30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2021

V5 Systems – Delivering a truly innovative, self-powered security and computing solution for IoT sector


Edge computing is a distributed computing model in which computing takes place near the physical location where data is being collected and analyzed, rather than on a centralized server or in the cloud. This new infrastructure involves sensors to collect data and edge servers to securely process data in real-time on site, while also connecting other devices, like laptops and smartphones, to the network. Edge computing is important because it creates new and improved ways for industrial and enterprise-level businesses to maximize operational efficiency, improve performance and safety, automate all core business processes, and ensure “always on” availability. It is a leading method to achieve the digital transformation of how you do business.

V5 Systems is an award-winning technology company that has created the world’s first true edge computing platform for the outdoors. Multiple awards confirm the technology’s uniqueness and market relevance within both the Industrial IoT and security industries. Not only have industry leaders such as Dell, Intel, Nvidia, VMware and Axis Communications validated its solution through partnerships, but, most importantly, they are customer-proven with thousands of units deployed in the field. The firm is committed to delivering the products and services while always recognizing the importance of customers and partners by providing the highest level of enterprise support and customer service.

Market relevant IoT services offered by V5 Systems

Multi-Sensor Platform: V5 Systems delivers accurate, real-time gunshot detection alerts combined with real-time video surveillance and license plate reading technology to empower law enforcement and first responders with powerful, cutting-edge technological tools when time is of the essence. It is powered by durable bullet-resistant solar panels, V5 Systems battery banks and proprietary power management system. Self-learning Artificial Intelligence running at the edge (on the unit itself) to detect gunshots and objects of interest (human and vehicles) in defined zones. 1TB of storage on the device itself which enables storage of up to 30 days of High Definition (HD) 24/7 video and 200GB of cloud storage which enables up to 30 days of Standard Definition video. Additional Cloud storage can be added.

OnSight Portable Surveillance Unit: The OnSight Portable Video Surveillance for Situational Awareness is the world’s first portable security solution. Its revolutionary power system consists of 1 kilowatt of onboard battery power and can be powered by lightweight, bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, connected to AC power or a combination of both. This intelligent device has onboard computing, storage and wireless communications. OnSight units are compact and weigh less than 25 pounds, enabling rapid deployment and re-deployment. Each OnSight can be configured and installed in under 30 minutes, packaged in a ruggedized enclosure for deployment to any outdoor environment without the need for trenching and permits.

OnPower Portable Battery Unit: Powered via a proprietary battery and power management system with the option to add bullet-resistant V5 Solar Panels, directly connect to AC power when available or a combination of both. It is designed with customizable inputs and outputs to power IoT devices such as cameras, weather sensors, agricultural sensors, network switches, communication devices, computing platforms, measuring instruments, aeronautical, and marine equipment, remote emergency and data aggregation. This operational time can be extended with the addition of an OnPower Portable Solar and Battery Management Unit, extending the operational time to up to seven days without any solar input.

The ardent visionary behind the success of V5 Systems

Steve Yung is the Chairman and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of V5 Systems. He is a seasoned veteran in the high-tech industry with over 25 years of combined engineering, network security, and management experience in computer networking at Cisco Systems, and cloud computing at Citrix Systems. Additionally, he is well-versed in product development and has business management experience in network communications, Big Data and IoT technologies. Mr. Steve spent much of his decade-long tenure at Cisco Systems from 1991-2000 integrating all of Cisco’s Enterprise Line of Business start-up acquisitions into Cisco’s Large Scale Integration Labs in both management and technical roles. Mr. Steve is also a retired US military service member. He has also served in the US Army as a Medical Service Corp Officer, and a Combat Medic Platoon Leader in the 40th Infantry Division.

“Our objective is to continue to innovate and be the leader in developing technology for the Industrial IoT.”