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50 Leading Companies of the Year 2021

A forerunner developing innovative products that bring data quality solutions to businesses globally: Validity Inc.


The importance of data accuracy cannot be contained in words as it is one of the most important components of data quality. It alludes to whether the data values saved for a particular object, product, or service are accurate. Any data you provide must be accurate, as this is what gives your business credibility. These data values must be accurate and provided in an unambiguous and consistent form. When it comes to data accuracy, there are two most important characteristics: content and form. The form is especially important, as it’s needed to eliminate any possible ambiguities about the content. Creating data values requires some discipline and absolute precision to make sure all data values are accurate. Let’s delve deeper into why data accuracy matters for your business and how it can contribute to growing your profitability. Businesses run better and grow faster with accurate data. Data that lets you target, engage and transact with customers, and do so more effectively than before. Validity is the most trusted name in customer data quality. Tens of thousands of organizations rely on Validity solutions – including DemandTools, DupeBlocker, PeopleImport, BriteVerify and Trust Assessments – to manage their customer data. With Validity, these organizations make better decisions that drive more leads, close more deals and confidently plan for continued growth.

Email verification for the serious marketer

BriteVerify is the industry’s longest standing and most complete email and contact verification solution. Validity’s technology allows you to gather real contact data at the point of collection paired with the ability to check your data at any time – protecting customer experience and your email reputation. BriteVerify prevents over 1.5 million invalid email addresses from entering CRM systems every 24 hours. Reliable contact information is the only way to reach your customers. Without it, you’re lost from the start. You work hard to acquire email addresses and to protect your email reputation. Fake or stale email addresses negatively impact this reputation, jeopardizing your connection with valid email subscribers. Ensure your email addresses are valid before hitting send and maintain your solid email reputation. A fake email is not just a lost opportunity. 25% of all email addresses collected are invalid, making it a financial liability. Sending to valid addresses increases engagement rates, improves reputation with mailbox providers, and drives more conversions. BriteVerify is the recognized leader and trailblazer in the email verification space. The company works with leaders in the email industry to minimize resource burdens across the ecosystem while complying with leading privacy and security standards. BriteVerify provides email marketers and CRM admins with the technology they need to maximize the customer experience, protect the email experience, and increase ROI.

DemandTools from Validity

Data is arguably the top business asset to propel growth and increase customer retention. So why isn’t everyone implementing data quality processes? Because businesses assume that sophisticated data management is too costly and time consuming without realizing that doing anything is costing them more. With DemandTools, high-quality data is an attainable goal. Manage your data – duplicates, standardization, record reassignments, lead processing, and more – in record time and deliver high-quality data across your business. Automate your DemandTools data quality routines with JobBuilder for efficient and consistent data management. Import data without comprising your data integrity. Pre-import matching updates existing records with values from the incoming source and creates new records simultaneously. All records created or modified in the process can be routed to a Campaign and assigned a Task for proper tracking and customer engagement. Prevent duplicates at the source with real-time deduplication that runs every time a record is created or modified and automatically maintain your data quality. Tailor your approach with filters that only apply matching rules to specific subsets of records or users and integrate with your web-to-lead processes for special handling of leads generated by your website.

An email success platform

Created by the most respected pioneers of email optimization and deliverability, Everest is the absolute pinnacle of email marketing–the only solution in the world that gives you full control of all critical stages of email marketing: pre-send prep and creation, in-flight optimization, and post-send monitoring. If you’re serious about reaching the top, Everest was made for you. Everest is the only email platform in the market that gives you actionable insight and intel about what’s happening with your campaigns, at all times. For businesses depending on email to get the job done, Everest gives you crucial insights and deliverability guidance from a truly all-in-one solution so you can maximize the ROI from your email marketing.

Data Unification

Most organizations have multiple, siloed systems for capturing critical business information. This not only burdens IT teams with data integration tasks, but also gives stakeholders a fragmented view of the business, resulting in misaligned projections and planning. GridBuddy Cloud unifies data by connecting records from separate data sources into one editable report, making data analysis across systems possible. By using an easily implemented, no-code solution to integrate data from multiple business systems, you reduce strain on IT team resources, improve visibility into customer information, create alignment across teams, and develop strategy based on contextual data.

The Leader Upfront

Mark Briggs serves as Chairman and CEO of Validity. He has over 20 years of experience building and leading high-growth technology companies with a strong track record of generating exceptional shareholder value. 

Prior to ABILITY, Mark held executive leadership positions at Carefx Corporation, at NaviNet, was the President of MPI Solutions at QuadraMed Corporation, and served as the Chairman and CEO of LinkSoft Technologies, a company that he founded.

“Our data integrity solutions can save you time and help you make decisions that drive more leads, close more deals, and confidently plan for continued growth.”