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Ushering In The Future Here and Now: Hypergiant


The fourth industrial revolution is unfolding before our eyes and it is touching every industry we can think of. Unlike the previous three, this revolution is accelerating at an exponential pace, often leaving corporations and industries behind to play catch up. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are perhaps the most promising technological revolutions that are transforming the world. Leveraging this marvel is a company named Hypergiant.

Hypergiant offers a comprehensive suite of machine learning services and solutions to a wide range of industries including defense, aerospace, healthcare, entertainment and so on.

In conversation with the driving force behind the success of Hypergiant Industries Founder and CEO, Ben Lamm

What was the motivation to launch the company?

Hypergiant was set up to create emerging AI-driven technologies and develop world-changing commercial products and solutions. We are still relatively new, but in the first eighteen months, we have acquired five new companies that are helping us to push what we can do in terms of space technology, R&D capabilities, and human capital.

How has your company grown over the months?

Hypergiant is 16 months old and has experienced explosive progressive growth. Within these first 16 months, we have grown to over 175 people, opened 3 offices, and made acquisitions of a number of companies while growing and servicing some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies and governments. We’ve learned to be nimble, determined, and go after big opportunities. We don’t see these as risks, we see them as small steps and big leaps, in a large long-term vision and we would encourage our peers to also think about big long-term impact opportunities and take the risks that allow those future visions to come to life.

How were the company’s first few undertakings received?

Hypergiant has successfully helped enterprise customers such as GE, TGI Friday’s, Chesapeake, and others on a number of projects while also launching an R&D team that has built new and novel solutions that NASA and others are considering implementing in future efforts.

How do you maintain the trust of your employees?

Trust comes from a successful track record of leadership. I’ve been able to grow five successful companies before starting Hypergiant and think this is why people trust my wild, exploratory and occasionally chaotic-looking leadership style. It works for me and my employees. Every leader is different but I know who I am, I am transparent about it and it works for me. I believe people respect and trust that.

What is your take on sustainability?

We are growing a rapidly scaling business which means we need to balance sustainability with growth. It’s a problem that all hypergrowth companies experience and we are focused on ensuring we do this in a way that’s smart and dynamic. The best way to show that we value sustainability is by delivering the best results consistently.

What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation?

Our mission is to create emerging AI-driven technologies and develop world-changing commercial products and solutions, and we deliver on that. Hypergiant was started with a mission of “Tomorrowing Today” what this means is that we are focused on delivering the technological future we were promised. This is a world in which technology actively helps humanity create a utopian future, rather than technology contributing to the destructive dystopian future others have posited. Our company is therefore engaged in a mission that has broad social welfare and CSR implications: using technology for good.

We are so focused on this that we will soon announce our efforts to launch an exclusive summit to bring together top leaders, academics, politicians, and businesses to create a roadmap forward. I think people admire it when a company makes a bold claim and is able to back it up.

If you had to list the biggest assets of your organization, what would they be?

  • Creativity
  • Drive
  • Passion
  • Poly-math interests
  • Willingness to explore new topics and ideas

What is the importance of a company’s values in your opinion?

I think this is critical. We are focused on leading by example. Our vision is to be the guiding light that solves humanity’s most challenging problems - whether on Earth or in the cosmos - through the creation of emerging AI-technologies. This means that we behave in a way that reflects the world we imagine: diverse, inclusive, innovative, thoughtful and human-centric.

We are a team. Hypergiant is successful because of the dynamic voices and brilliant creators who are part of our company. We lead because our employees our pushing the boundaries, driving change and delivering on their full potential.

Where do you see your company a few years from now?

Hypergiant is on track to be the fastest-growing AI technology company in history and we anticipate that we will continue this acceleration as all companies become AI-driven companies. We hope to continue to redefine the standard and help educate the masses on the truth of enterprise AI and how it can help large corporations and the world.

Meet the enterprising Founder of Hypergiant, Ben Lamm

Ben Lamm is a serial software entrepreneur and the current Founder and CEO of Hypergiant, an AI industrial company focused on delivering on the promise of AI. An advisory board member of The Planetary Society and a leader in the use of AI, Lamm believes in the power of technology to solve the biggest challenges of our time. Previously, he was the Founder/CEO of Conversable acquired by LivePerson, Founder/CEO of Chaotic Moon Studios acquired by Accenture and Team Chaos, acquired by Zynga.

“We analyze data, teach machines to teach themselves, merge with partners to create powerful technology solutions and smarter, more efficient human workforces.”