everyone loses out. As CEO, I passionately believe when I say, ‘the world needs you and your brilliance.’ At Upside Thinking, we have always sought to provide transformation through the process of honing skills and strengths, addressing gaps, and increasing a client’s competency, confidence, and compassion through leadership development.

Q. Your company’s mission is to transform lives. What role does the art and science of leadership play to achieve this?

Leaders drive change, and the best leaders don’t tell others what to do, rather they inspire others so they go where they never imagined it was possible. Giving people research-backed strategies and tools – and holding them accountable to be the most optimal versions of who they are, allows them to be better for those around them. To do that, you must first understand who you are, what you want, and why it matters. And, then identify the strengths and desires of those who you’re privileged to serve.

Effectual leadership is a scientific pursuit requiring continual learning, practice, and repeatable processes; artistry comes into play when you remember that while systems are necessary, there is an essential skill required to continually adjust, customize, and respond according to ever-changing situations. This is the ultimate act of creativity. Because history repeats itself yet everything is also evolving, things must be modified in-kind to address whatever is new. Leaders approaching business as an art form also translates into fostering the elements of artistry: thoughtfulness, ideation, and courage. This embodiment of creativity grows leaders to become the visionary change agents and influencers our communities and planet require.

Q. Upside Thinking offers one of the best leadership coaching programs in the world. Can you introduce us to these programs? What are their key features?

Our “Upside Leaders” program is for those looking to hone in and develop greater clarity, direction, and impact as they step into the next chapter of their leadership journey. This option also includes leadership collaboration across the Upside community to provide both support—and accountability. This program allows clients to learn and begin implementing the foundational elements of the Divine Operating System.

Our “Upside Influencers” program combines the “Upside Leaders” program with the addition of access to me and my team on a one-on-one basis through coaching, consulting, and mentoring.

Our “Upside World Changers” program is our highest tier program offering the chance to fast-track a client’s success at a more accelerated rate through the intimate crafting of their vision and growth strategies alongside the Upside Thinking team. Clients get to attend private VIP days as well as Upside Retreats with a small community of individuals committed to effecting greater impact on the planet.

Q. Tell us about the Upside Thinking team. What value do they bring to the company?

Geographically scattered across the globe, everyone on the team is committed to our core values of Excellence, Accountability, Responsibility, and Service. Each possesses unique skills that come together to provide a quality experience from initial onboarding, client management, and coaching with a deep and wide array of specializations, including business development, emotional intelligence, optimization of communication, and personal growth.

Q. What's the one thing you want Upside Thinking to be known for?

I’d like Upside Thinking to be most known for developing people to achieve their potential – to be leaders who cultivate courage, compassion, and creativity in their lives and businesses – with the ultimate goal of creating global improvement.

To be the best at what they do, a leader needs to have a close confidante with whom they can trust to guide them — and to be part of a non-judgmental community where they can openly share their personal and professional challenges. Think about it – where do leaders go to share their deepest secrets and struggles with cash flow, family relationships, and more? Our company provides a confidential environment to do the internal work that supports the outward-facing elements of successful leadership. May there be countless Upside Thinkers, who are world changers capable of leading with greater wisdom and empathy.

Q. So, what's next for Upside Thinking?

The 7-Areas of Well-Being are foundational to the work at Upside Thinking. You can’t grow without them. Our Upside Warrior Challenge Course takes this to a new level, challenging leaders in body, mind and spirit.

Q. Is there anything else you want us to highlight that we might have missed?

My only addition would be that while we strive for excellence – it doesn’t mean that we are perfect…because then we’d stop growing and improving. We are always aiming for better and maintaining relevancy as individuals, in our programs and as a company, and we seek the same in our clients.

Lisa Marie Platske | CEO

An award-winning leadership expert, Lisa Marie Platske has received accolades from the United States Small Business Administration, the White House, and The International Alliance for Women, after leaving her Federal law enforcement career to be the CEO of Upside Thinking, Inc. Recognized as one of the top 100 women making a difference in the world in 2015, Lisa Marie delivers presentations worldwide sharing research on who you need to become to be a leader worth following. A member of the Forbes Coaches Council, an international best-selling author of seven books, and a regular contributor to, she coaches leaders around the globe on how to make a bigger positive impact on the planet by living out their divine mission. When she’s not traveling, she’s taking walks in the woods with her husband Jim on their farm in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky.

“At Upside Thinking, we have always sought to provide transformation through the process of honing skills and strengths, addressing gaps, and increasing a client’s competency, confidence, and compassion through leadership development.”